Parallels Special Interest Groups

NEW! for Summit 2011, Parallels Special Interest Groups are product-oriented sessions chaired by users for users. Topics will include best practices, success stories and workshop sessions on future directions.

Hosting is Dead. Long Live Hosting

Lance Crosby, CEO of SoftLayer will give his views on the state of the market, spending time to consider what key trends are driving the market today and where he sees some interesting opportunities ahead. Different strategies to capture market share will be explored with a focus on how SoftLayer uses innovation and automation to drive the company's success. In addition, Lance will provide an update following the successful merger of SoftLayer and the Planet, which has created the largest privately held hosting company in the world.

The Value of Protecting Data: preview of Acronis Backup Recovery 10

Do you have a solid disaster recovery solution? Your cloud strategy is incomplete without one. Learn how to recover the OS, applications and data in minutes instead of hours and days. Acronis will discuss ways to automate the recovery process, helping organizations minimize downtime to meet recovery objectives and cut costs.

Simple Steps to Securing the Cloud

Organizations are relying more and more on Cloud computing to achieve their business goals. Moving to the Cloud presents several challenges related to security and trust for your customers, including protecting critical data and personal identities. Bob Angus will provide critical how-to steps to effectively secure Cloud environments with Symantec and Parallels solutions.

Innovation Zone Demo: Parallels Business Automation Standard

Attend this demo and see all the new features of Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS) 4.0 including how PBAS can utilize Parallels Operations Automation to start offering Microsoft Hosted Exchange and how to start selling SSL certificates and business applications through the PBAS Online Store.

SEO Enable Your Hosting Platform to Capture Market Share, Increase Profits and Reduce Churn

How do you make money, and grow your hosting business when prices are falling and competition is increasing? In this session, Troy McCasland, veteran in the hosting industry, Co-Founder of Miva and VP of Attracta, will show you how leaders in the hosting industry are growing their companies by integrating SEO tools to help customers succeed and by doing so are gaining market share and boosting profits. You will learn the power of using XML Sitemaps, on-page and off-page SEO technologies to increase search traffic for your customers. Learn what Google recommends for SEO, and explore several SEO SaaS solutions for hosts.

Virtual Desktop Delivery Considerations for Success

This session will feature expert-led discussion on the key considerations for successfully delivering Virtual Desktops as a service. The solution stack of Quest vWorkspace and Parallels Virtuozzo will be presented and supported by comparative data, features and benefits, as well as real-world examples of its successful deployment in production environments.

Building a Secure Future In the Cloud

Cloud computing offers clear and powerful benefits to IT organizations of all sizes – particularly small businesses - but the path to cloud computing is not as clear for some organizations as others. One of the biggest challenges in moving to a cloud model is protecting and managing information. Organizations must be confident that their data is safe, whether at rest or in motion. If businesses fail to consider information protection before they adopt their processes to the cloud, whatever money they hoped to save on the front end will be lost on the back end to make up for data loss, interrupted business processes, and operational downtime. For small businesses in particular, protecting their information in the cloud amidst today’s complex cyber threat landscape goes beyond just generic security tools. An information-centric approach is needed that takes into account a number of different processes - all of which will be discussed in John Magee’s remarks.

Getting the most out of Parallels Plesk Panel 10 for Shared Hosting

Get the most out of Plesk 10 by learning how to optimize your environment for the best stability, security, and performance. You will see how to prevent a single customer from negatively impacting all other customers on the same server and how to monitor and react to spikes in resource usage. Learn how to increase security by providing a virtualized file system for each customer and see the pros and cons of FastCGI, mod_php and mod_suphp.

Enterprise Chat for Customers of Web Hosts

Provide chat at your customers’ domain with chat rooms, conference chat, access control, an admin panel and more. is an enterprise chat product for SMEs and workplaces specially designed for web hosts. It seamlessly integrates within popular control panels (cPanel, Parallels Plesk) and webmail (roundcube, atmail etc). Attend this talk to find out the benefits of this service and how it can be seamlessly integrated within your existing hosting offering.

Customer Orientation in the Cloud

Daniel Eisenhut will examine key points related to deepening customer loyalty; building on long-term business partnerships, giving customers good reasons to stay with you, real customer care and support, implementing feedback to improve workflows, flexibility and mobility, keeping things interesting, product and service diversity. The Cloud offers endless opportunities.

State of the Domain Name Industry for Hosting Companies

Get up-to-date on domain name developments that will have a direct impact on your business in 2011. See stats and analysis of data gleaned from our position as a service provider to 10,000 resellers. Hear about the impact of new gTLDs, and learn about new services offering additional revenue opportunities.

