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Enchantment: The art of changing hearts, minds and actions, Guy Kawasaki

A foremost authority on technology adoption, Guy was the original chief evangelist at Apple. In his second act, Guy’s excelled at being a serial entrepreneur and networker, social media guru, best-selling author and featured columnist for American Express OPEN Forum for small businesses. In his keynote, Kawasaki will share his insights from his life experiences on how to tap into the potential of customer “Enchantment”, as chronicled in his recent book. Regardless of your company’s size or how you deliver services, Guy will explore why enchanting your customers is the key for service providers (or any entrepreneur) to build a business – it’s the path to differentiate yourself in the marketplace as you earn likability and trustworthiness.

The trillion dollar battle for the plugged-in SMB. What you need to know to profit and grow, Birger Steen, Parallels

Consumption of IT as cloud services by small and medium businesses (SMBs) is the default choice. In this session, Birger will share Parallels vision for the hosting and cloud industry and provide an update on Parallels strategy and a preview of next generation products. He will focus on how you can profitably continue to meet SMB customer needs as their IT spending evolves.

The role of cloud services marketplaces in your value chain strategy

Tiffani will provide insight for channel partners and the requirements they need and should expect from their vendor partners to be successful in today's market. She will also discuss the development of comprehensive indirect channel programs, go-to-market sales coverage models, and the impact of alternative models on the traditional hosting and ISV channels.

Online strategies for improving your marketing and customer service to SMBs, Marsha Collier

Marsha, recently named by Forbes as one of the “Top Ten Most Influential Women in Social Media”, will detail the online tactics for taking customer engagement to the next level in her keynote session. The author of more than 35 books in the Wiley "For Dummies" series and host of Computer and Technology Radio, Marsha will share her expertise to define the art of online customer service, connection and engagement so you can better connect with your SMB customers to sell more.

Ask the Experts: Up Close with the Keynote Speakers

New to Parallels Summit! Interactive discussions with each conference keynote speaker. Due to high demand and to ensure small group settings these sessions require signup and will be filled based on your conference registration date — an early bird benefit!

Your Ecosystem: Building Your Services Portfolio

Two keys to surviving and growing in the hosting industry in the coming years are increasing ARPU through cross sell and upsell and increasing stickiness to reduce churn. Offering a broad set of services is obviously no longer an option — it’s a requirement. This track will show how to make that happen with APS.

Practice Best Practices

Learn about best practices, as well as some common mistakes to avoid, to run a profitable service provider business. In the first three sessions we will share some benchmarks on the economics of each business area and provide experiences of service providers plus what Parallels sees in each area. You will walk out of each of the three sessions with some new ideas for realizing the full potential of each of the particular business areas covered.

Chart Your Future: Parallels Roadmap

Get up to speed on the current features and capabilities of Parallels products while also getting a detailed review of the future including new product features and capabilities and new products planned for the coming year. Emphasis will be on what you need to know to plan your business strategy and maximize your revenue-producing activities.


Birger Steen, CEO, Parallels

Talk to Birger about his thoughts on industry trends, how software, expertise and ecosystem can help you take advantage of the trends, Parallels product strategy or anything else on your mind.

APS is strategic to Parallels – why it should be strategic to you

Michael Toutonghi, CTO, Parallels

Learn what APS is, how it enables friction-free application and service delivery, and how it can help you become a full-service provider with a diverse portfolio of applications. We’ll talk about how APS helps service providers and ISVs go to market, how to package an application to offer in APS and cover the APS roadmap.

Parallels Automation Roadmap

Oleg Melnikov, SVP, Automation, Parallels

Oleg will share how Parallels is leading the way in the hosting and cloud services market. Get an update on all of the enabled services Parallels Automation has added recently and learn about upcoming new enabled services like Hosted PBX and Microsoft Lync as well as advancements in system functionality.


Guy Kawasaki

Drill down on Guy’s keynote insights related to small and medium businesses in a rare opportunity to focus on what you want to know for planning your business success.

APS packaging made simple

James Raquepau, Director, Technology Alliances, Parallels

Mikel Irizar, Managing Partner, SofCloudIT

Learn how to create an APS package in 25 minutes (or less). Whether you’re a service provider who wants to package new 3rd party services in APS or an ISV who wants to join the APS ecosystem, you will learn how to easily package your offerings in APS.

