Parallels Operations Automation

Automate provisioning and
service plan management

Parallels Operations Automation provisions and manages service plans for virtually any cloud service or application. A customizable cloud services delivery system, it offers complete back-office provisioning and service plan management for large-scale cloud service delivery — so you can get your new cloud services up and running quickly, optimize your operations, and increase ARPU.

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  • Hosting Service Providers

    Deploy or expand cloud services offerings

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  • VARs & Distributors

    Aggregate services and set up reseller programs

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Rapidly deliver large-scale cloud services and SaaS applications

Parallels makes it easy to combine traditional services, such as domain registration and shared Web hosting, with the latest innovations, such as unified communications and SaaS applications. Now you can quickly deploy services such as messaging and collaboration, virtualized infrastructure, and software as a service (SaaS) applications — so you can offer your customers a full set of cloud services.

Offer more services to increase ARPU and decrease churn

By offering more services, you’ll drive increased average revenue per user (ARPU). You’ll also be able to offer more sticky services, reducing customer churn and driving profits and sustained growth.

Rapidly launch new cloud services

With complete back-office automation, tight integration with billing and business systems, support for the services today’s businesses demand, and numerous service module add-ins, you can deliver new services in a fraction of the time required for in-house development — so you can be among the first to market.

Optimize your operations to improve your bottom line

By automating server and application management, service plan creation and management, end-user self service, and reseller management, you’ll reduce your development and maintenance costs. In addition, with Parallels’ advanced virtualization technology, you’ll be able to increase the density of your virtual servers. All these changes will help drive improvements in your bottom line.

What does Parallels Operations Automation include?

The Parallels Operations Automation control panel is by far the best control panel we have used or investigated. Our customers all love the control panel — it is well thought-out and easy to navigate, even for novices. We get many compliments and referrals because of the control panel.     

— David Grantz, CTO, ExchangeMyMail

Parallels Operations Automation is a complete operations support system (OSS) for cloud services—one that enables you to automate all aspects of provisioning, service, and infrastructure management, as well as customer self service. The entire Parallels Automation suite consists of two main automation products — Parallels Operations Automation and Parallels Business Automation — as well as a number of control panels and service modules.

Parallels Automation functional blocks diagram

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Pre-engineered modules speed time to market

Parallels Operations Automation includes many pre-engineered service modules, enabling you to rapidly install and configure many popular cloud services. These include:

Parallels Automation Module
Highlighted Features
Uses automated Active Directory synchronization to easily migrate large numbers of internal IT administrators and end users to the cloud.
Uses Parallels Virtuozzo Containers technology to provide both Windows and Linux VPS hosting. Makes it easy to manage such quality-of-service parameters as disk quota, memory, and CPU cycles.
Automates operations support for Linux shared web hosting service delivery. Uses clustering, load balancing, and site isolation to achieve high website density (10,000-15,000 web sites per server), drive down operating costs, and deliver high-availability hosting..
Automates the creation of shared hosting plans and gives nontechnical users the ability to manage their own Web site and Web applications. Modules are available for both Windows and Linux platforms.
Supports business-class e-mail, including shared contacts and calendars, through Microsoft’s Hosted Messaging and Collaboration platform. A control panel enables clients to manage all aspects of their service without contacting IT or e-mailing their service provider.
Supports feature-rich customer relationship management software, linked to a hosted Exchange and SharePoint solution.
Supports collaboration and file sharing services in a secure environment; automates ordering, provisioning, and billing for SharePoint sites; and integrates with Microsoft Exchange.
Provides a delivery platform for offering and managing applications that follow the Application Packaging Standard (APS).
Supports enterprise-ready instant messaging, presence, conferencing, and Voice over IP telephony — all in a fully integrated unified communications solutions.

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