Billing as a Service: lower your costs and accelerate time to market

Service providers worldwide constantly strive for healthy profit margins in a competitive and highly evolving market. What if service providers could leverage an already existing Parallels Automation platform that enable them to be service competitive, but without the typical costs and implementation timelines usually associated with deploying and maintaining such a platform themselves? What would a Billing as a Service based on Parallels Automation look like? What are the key drivers for deciding if this makes sense? What should you look for when evaluating Billing as a Service solutions? What are the best practises for delivering a Billing as a Service solution that provides sustainable profitability and growth?

Guaranteed Steps to Thriving in Any Economy

Even though we are in the grips of a serious economic downturn you probably know a few business owners who are achieving consistent bottom-line improvement, regardless of the market. This session will present real life, practical tips garnered from a recent study of a variety of businesses on the west coast of Florida  that have had amazing success. Despite one of the worst economic climates in the United States, they have grown their key performance indicators by as much as 640%.  This is the real truth about what works!

Partner Storefront - Full Service in a Flash

Attend this session to learn all you need to know about Parallels Partner Storefront. See how you can quickly and easily Partner with Parallels to earn commissions by offering applications through Parallels Plesk Panel 10 or Parallels Small Business Panel. Hear from other Partners who have enabled and launched their Storefronts and how Parallels helped them along the way to a more profitable future.

Customer Orientation in the Cloud

Daniel will examine key points related to deepening customer loyalty: Building on long-term business partnerships, Giving customers good reasons to stay with you, Real customer care and support, Implementing feedback to improve workflows, Flexibility and mobility — keeping things interesting, Product and service diversity — the cloud offers endless opportunity.

Building the Optimal Infrastructure to Power Efficient Cloud Computing Environments

Scalability, power efficiency, virtualization, performance, interoperability and value are all critical components of an efficient cloud computing infrastructure. Attend this session and learn how AMD is driving the innovation and adoption of cloud computing and helping IT executives meet their computing needs quickly and cost effectively.

Google Insights

How to make free marketing (organic search) work better for you, while also hearing about all the paid search media can be utilized in a profitable way. Organic search is the lowest cost of entry method to reach the largest number of potential customers — reducing customer acquisition costs and increasing your online digital footprint.

Use Your Social Graces: Connecting with your Customers through Social and Viral Marketing

Learn how to profitably use social and viral marketing to gain insight about your customers, influence the conversation, and affordably create a lasting relationship. And get the inside scoop on reaching the 1m mark on YouTube! An effective strategy in social media will reduce customer acquisition costs while increasing your average revenue per user.

Your MOMM Does Work Here (Mashable Online Marketing Mix)

An introspective view of the whole online marketing mix for all budget sizes — advertising, social media, search optimization and adwords, affiliates and partnerships, and some elbow grease. Optimize your web presence to improve customer response and revenue. Make your marketing mix help you keep and nurture your customers, while still getting new ones.

The Challenges of International Business — a Latin American Example

Usman Arshad, director of business development at HostDime, will lead a session on the advantages of expanding your business internationally, and strategies for taking on that very challenging undertaking using Hostdime's expansion to Latin America as a case study.

Don't get Amazoned: Delivering on the Cloud Promise with Parallels Cloud Computing Solution

See how Parallels vision of Cloud Computing is delivered in a breakthrough product. Learn about the market for Cloud Computing, where it is going as well as key features and functionality of Parallels solution.

The Mobile Revolution and Hosting: Relevant or Irrelevant?

This panel discussion will explore how the two major technology shifts of our time — Cloud Computing and Mobility intersect with each other and what does it mean for Hosting and Cloud service providers.

NEW! Panel Discussion: Differentiation in the Cloud

One of the key questions for the industry is how Service providers can differentiate their offerings in an increasingly crowded market. This panel will look at what strategies service providers can employ to differentiate in an era of commoditization in order to increase profitability. Panelists: Billy Cox, Director Cloud Strategy, Intel; Brian Becker, Worldwide Service Provider Marketing, Hewlett-Packard; Darren Pleasance, Partner, McKinsey & Company;Patrick Pulvermüller, Managing Director, Host Europe.

Innovation Zone Demo: Parallels Plesk Panel 10

With over 100 new and improved features, Parallels Plesk Panel 10 is the most extensive release Since 2008. Experience the wide range of features which makes Panel 10 the easiest to use, most profitable, and complete control panel solution on the market. Learn about the new SiteBuilder, features for Web designers and Web developers, new management capabilities and interact with product experts!