Best practices for IaaS with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

Lowell Anderson, Director, Product Marketing, IaaS, Parallels

Infrastructure-as-a-Service can include everything from a single VPS to elastic, hourly-billed cloud hosting. Deploying cost effective solutions to deliver IaaS is the key to accelerating revenue and realizing profit. In this session we will share the results of our latest market research and the best practices to optimize your cost structure and drive profits from Parallels IaaS solutions.

Expanding your channel with VARs: How UberGlobal did it

Michael McGoogan, CEO, UberGlobal

Learn how UberGlobal established a wholesale business and gained thousands of resellers by partnering with Ingram Micro in Australia.

Virtual Workspace Management: Trends in Desktop–as-a-Service

Keith Graham, Product Management, Quest Software

When it comes to Desktop-as-a-Service, service providers need to weigh their options – and sooner rather than later. That’s because market conditions have changed and now hosted VDI, offline VDI, terminal server/RDSH, and application virtualization cannot be overlooked as a managed technology stack. Unfortunately, Desktop-as-a-Service is still shrouded with uncertainty around what to offer and how to generate demand. This session will address exactly those two elements by revealing the latest market trends and highlighting real world use case successes.

Get to market quickly with no upfront costs

Lorenz Meis, COO, LuxCloud

Learn how to leverage Parallels partners to fill gaps in your portfolio of SaaS applications quickly and with minimal upfront cost.

IaaS success blueprint with Parallels and Intel

Mike Chevalier, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel

The buzz around cloud computing is reaching new heights, but the discussion rarely covers the practical elements of the challenges and techniques to build cloud solutions. This session will cover solutions for securing your virtual environment, saving power and providing services for small business using Parallels products. In this session, you will learn how Intel can help accelerate your cloud business using reference architectures.

Now’s the time to pay attention to SSL

Kent Roberts, Director of SMB Development, The SSL Store

Bill Grueninger, Director of Global Channel Development, The SSL Store

It’s a fact - annual growth of installed EV SSL certificates is over 50% in 2011. As Web commerce keeps growing, phishing, malware, website vulnerabilities, data breaches & IT security threats are growing at an alarming rate. Consumers and organizations are increasingly becoming more aware and are taking the necessary extra steps to protect themselves from these security threats. Protecting information and building consumer trust to ensure a secure online experience is an essential requirement of any trusted service provider. This session will focus on the growing demand for SSL and how to capitalize and monetize from offering SSL solutions.

Marsha Collier

Go deeper and find out how to engage customers online and offline in this discussion session with Marsha who was recently named the 7th most influential woman in social media by Forbes magazine.

How to deliver a profitable cloud backup service in 90 days

Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President, Asigra

Data is the lifeblood of any organization so recoverability in a crisis is critical for sustaining business continuity. With industry estimates predicting 50 times data growth over the next decade, this market trend presents service providers with a lucrative business opportunity to increase their total addressable market by offering an automated, secure backup service in the cloud. Eran will review how to leverage Parallels Automation to deliver a profitable cloud backup service which expands your market opportunity to increase revenue.

Best practices for web presence and shared hosting with Parallels Plesk Panel

Adam Rosenblatt, Product Marketing Lead, Parallels Plesk Panel, Parallels

Increasing ARPU, MRR, stickiness and reducing customer churn are vital drivers for scaling your web presence business. Implementing foundational solutions which support your growth strategy is important for differentiating your solution offerings. In this session, we explore best practices for leveraging Parallels Plesk Panel to deliver compelling offerings to SMBs and increasing your bottom line.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers: Best practices and lessons learned from a hosting pioneer

Christian Dawson, COO, ServInt

Christian Dawson is the COO at ServInt, a pioneering provider of scalable VPS and dedicated and self-managed hosting solutions to thousands of customers in more than 120 countries. In this session Christian will describe why ServInt chose Parallels Virtuozzo Containers as the foundation of their VPS hosting business. He will provide valuable real-world descriptions of lessons learned, best practices and keys to success.

Offering the service bundles SMBs need

Alex Danyluk, Sr. Director, ISV/SaaS Alliances, Parallels

SMB requirements are diverse due to varied industries, geographies and company sizes. Which services are the most popular? What core, upsell and cross sell packages are the right ones for your hosting business? What do SMBs want from communication and collaboration services, web hosting or IaaS? All will be answered in this session.

