Success Stories

More than 10,000 customers rely on hosting and automation solutions from Parallels. Our software powers more than 120,000 servers and 10 million domains throughout the world. The examples below provide a sampling of several customers who use Parallels Operations Automation as an integral part of their hosting business.


Business Challenge
Charter Business, part of Charter Communications, the fourth largest cable operator in the U.S., was determined to find a highly automated, business class solution that offered integrated domain management, support for email with Microsoft Exchange, and the ability to manage web space.

Parallels Provided
The Charter Business engineering team spent time researching vendors and available products on the market in order to find the solution that would best meet all their needs. One of the most critical services Charter Business wanted to offer customers was Microsoft Exchange as part of their new product offering. Parallels Automation was the answer.

The new Custom Hosting platform allows for multiple packages types such as Starter, Basic, Advanced and Premium that differ on the standard number of email accounts and web hosting parameters. With Parallels Automation, Charter Business now offers its customers a more complete business class solution by bundling Microsoft Exchange, the defacto standard in business class email, and web hosting functionality that differs based on storage requirements, transfer bandwidth, SiteBuilder sites, FTP accounts and MySQL databases.

Bottom Line
In six months, Charter Business had the Parallels Automation platform up and running. Existing customers started migrating to the new platform immediately and all new customer accounts are created using the new Parallels Automation-powered packages. Since launching Parallels Automation, Charter Business has added thousands of new Custom Hosting customers in a nine month period and migrated tens of thousands of mailboxes in a year's time.

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Apptix Business Challenge
Apptix, a leading unified communications service provider, grew rapidly through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. As a result of this growth, they needed to replace legacy systems and custom automation approaches with a holistic platform for automating their operations and business systems.

Parallels Provided
Apptix selected Parallels Automation, a combination of Parallels Operations Automation, Parallels Business Automation, and Parallels professional services for deployment and customization.

The customer control panels allows customers to log in to manage all of their online services, giving the Apptix support staff more time to focus on service and provide top-tier customer support by answering complex questions from development teams who host their application and test environments at Apptix.

Bottom Line
The deployment of Parallels Automation by Apptix has resulted in a sizable decrease in its operating expenses and a revenue increase through new service delivery into the Apptix customer base.

By using Parallels Automation to run customized promotions and to test new bundled offerings, Apptix has diversified its revenue by 10% in the area of hosted email services alone.

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Business Challenge
SoftCom has 2.5 million users to the mail2web Webmail and Mobile Email solution. With over 13 years in the industry, it also has a strong track record in the small to medium sized business and SoHo (small office home office) markets. The combination of these business areas creates a complex administrative burden in terms of management, billing and overall integration into the company’s IT architecture.

Parallels Provided
SoftCom initially partnered with Parallels to power’s VPS service offerings but plans to roll out the technology across the complete range of its products. To meet the needs of the ever-evolving market, SoftCom employed Parallels technology based on industry reputation and efficiency as a complete end-to-end solution.

Bottom Line
SoftCom intends to expand its use of Parallels Automation to support new services such as hosted CRM and Microsoft Office Communication Server over the months to come. The company aims to diversify its revenue further, increase its ARPU and reduce its customer churn as the user experience improves.

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Business Challenge
Star’s business opportunity was to introduce a new messaging and collaboration solution to meet the demands of small and medium businesses. But they faced a challenge provisioning and integrating that solution fast enough and profitably. Developing their own solution would take six months and cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to develop, test and deploy. Star needed a way to enhance existing services while integrating new technology services they could offer customers quickly.

Parallels Provided
Rather than develop its own provisioning solution Star chose Parallels Automation. Star’s integration with Parallels Automation was straightforward, easy to get started,and quickly implemented. “We were quite surprised how easy it was to get going with Parallels® Automation. What I really like about Parallels Automation is you can add new service modules easily,” says James Griffin, Director of Hosting Strategy at Star.

Bottom Line
As a result, Star improved revenue and profitability with Parallels Automation integration because they can more rapidly deliver cloud services customers want. “By using Parallels Automation, Star is quicker to market and can monetize demand and give our customers what they are looking for with the WorkLife suite of services,” says Griffin. “Otherwise it would cost us hundreds of thousands of British pounds and months of development and testing time – that’s not the case with Parallels Automation.”

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Tsukaeru Business Challenge, based in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, has expanded rapidly by developing a succession of pioneering services and it has a major presence in the rental server industry. The rental server business is clearly a kind of service, which is why is always thinking about how it can enhance services for its customers at the lowest possible cost. This is the company’s primary goal.

Parallels Provided
With VPS service delivery and billing automated with Parallels Automation, a server can be prepared for less and in a shorter time than would be needed to construct and run a server in-house. In addition, the contract and usage options for’s VPS can be changed online, so the resources clients want to use can be quickly made ready when required.

Customer Statement
“By using Parallels Automation, we can do everything automatically, from taking an order to settling accounts. Users of the system can upgrade or downgrade their service plan completely automatically. Thanks to this, we can run a data center with the smallest number of workers, and we can concentrate our talent on designing services."

"If Parallels’ products did not exist, our company would probably not be here today."

Jason Frisch
Founder/CEO, Co., Ltd.

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GMO GMO Hosting & Security is the oldest player in the server hosting industry. Since its establishment in 1996, the company boasts 14 years of success and 100,000 user accounts. It operates at the core of the GMO Internet Group which is the runaway market leader in the server hosting industry.

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Business Challenge
Netherlands-based BackupAgent is an ISV that targets telcos, hosting providers, and managed service providers with a private-label, Cloud-based backup solution for workers in small and home offices and small and medium-sized businesses. The challenge facing BackupAgent was the amount of time it took its service provider customers to manually integrate its solution with their existing provisioning and billing systems-a process that could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Parallels Provided
BackupAgent partnered with Parallels to offer its customers tighter integration with Parallels Operations Automation and Parallels Business Automation Standard, so they could launch the Cloud backup service quickly and immediately increase their revenue streams. The integration was a logical step, since most BackupAgent customers were already using a Parallels control panel for provisioning and billing their end users, and already using Parallels to offer such services as hosted Exchange, VoIP, and SaaS.

Bottom Line
Today, BackupAgent integrates seamlessly with Parallels Automation platforms, enabling service providers to connect it to their existing systems in just a few hours. BackupAgent now has an easy-to-use, fully automated solution to offer its customers. And as new European (and, in some cases, international) regulations increasingly require companies to archive their data for longer periods, BackupAgent expects the ease of use of its solution to continue to translate into increased demand and higher revenues.

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Telekom Austria

Telekom Austria Business Challenge
Telekom Austria had already been successfully delivering web hosting services to a growing number of customers for 15 years. At the same time, mobilkom austria recognized that with falling margins in the mobile sector, a renewed business strategy and set of tactics was called for. However, bringing web hosting services into the mobilkom austria product portfolio required a new service delivery automation solution to manage services across both its own business and that of its parent.

Parallels Provided
Mobilkom austria’s decision to use Parallels Automation as its service delivery automation solution for cloud services taken once the company knew that its time-to-market window was going to be short enough to warrant a healthy potential return on investment.

Customer Statement
"We designed an API for our business-class email service and Parallels developed the management side of the system to make the integration of the service into the control panel possible. This is part of the reason we decided on Parallels." Michael Wetzlmaier,
Product Manager for Web Hosting Products

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