Innovation Zone Demo: Parallels Cloud Computing Solution

Come see an overview of Parallels groundbreaking new Cloud Computing solution. This 20 minute demo will show how your customers can grow from a single hosted server to a load balanced, secure virtual datacenter.

Targeting Web Designers

There are over a million web designers worldwide and they will remain one of the most important customer and channel segments. In this session, Jon McCarrick, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Parallels will focus on the unique issues and needs of the Web Designer community and what they are looking for in a hosting service provider.

Making your Reseller Channel Successful using the Right Tools

The reseller channel is as important to the majority of Service Providers as it ever was. In this session we’ll look at the tools to enable the channel from small web-designers to larger VARs; and how these tools can help drive loyalty and revenues for your channel.

Innovation Zone Demo: Parallels Partner Storefront

Attend this demo to see how you can easily Partner with Parallels to sell Application and Services through Parallels Panel products. Find out how the Storefront works and how you can activate your own Storefront to make commissions without dedicating resources of your own.

Simple Steps to Securing the Cloud

Organizations are relying more and more on Cloud computing to achieve their business goals. Moving to the Cloud presents several challenges for your customers related to security and trust, including protecting critical data and personal identities. Bob will provide critical how-to steps to effectively secure cloud environments with Symantec and Parallels.

Rebooting is Obsolete! (with Ksplice and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers)

Rebooting your servers for software updates is expensive and time-consuming, but inevitable. Or is it? Ksplice allows you to update your Virtuozzo containers without a reboot. We'll discuss how Ksplice works, how to use it, and what you'll do with all your new free time.

Parallels Research Project: What Cloud Services Are Small Business Buying and How Are They Buying Them?

How quickly are SMBs adopting Cloud services? Which services are first? How much is being spent per year on various services? Come to this session to hear the results of the Parallels Small Business Research project for insights into these and other key questions on the future of the Cloud.

What Cloud Services are SMBs Buying (or Not?) How and Why?

Parallels has spent the last year conducting original research on SMBs and their move to Hosting and the Cloud. Come to this session to find out how SMB’s are adopting Cloud services, which services are first and how much is being spent on various services.

Innovation Zone Demo: Hosted PBX and VoIP services with Parallels Automation

See how you profitably deliver hosted PBX and VoiP services with Parallels Automation to address of largest and fastest growing services.

Panel Discussion: Choosing the Right Services to Launch

There are hundreds of services a provider can launch — but limited resources means you can only take a few to market. So how do you choose? This panel will look at how providers can evaluate various opportunities for new Hosting and Cloud services and help decide which ones to launch first. Panelists: Chris Sheridan, Vice-President Business Development,; Bhavin Turakhia, Founder & CEO, Reseller Club; Rafael Laguna, CEO, Open-Xchange.

Parallels Plesk Panel: Best Practices for Maximum Profitability

Led by our development team, this deep dive will cover tips and trick to ensure you and your end users get the most out of Parallels Plesk Panel. Topics related to deployment, troubleshooting and customization and user support and deployment will be covered.

Parallels Automation Roadmap

Parallels Operations Automation and Parallels Business Automation have more features and capabilities than ever. Hear and see what the current state is and more about the very exciting additions coming out in Q1.

Application Packaging Standard

Launching a new application or service — whether from your data center or syndicated — is one of the most biggest challenges for Cloud service providers. Streamlining the process and managing the hundreds of integrated components is essential for profitability. Learn how the Application Packaging Standard can cut down on the cost and time of enabling new applications and services and also reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance.

Cloud Commerce – success factors for Hosting and Cloud Service

In this session, Wilfried Beeck, CEO, ePages will look at the critical role of e-commerce for the Hosting and Cloud Industry and explore how issues of application management, support and business automation are key to success. The session will also show how a provider can offer on-demand online shops based on cloud services with ePages and Parallels.

Implementing Hosted PBX and VoIP with Parallels Automation

Every small and medium sized business has phones and a phone system. These are quickly following the path of email to the Cloud. Are you ready to grab your share of that market? This session will show you the easiest and most profitable way you can add Hosted PBX and VoIP to your lineup.

Customer Support at Parallels

Join this interactive session focused on support strategy, and give us your input! Parallels support leader Kellie Green will discuss how Parallels is transforming our approach to customer support, and hear feedback from attendees.

Economics of Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX and VoiP is one of the most exciting opportunities facing service providers. But a growing market does not guarantee success. This session will look at the economics of Hosted VoiP and PBX including pricing and the costs of launching and operating the service to ensure profitability.