Hosted PBX for Dummies Beginners

Jon McCarrick, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Parallels Automation, Parallels

Your small business customers all have one thing in common: they need to talk to their customers and partners. With Hosted PBX services revenue worldwide expected to grow to almost $9 billion by 2014, now is the time to introduce this important communications tool to your customers. This session will discuss what Hosted PBX is all about and how you can add this service to your portfolio.

Parallels IaaS and Virtualization Roadmap

Amir Sharif, VP, Server Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure, Parallels
James Bottomley, CTO, Server Virtualization, Parallels

Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure (PACI) was released in 2011 and provided hosters with the only complete solution for enabling a full range of hosted cloud infrastructure services. In 2012 we will be releasing the next phase of PACI, bringing new levels of security, reliability and usability to our cloud solution. Learn about all the new capabilities coming in 2012 as well as our vision for 2013 and beyond.


Tiffani Bova, Vice President, Gartner Research

After hearing about channel strategy and marketplaces in Tiffani’s keynote, this session is the place to talk about how to launch or improve your channel programs.

Capturing international customers who want to buy from US hosters

Emily Kruger, Customer Insight Manager, Parallels

One quarter of US hosters’ customers are now based outside the US. Learn how you can easily adapt your marketing and sell internationally with examples of best practices employed by those who are succeeding at it today.

Scaling a profitable backup service

Johan Jongsma, CTO and Co-Founder, IASO

While it is relatively simple to start an online backup service, operating a reliable and profitable service becomes more difficult with scale. In this session Johan will show you how to be successful with online backup, especially on a large scale. He will show that it takes more than Microsoft Exchange support to have reliable and fast backup of a corporate mail server. It is possible to make an online backup and restore of servers with millions of files and terabytes of data.

Cash out or double down: Learn from the experts


Over 100 hosting companies changed ownership in 2011 including some of the biggest names such as Go Daddy, NaviSite, Intergenia, and Acens. This panel features a star lineup of speakers who’ve been on both sides of the fence – buying and selling. They’ll cover why to sell, how to buy, valuations, timing, industry consolidation and more.

Latest updates from Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ research - practical guidance for 2012

Emily Kruger, Customer Insight Manager, Parallels
Josh Beil, Director, Cloud Service Provider Marketing, Parallels

Parallels has updated and enriched its wildly popular research on SMBs and their move to the cloud. Find out how SMB’s are adopting cloud services, which services are adopted first and how much is being spent on each type of service.

Marketing What Matters

A practical guide for driving profit through effective marketing programs targeting SMBs. Learn best practices and take away practical how-to’s in attracting, retaining and upselling/cross selling your customers on the services you offer. Increase your average order size and get your share of wallet from your customer base. Master Search, Email, ecommerce and Social Media vehicles to drive results while also delivering a profit. Real world best practice examples will be highlighted in those service areas SMB research shows to be the hottest opportunities.

Your Ecosystem: Going to Market with Your Services Portfolio

Two keys to surviving and growing in the hosting industry in the coming years are increasing ARPU through cross-sell and upsell and increasing stickiness to reduce churn. Offering a broad set of services is obviously no longer an option - it’s a requirement. This track will show how to make that happen with APS.

Practice Best Practices

Learn about the best practices, as well as some common mistakes to avoid, to run a profitable service provider business.

Chart Your Future: Parallels Roadmap

Get up to speed on the current features and capabilities of Parallels products while also getting a detailed review of the future including new product features and capabilities and new products planned for the coming year. Emphasis will be on what you need to know to plan your business strategy and maximize your revenue-producing activities.

A practical guide to website analytics and design to cart optimization

Kim Johnston, VP of Marketing, Parallels
Lynda Maybury, Sr. Director, Online Marketing, Parallels

We’ll share website best practices for how we drove Parallels Desktop for Mac to capture 78% market share. And we’ll highlight web best practices of the most successful service providers among you. Leverage your website to educate your customer and use it to cross sell and upsell effectively.

