Top Providers Succeed Using Parallels Automation

Telecom Companies and Communication Service Providers

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Telecom companies and communication service providers adopt Parallels Automation to enter the cloud services business with a portfolio of in-demand services that they can attach to anchor communications services.

Web Hosters

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Web hosters adopt Parallels Automation to expand service offerings, scale capacity and replace legacy systems that are inhibiting growth.

Managed Service Providers

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Managed service providers build their businesses on Parallels Automation because it's easy to on-board and completely automate delivery of in-demand applications and services.

Distributors and Value Added Resellers

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Distributors and Value Added Resellers have discovered how Parallels Automation can help them to leverage their trusted advisor relationships to deliver cloud-based services and consulting.

ISVs and Developers

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ISVs and developers can gain market access for their applications and services via solution providers using Parallels Automation.

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