What Does it Take to Successfully Launch a New Service? Panel Discussion

Launching a new service is one of the most important — and difficult — projects for any Hosting and Cloud service provider. This panel discussion will explore what makes service launches successful — and what are the common pitfalls that can lead to failure.

Cloud Utility Computing — Delivering on the Cloud Promise

See how Parallels vision of Cloud Computing Utility is delivered in a breakthrough product. Learn about core features, see demos of key functionality, and understand strategic scenarios.

Parallels Virtualization Roadmap

Delivering Cloud Services with an integrated product stack: Moving to the cloud services business requires integration of a set of core service delivery components based on virtualization technology. See the future of virtualization technology from Parallels and learn how products from Parallels interplay and integrate to enable high volume low touch cloud business.

Marketing Track

NEW! Engaging your customers effectively makes the difference between making money and being profitable, or burning it. If you don’t reach prospects, make them into customers and keep them, your competition will. Learn how to deliver effective customer engagements that create demand and reduce churn by building your brand with social media, online marketing, viral marketing and even how to reach the 1m viewer mark on YouTube! Learn how to affordably offer our broadest range of services, driving the highest margin, at all an affordable cost. And join our Marketing Clinic for a 1:1 session at the Parallels booth during the entire show. Appointments and drop ins both welcome.

Technical Track

Dive deep into new technologies impacting the Hosting and Cloud industry from Parallels and industry leaders.

Business Track

Hear success stories and best practices that can help you improve the performance of your business.

Industry Track

Learn about the latest developments in the industry, including overall hosting and Cloud services adoption.

Demo Theater

NEW! See the latest innovations from the Parallels Product Team up-close and get answers to your questions. Stop by for one of the 6 pre-planned demos or request your own demo from our Product Experts!

Web Hosting & Web Apps Track

Web Hosting remains one of the largest and most important segments of the Cloud services market for SMBs. Learn from industry leaders and get the latest roadmap of Parallels' efforts to support Web hosting and Web applications.

NEW! Day 2 track sessions will be structured around the Cloud services that small- and medium-sized businesses want and need most. This ensures attendees get the most actionable and detailed insights into how to launch, and profit from the shift to Cloud-based services.

Messaging & Collaboration Track

Basic email is already largely hosted. Explore what other messaging and collaboration services are moving to Hosting and the Cloud next — PBX, VoIP, Archival, etc. Learn about our plans to support new services and improve existing ones.

NEW! Day 2 track sessions will be structured around the Cloud services that small- and medium-sized businesses want and need most. This ensures attendees get the most actionable and detailed insights into how to launch, and profit from the shift to Cloud-based services.

Virtualization & Infrastructure Track

Cloud Compute, VPS, Appliance, Cloud Storage. Hourly or Monthly. SLA or No SLA. Managed or Unmanaged. Find out what makes sense for which audience and learn Parallels' plans for virtualized infrastructure services—the fastest growing class of Cloud services for small and medium sized businesses.

NEW! Day 2 track sessions will be structured around the Cloud services that small- and medium-sized businesses want and need most. This ensures attendees get the most actionable and detailed insights into how to launch, and profit from the shift to Cloud-based services.

SaaS & Other Services Track

There are 100s other services to launch — from vertical business applications to gaming. In this track we will discuss how they can benefit your bottom line; explore exciting new applications and services and how to make them available through your Parallels platform.

NEW! Day 2 track sessions will be structured around the Cloud services that small- and medium-sized businesses want and need most. This ensures attendees get the most actionable and detailed insights into how to launch, and profit from the shift to Cloud-based services.

Leveraging Intel Cloud Builders Program for Deploying Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud & Parallels Trusted Computing

In an increasingly competitve environment, managing infrastructure costs will be a key strategy for the Hosting and Cloud industry. In this informative session, Billy Cox of Intel and James Raquepau of Parallels will look at the most effective strategies for reducing the cost of hardware infrastructure while maintaining and improving flexibility.

Innovation Zone Demo: Deliver any Cloud service with Parallels Automation

Parallels Automation is the industry's leading Hosting and Cloud services delivery system. See how some of the most profitable providers in the world use it to deliver 100s of services to SMBs — from basic shared hosting to complex syndicated services through n-tier channels.

Parallels Panel Roadmap

Parallels continues to lead the industry with the most complete control panel solution on the market. And while we have just released Parallels Plesk Panel 10, we aren’t stopping there! Come and learn about Parallels 2011 Panels product roadmap, new features in the works, migration plans to current products, and our plans for a multiple server solution.

