Why should SMBs chose Container-based Cloud servers?

Better application performance

In head-to-head comparisons, containers outperform hypervisors in every virtual CPU configuration. Containers eliminate the resource overhead inherent in hypervisor virtualization, resulting in significant improvement in application performance and scalability for a given vCPU configuration. For more information see our Performance Comparison white paper.

Rapid provisioning

VPSs are available to the customer within a few minutes of ordering. Parallels Containers are nearly “instant on” when provisioned with no operating system boot-up time.

On-Demand upgrades

VPS resources can be changed on the fly. With Parallels Containers, the resources assigned to any individual container can be modified in real time and without restarting the container, allowing administrators to adjust assigned resources to meet the requirements of the workload. And Parallels Containers don’t require a re-boot to grow.

Self Service Tools

Parallels Containers includes a web-based control panel called Parallels Power Panel that enables Customers to self-manage, monitor, backup, restore and  troubleshoot their VPS.

Virtuozzo Performance Factors

  • System calls — Parallels Containers has a common kernel; no additional systems calls are created between excess layers.

  • File system — Common data is stored only once and is available to multiple environments, significantly improving the efficiency of both the disk space and system memory. The disk space for caching is also used efficiently, caching payload rather than duplicated data.

  • File system performance — The Parallels Containers file system and efficient system call design create very small CPU usage overhead.

  • File system buffers/cache in memory — Parallels Containers places a single instance of data and cache across the server, maximizing memory efficiency.

  • Memory management — Parallels Containers handles memory allocation requests dynamically. Virtual environments can use a lot of memory during load peaks, and users will fully benefit from running Parallels Containers on high-end servers. Applications in Parallels Containers environments can show very high peak performance.

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