SaaS 101: Grow profits by 50%

Leslie McGuire, Director, SaaS Product Marketing, Parallels
Andy Christ, Program Manager, Parallels

Learn how to grow your profits by 50% through reselling commercial applications today. This session will provide the latest research on market opportunity and will show you how to effectively grow ARPU and reduce churn. See first-hand how Parallels Plesk customers can use Partner Storefront and Parallels Automation customers can use Parallels Automation for Cloud Marketplace to get to market quickly with commercial applications.

Panel: Building a secure cloud for customers – demystified

Alex Danyluk, Sr. Director SaaS & ISV Alliances, Parallels (moderator)


The cloud promise is that all data, applications, and services are accessible from any device over the internet, but this has tremendous security implications at every layer from the network to the servers to the systems and end-point devices. Listen to a panel of experts discuss the trends in keeping the cloud secure, what matters to customers, and what security issues need to be top of mind for you in 2012.

Parallels Panel Roadmap

Craig Bartholomew, VP, Hosting Control Panels and Shared Hosting, Parallels

Be the first to know what we have planned for the next generation of Parallels Plesk Panel to help your hosting business save money on server costs, reduce labor cost, increase efficiency and sell more servers.

Make SEO and paid search pay off

Lynda Maybury, Sr. Director, Online Marketing, Parallels
Abdul Khimani, Senior Search Strategist, Gyro

We will share what we’ve learned about our own search programs and how they tie to the rest of the marketing mix to drive higher ROI and revenue. This session will provide specific practical guidance on what to look for in percent of spend, return on advertising spend, landing page formats, messaging and more.

Meet the rising stars of the hosting industry

Runa Capital portfolio companies

Did you know NGINX is used by 10% of all web sites? That it’s used by almost 25% of the top 1,000 traffic sites (which is more than Microsoft IIS and behind only Apache)? Come to this session to hear from the hottest startups of the hosting industry.

Customer Support: Parallels lessons

Kellie Green, VP, Global Support, Parallels

Support can be a key differentiator in a service provider business. Parallels has made major strides in enhancing its Support capabilities in the last year and this session will provide you with our learnings. Pick up new ideas about optimizing your support experience and hear more about the changes planned in Parallels Support this year.

Accelerating mobile adoption: Convincing small businesses they need more than a Facebook page

Roy Joseph, President, UNITY Mobile

This session will address the growing need and challenges for SMBs to have an internet presence beyond the browser. This includes a presence on Facebook as well as the ability to deliver a good customer experience across mobile devices. Come find out how SMBs can easily add these capabilities, and how service providers can profit and differentiate offering these services and solutions.

Overcoming small business security concerns from the desktop to the cloud

Dan Nadir, Senior Director, Product Management, Symantec

This year Parallels reported in their SMB Cloud Insights™ Report for 2011 that SMBs are lagging behind mid-market and enterprise in their adoption of cloud services despite this representing billions of dollars opportunity. A major barrier for SMBs to move into the cloud remains “security and privacy.” This session positions the Symantec cloud offering as part of a critical strategy for partners to engage in order to accelerate cloud adoption with SMBs.

The evolution of IT hosting services: What's next?

Lance Crosby, CEO, SoftLayer Technologies

Understanding how cloud, dedicated and managed web hosting services will evolve and change is crucial to staying competitive. As one of the world's largest privately owned hosting companies, SoftLayer will speak to industry leading trends which highlight the need for businesses of all sizes to adopt solutions that offer control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management. The presentation will also discuss how SoftLayer is working with Parallels to deliver the next generation of IaaS solutions.

Email isn’t dead yet!

Kim Johnston, VP of Marketing, Parallels

Lynda Maybury, Sr. Director, Online Marketing, Parallels

We will show you the emails that have worked the best for us in the desktop business. Elements include messaging in emails, layout, calls to action, and cadence. This session will give you a blueprint for how best to utilize this marketing vehicle for both customer acquisition as well as upsell and cross sell into your existing base.

Parallels Plesk Panel tips & tricks

Andrey Andriatis, Chief Software Architect, Plesk, Parallels

Sergey Lystsev, Director of Program Management, Plesk, Parallels

Back by popular demand and led by the chief architect for Parallels Plesk Panel, this deep dive will cover tips and tricks to ensure you and your end users get the most out of Parallels Plesk Panel. Topics related to deployment, troubleshooting , customization and user support will be covered.