Saving Money on Your Hardware Infrastructure

This session will explore ways to lower the total cost of ownership on IT hardware. We will also discuss options of buying pre-owned IT equipment vs. new, and compare the benefits.

Parallels Automation Roadmap

Parallels Automation is evolving and adding new features faster than ever. Come to this session to learn what’s cooking for 2011 and our vision beyond – from major new modules and applications to launch to small productivity improvements.

Parallels Business Automation Standard Roadmap

Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS) saw a significant new release in 2010 with much more in store for 2011. Learn what's new in PBAS, including one of the most anticipated and exciting enhancements ever.

State of the Domain Name Industry for Hosting Companies

Get up-to-date on domain name developments that will have a direct impact on your business in 2011. See stats and analysis of data gleaned from our position as a service provider to 10,000 resellers. Hear about the impact of new gTLDs, and learn about new services offering additional revenue opportunities.

Selling Hosted VoIP with Parallels Automation

Add VoIP telephony to your cloud services offerings. Hosted Unified Communications and VoIP sales are on fire. Are you ready to grab your share of that market? This session will show how you can add VoIP to your UC lineup with minimal investment by hosting or syndicating BroadSoft BroadWorks services.

Cloud Utility Computing: Enabling Cloud Services with Integrated Product Stack

Moving from high touch low volume business model to the true cloud services business requires integration of a set of core service delivery components. See how products from Parallels interplay and integrate to enable high volume low touch Cloud business.

The SaaS Business Enablement Platform

LuxCloud offers customizable own branded solutions enabling resellers, hosters and service providers to sell online any and all of the services and applications available on the platform. The range of applications is constantly evolving and includes Web and Application Hosting, Messaging and Collaboration, Business Processes and Infrastructure packages.

Adam Eisner

Director of Domain Services, OpenSRS

Adam Eisner - OpenSRS

As Director of Domain Services for OpenSRS, Adam Eisner is responsible for driving innovation in Tucows’ wholesale domain name registration business. Adam has over ten years of experience in the domain name and web hosting industries, and brings a unique perspective thanks to the international nature of the global OpenSRS Reseller base. His past work includes Internet marketing and product management, and he holds a degree in Journalism from Toronto’s Ryerson University.

Aleksey Savateyev

Yahoo! cloud

Aleksey Savateyev - Yahoo

Aleksey Savateyev is responsible for product management of cloud serving and other cloud products at Yahoo Cloud Platform Group. Prior to his tenure at Yahoo he spent 8 years at Microsoft, most recently working as a software architect on various Windows Azure projects. Aleksey is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and has passion for everything “cloud”.

Amir Sharif

VP, Server Virtualization Infrastructure, Parallels

Amir Sharif - Parallels

Mr. Sharif leads product development and program management for Parallels server virtualization and cloud products, including Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, and Parallels turn-key cloud computing platform (C2U). Most recently, Mr. Sharif led product management for VMware's core platform where he successfully converged development efforts on a single, superior architecture. Previously, Mr. Sharif held product management roles at Topspin Communications (acquired by Cisco) and Tasman Networks (acquired by Nortel), where he focused on data center design, high speed networking, and WAN access points. He started his technology career at Sun Microsystems. Mr. Sharif holds a bachelors degree in mathematics and philosophy from University of Texas at Austin and an MBA degree from UC Berkeley.

Andrey Andriatis

Chief Hosting Architect, Parallels

Andrey Andriatis - Parallels

Andrey is Chief Architect and technical program manager of Parallels Panel products. He joined Parallels Automation Division in 2007. Prior to Parallels he managed offshore teams in Moscow and Kiev providing services and building original software for the US telecom industry. He is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology where he worked as Senior Researcher at the Computer Center of Russian Academy of Science.

Anton Zlygostev

Program Manager Parallels Automation, Parallels

Anton Zlygostev - Parallels

Anton Joined Parallels at 2005. He currently works as Program Manager for Parallels Automation Messaging and Collaboration, focused on Unified Communications. Prior to Parallels, Anton worked as a Project Manager and Senior Developer in a number of software development companies. He held Microsoft MVP status from 2007 to 2009 for activities in the Russian software developers community. Anton has a B.S. in Physics from Novosibirsk State University.

