Product Overview

Parallels Automation has been deployed and configured in hundreds of environments, and is used by 50% of the Top 40 telcos, the largest distributor in the world, as well as many of the world’s largest hosters.

Future-Proof Service Delivery Platform

Parallels Automation meets the reliability, efficiency, and flexibility requirements of top tier service providers. Its modular, distributed architecture provides services which run reliably, customize easily, and scale rapidly. Parallels Automation provides a single, centralized management console for managing cloud services, and supports multiple tiers of service resellers with customizable white-labeled customer facing websites to initiate ordering and provisioning.

Different levels of permissions are exposed through four fully customizable control panels - one for service providers, one for resellers, one for business customers, and one for their employee end-users.

Parallels Automation provides access to all of the resources inside a service provider’s data center associated with their cloud service offerings. Web servers, application servers, mail servers, DNS servers, FTP servers, management servers, and IaaS servers can all be administered and controlled through the Parallels Automation management panel. Proprietary services can also be easily integrated through our open cloud service delivery standard - APS.

Parallels Automation delivers an out-of-the-box, customizable storefront that can be linked to an existing website. It includes customer self-enrollment with built-in fraud screening, and can be configured to support custom purchase workflows. Sales-representative-assisted customer enrollment is also supported via the service provider control panel.

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As a platform for cloud service delivery, Parallels Automation distinguishes itself from other solutions in many ways. Foremost among these are a set of capabilities that service providers depend on to future-proof their businesses, grow revenue and meet the evolving needs of their customers and partners.

Support Multi-Tiered Service Delivery

Parallels Automation enables more than just a great app store, it also enables easy resale of SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and XaaS services and bundles through key channels. Easily on-board and support multiple tiers of resellers with intuitive, self-service panels provisioned through Parallels Automation.

Access Services through Automated, Dynamic Control Panels

Parallels Automation serves the full range of users when delivering cloud services with role-based, self-service control panels. Each panel aggregates and organizes the appropriate services and functions enabled for each user type and their use cases.

Offer a Portfolio of Hosted and Syndicated Services

Thanks to the APS open standard, service providers using Parallels Automation can integrate and offer SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and XaaS services that they host on-site, alongside syndicated services from other upstream providers, and combine them seamlessly into service bundles customized for their target customers.

Sell Relevant Integrated Service Bundles

For service providers, bundles become a competitive differentiator. No more siloed applications, separate control panels, lack of integration, and multiple logins. Your bundles will be relevant, integrated, accessed via a single sign-on, and centrally managed via a Customer Control Panel.

Deliver the Microsoft Cloud

Parallels Automation is the only platform integrated with all of Microsoft’s leading cloud solutions. Microsoft and Parallels have been partners since 2005, teaming to enable service providers to deliver a broad portfolio of in-demand Microsoft cloud services using Parallels Automation.

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