Panel: Best practices for growing a hosting business - being on the right side of the growth curve

Liam Eagle, Editor in Chief, Web Host Industry Review (moderator)


While the hosting industry is experiencing double digit year-over-year growth, leaders in this sector are growing much faster than the industry average. This panel of experts will talk about what is working (and not working) and why.

Differentiate and grow your hosting business with Parallels Business Automation Standard

Alex Goncharov, Sr. Director, PBAS Product Marketing, Parallels

Join a PBAS expert for insider tips on how to accelerate your business. Alex will also provide a view into how we’ll be enhancing the capabilities of PBAS in the coming years.

Fueling advocates to drive more business

Kim Johnston, VP of Marketing, Parallels

Rob Fugetta, Founder & CEO, Zuberance

This is a practical how-to checklist about rallying your advocates to work for you. We will talk about how social media efforts, customer engagement model, case studies, and overall strategy around advocacy helps you get results.

You're thinking mobile, but you might not be thinking big enough

Elliot Noss, President and CEO, Tucows

Thinking about how to capitalize on the remarkable growth of mobile this year? Make sure you are thinking big enough. That might require a shift in how you define yourself, from a product focus to a relationship focus. You will likely find that your relationships are your real advantage and that your customers will buy much bigger products from you than you realize.

Opportunities with Google Apps

Jeff Ragusa, SMB Channel Programs Lead, Google

In this session you will learn how to extend your portfolio with Google Apps - Google's business suite of messaging and productivity applications. Bring these powerful web applications to your clients allowing them to work efficiently from anywhere on any device. By leveraging Google's channel program you can deepen and strengthen your customer relationships and grow your cloud services practice without disrupting your existing business.

Add value to SMB websites by increasing performance and security

Matthew Prince, Cofounder, CEO, CloudFlare

Wrap it all up by giving your SMB customers the edge by optimizing their website for speed, safety and efficiency. Differentiate your own offerings with technologies such as CDN which not only deliver value to your customers but cut your costs through reduced bandwidth usage.

Grow your business: Parallels partner resources

Scott Fallon, Sr. Director, Partner Marketing, Parallels

Leverage the resources Parallels offers to support your operational, marketing and sales efforts. We’ll talk about new and enhanced benefits offered through the Parallels Partner Program, technical support resources, working with Parallels Sales and more. And we’ll take your feedback on what partner benefits and tools you’d like to see added in the coming year.

Compliance: Understanding the legal and regulatory issues

Christian Dawson, COO, ServInt

David Snead, Attorney at Law

Compliance is becoming an even more important issue because governments are increasing the level of regulation related to intellectual property protection, privacy and protecting children. You need to understand the regulatory framework in order to build a secure cloud. This session will present the existing framework of security laws plus pending and anticipated legislation. Attendees will be given a framework to analyze their current compliance with these laws, and insights into whether certain important proposed legislative initiatives are likely to be adopted and what it will mean if they are.

How to leverage resellers to get to market quickly

Learn how to work with existing Parallels partners to offer a portfolio of SaaS applications quickly and with minimal upfront cost.

Sell more than you host – syndicate apps

Aubrey Smoot, Senior VP, Sales & Business Development, Apptix

Enrich your offerings by bundling and reselling services that you don’t host. Learn how to integrate and go to market with syndicated services from Apptix such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange.

Hosting in the year 2020

Serguei is a cloud expert, entrepreneur, and technical visionary who has spent the last 12 years developing software to enable cloud services. Serguei’s keynote address will paint a picture of hosting, cloud and IT 10 years from now. He’ll share his vision and predictions for how today’s market trends will influence the hosting and cloud industry of the future.

The evolution of the threat landscape – sophisticated, organized and targeted

While greater access to information everywhere can result in increased productivity and benefit an organization as a whole, cybercriminals are more determined than ever to steal sensitive information. Attackers are targeting five key areas: poorly enforced IT policies, poorly protected information, poorly authenticated identities, poorly managed systems and poorly protected infrastructure. This session will explore practical solutions on how the partner community can work with their customers to protect against the evolving threat landscape.

SofCloudIT - APS SI
Google Apps
Pinnacle Cart
UNITY Mobile
Global Relay
goMobi by Afilias
Office Desktop