Aubrey C. Smoot

VP of Business Development, Apptix

Aubrey Smoot - Apptix

Mr. Smoot has over 25 years in sales, services and management positions with organizations ranging from major technology companies to venture backed startups. Mr. Smoot is the Vice President of Business Development for Apptix responsible for channel sales. The start-up companies that Mr. Smoot lead were focused in the cyber and physical security markets. Two of the businesses were successfully transitioned into larger entities. Before that, Mr. Smoot spent 12 years at Rational Software (IBM Software Group) in a variety of senior sales and services leadership roles. Most recently he was the America’s Technical Sales Executive for the Rational brand of IBM responsible for over 240 technical representatives in both North and South America. Prior to joining Rational, Mr. Smoot held senior positions in both Hewlett Packard and KPMG.

Billy Cox

Director, Cloud Strategy

Billy Cox - Cloud Strategy

Since joining Intel in 2007, Billy has been leading the Cloud strategy efforts for the Intel Software and Services Group. In addition to his strategy responsibilities, he is also responsible for the Cloud Builders program which is an industry leading developer of cloud reference architectures. Prior to joining Intel, Billy was Director of Systems Engineering at HP. During his 14 years at HP, he was responsible for the development of all infrastructure management tools used to manage the various server and storage platforms. In his 30+ years of industry experience, Billy has led the design of compute, network, and storage solutions and actively participated in multiple standards efforts.

Bhavin Turakhia

CEO, Directi

Bhavin Turakhia - Directi

Bhavin is Directi’s founding CEO, and is responsible for the exponential growth of Directi from a startup in 1998 to a global web products company with over 6 businesses, 20+ products, 500+ employees and millions of global customers. Under his leadership, ResellerClub and LogicBoxes have become industry leaders in their respective verticals, and Directi has consistently featured amongst the fastest growing tech companies in Asia by Deloitte and Touche. He continues to manage the Vision, Strategy, Engineering and Operations of ResellerClub, LogicBoxes, .pw, and WebHosting.Info. Bhavin is the chief architect of the .pw social communication platform, OrderBox, and various other products and services provided through ResellerClub and LogicBoxes. He has authored several technology patents. He concieved and launched CodeChef — a leading coding competition platform. He is also responsible for Directi’s community evangelism efforts such as TechCamp.

BJ Schaknowski

Director, Intuit Indirect Channels Sales & Marketing

BJ Schaknowski - Intuit

BJ joined Intuit in 2008 to lead its Mid Market and Retail Solution direct and channel sales teams. In 2009 he transitioned into a new role where he was responsible for the overall development and execution of the company’s newly consolidated solution provider channel strategy. In 2010, BJ assumed responsibility for Intuit’s other non-retail indirect channels, including distribution, OEM, ISV, franchise sales and hosting.

Before joining Intuit, BJ held several senior positions at Sage Software including leading sales operations and strategy, M&A and North American customer migration. He held senior sales leadership positions with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers where he oversaw enterprise sales to the Fortune 500 and with Knowledge Alliance, a VC funded technology training firm, where he helped build the sales organization from the ground up. BJ spent eight years serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserves in the infantry and is an active marathoner and Ironman triathlete. He holds a BA from the State University of New York at Geneseo and a MBA from The University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business.

Blake Cahill

Principal, Banyan Branch

Blake Cahill - Banyan Branch

Blake Cahill is responsible for client acquisition, customer execution strategies and marketplace awareness efforts. Prior to Banyan Branch, Blake was CMO at Visible Technologies where he led marketing, branding, social initiatives, analyst and media relations in addition to lead development programs for their Social Intelligence platform and solutions.

Blake has more than 18 years of executive management experiences leading marketing, sales, branding, product management, customer acquisition and customer support organizations both domestically and internationally in a variety of technology, consumer, and telecommunications companies such as SafeHarbor Technology Corporation, AT&T, Belgacom, Qwest, SBC, and Through these diverse experiences Blake has witnessed and applied insights from the intersection of “listening to the customer” that drive customer experience, brands, and technology adoption. Blake holds bachelor’s degrees in political science, history, and business from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

Bob Angus

Sr. Principal, Symantec

Bob Angus - Symantec

Bob Angus is Senior Principal at Symantec, responsible for the VeriSign Partner Program. He has worked with web hosts and domain name registrars to increase profits and retain valuable customers. Bob is passionate about effectively marketing innovative technologies, helping sales reps achieve huge bonuses, and creating an experience that makes customers smile. You can also read his work as “The Ecommerce Evangelist” at

Bryan Goode

VP, GM Marketplace, Parallels

Bryan Goode - Parallels

Mr. Goode is Vice President and General Manager for Parallels Marketplace, a business that includes the recently launched Partner Storefront as well as the company’s portfolio of 3rd party products. Bryan most recently led the worldwide business development team for Parallels and was responsible for the company’s strategic alliances, including Microsoft, Apple, HP and Intel, and building out the company’s cloud service ISV ecosystem. Before joining Parallels in 2007, Bryan was responsible for product management and partner strategy for SQL Server at Microsoft.

Mr. Goode holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School in New York City.

Christian Dawson

COO, Servint

Christian Dawson - Servint

Christian Dawson joined ServInt in 1998. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2009. In his current role, he is responsible for the overall management of ServInt's business operations, including sales, marketing, business development and customer support. His focus on ServInt’s product and service offerings, integrated with his cultivation of the Company's public presence, have helped ServInt increase its market share every year. Mr. Dawson also created and introduced the ServInt Green Hosting Initiative in 2008. A board member of the United States Internet Industry Association (USIIA) since 2004 and chair of its Hosting Council, his insights and ideas have been published in leading industry publications, including Virtualization Journal, Bandwidth Properties, and Web Host Industry Review. Mr. Dawson earned a Bachelor's Degree in Leadership from the University of Richmond and an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Craig Bartholomew

VP, Hosting Control Panel Products, Parallels

Craig Bartholomew - Parallels

Craig Bartholomew brings 25+ years of experience in meeting customer needs with differentiated products. Prior to Parallels, Craig was a Partner-level General Manager at Microsoft, where he worked for 21 years before joining Parallels. At Microsoft, he started and led the Encarta project for many years, which produced over $1 billion in revenue for Microsoft over its lifespan. He then led server-based and web-based product development for the Education vertical at Microsoft. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and speaks Russian (more and more of it lately). He splits his time with Parallels 75% in Seattle and 25% in Russia. In his role, Craig leads the Development team and Product Management for Parallels Plesk Panel, Parallels Sitebuilder, and Parallels Customer & Business Manager. He also manages licensing (Key Administrator) and the company’s localization team. Craig has learned to appreciate the wonders of Siberia in Winter – which is quite nice with the appropriate clothing.

Daniel Eisenhut

International Key Accounts, InterNetX

Daniel Eisenhut - InterNetX

Daniel Eisenhut is responsible for International Business Development at InterNetX, looking after international key accounts and customizing solutions for global B2B partners. Daniel is a specialist in domain services and domain portfolio maintenance, especially for ccTLDs. His language qualifications facilitate his function in the international marketplace.

Daniel West


Daniel West - UNITY Mobile

Daniel West is CEO of UNITY Mobile, the market-leading SaaS platform powering mobile web and mobile applications across Telcos, Hosters and Directories. UNITY is fully integrated within Plesk 10, Parallels Marketplace, and Business Automation, enabling customers to easily activate and offer a full range of mobile web, mobile application and mobile marketing solutions to millions of customers worldwide. Some UNITY customers include AT&T, China Telecom, T-Mobile and more. Check out what UNITY can do for you by contacting your Parallels team member, or reaching us direct via

Prior to joining UNITY Mobile, Daniel founded several companies with operations in web and mobile media, advertising and enabling technologies, including BigBoard Networks, The ITEC Network and Cyberplay. Daniel has also held positions at Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery and Barclays Bank PLC.

Darren Pleasance

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Darren Pleasance - McKinsey and Company

Darren Pleasance is a Partner in McKinsey & Company's Silicon Valley office and the leader of the Firm's North American TMT Sales and Marketing practice as well as the leader of McKinsey’s global Small and Medium Business (SMB) Practice. During his career, Darren has worked across a broad range of industries including high-tech, telecom, retail, and financial services with a focus on go-to-market strategy and information-based marketing. Mr. Pleasance is also a core member of McKinsey's global Cloud initiative and regularly consults with clients on the implications of the Cloud on their business practices and go-to-market strategies.

David Mottram

Account Executive, Google Media Partnership Group - Technology

David Mottram - Google

Since joining Google in 2006, David has been a prominent figure in Google's Online Sales Technology Vertical. His team is responsible for partnering with businesses new to online advertising by helping them develop, implement, and execute an online marketing strategy. David has helped drive the vertical to double-digit year-over-year growth by identifying and pursuing new revenue streams and opportunities. He has worked closely with technology clients across multiple subverticals to manage and optimize their SEM, Display, YouTube, Mobile, and TV advertising campaigns. Prior to Google, David graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science and a Bachelor of Arts in French from Vanderbilt University.

Ebrahim Keshavarz

VP of Small Business Product Management AT&T Services, Inc.

Ebrahim Keshavarz - AT&T Services, Inc.

Ebrahim Keshavarz is responsible for managing AT&T’s portfolio of products, services and offers for SMB business. These services range cross wireline and wireless, voice and data as well as application services. Keshavarz previously served as Vice President of Corporate Business Development, AT&T’s incubator for emerging services for business customers. He also previously led the ABS Business Strategy & Emerging Technology team which generated strategic recommendations for AT&T’s Business Services division and piloted emerging technology focused services for AT&T. Keshavarz holds a bachelor’s degree from Rice University and a MBA from Harvard Business School. He frequently speaks at leading industry events such as Wireless World, Mobile Entertainment Summit, Global eSubscription Symposium and Taking M-Commerce to the Max Industry Leaders Roundtable.

Eugenio Ferrante

Director of Customer Satisfaction & Knowledge, Parallels

Billy Cox - Cloud Strategy

Eugenio Ferrante is the Director of Customer Satisfaction and Knowledge for Parallels. He joined Parallels in 2009 as Business Manager to the CEO and after one year moved to his current role. Previously, Eugenio was at the Bain & Company, a leading management consulting firm, where he helped clients in Italy, India, Canada and the U.S. across a variety of industries including technology, telecom and private equity. Eugenio holds a degree in Business Administration from Universita’ Bocconi and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Farees Mohiuddin

Director of Online Programs

Farees Mohiuddin - Parallels

Farees is an online marketing guru with emphasis on search marketing, website usability and new customer acquisition in B2B and B2C space. He is responsible for driving global demand and awareness campaigns across our business segments. Most recently, he spent 4 years at Apani Networks helping to lead online demand generation campaigns, including building successful co-marketing partnerships with the likes of HP, VMware and IBM. He holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science with specialization in E-Commerce and E-Business solutions from National University.

Glenn Keels

Director of Marketing, WW Service Provider and High Performance Computing

Glenn Keels - HP

Glenn Keels is director of worldwide marketing for HP’s Service Provider and High Performance Computing Business as a part of the Industry Standard Server Division within HP. In this role, he is responsible for lifecycle marketing of HP ProLiant servers, and the market’s broadest range of converged infrastructure products, services and solutions. Keels rejoined HP with over 15 years of enterprise solutions marketing experience. Most recently, he led worldwide server product marketing for Cisco and Dell. He first joined HP in 1994 leading Services Marketing for Compaq ProLiant servers after more than ten years service as an enlisted soldier then officer in the U.S. Army.

Keels holds a bachelor’s degree from Tarleton State University and is a Distinguished Military Graduate of Texas A&M University.

Igor Seletskiy

CEO, Cloud Linux

Igor Seletskiy - Cloud Linux

13 year successful track record of delivering innovative new products to market: Founded Positive Software Corporation (PSOFT) in 1997 which brought to market H-Sphere, the first multi-server, commercially available control panel . Other innovative products from PSOFT include; FreeVPS, a container based virtualization product, CP+, a simple, single server control panel, WebShell and SiteStudio. PSOFT was sold to Comodo in 2005, where while at Comodo, Mr. Seletskiy continued to deliver innovative new products including HackerGuardian and Trustix OS. CloudLinux represents a new venture for Mr. Seletsky where he is driven to identify and deliver new ways for SPs to be more efficient and profitable.

Ilya Baimetov

Director of Technology, Cloud Computing, Parallels

Ilya Baimetov - Parallels

Ilya Baimetov is a Director of Technology for Cloud Computing. He's been driving development and adoption of cloud service delivery capabilities in Parallels Automation and APS standard since 2007. Prior to joining Parallels in 2006, Ilya spent 5 years at Microsoft working on hosted services for small businesses and enterprise system management.

Jason Atlas

Director APS, Parallels

Jason Atlas - Parallels

Jason has over 15 years of professional experience in companies such as Microsoft and Bloomberg at the director level. Early in his career Jason worked on large scale cloud systems in 1995, with the release of MSN 1.0. Jason’s other work experience includes projects on Version 1 of windows media center, speech server architecture, and director of data intelligence using machine learning and large scale distributed computing for detecting user abuse on the internet (SPAM, malware, bots, etc). Jason holds a doctorate from University of Washington and advanced management training from Sloan (MIT).

John Magee

Vice President, Symantec Cloud Initiatives Symantec

John Magee - Symantec

John Magee is vice president for Symantec’s Cloud Initiatives. He is responsible for managing cross-portfolio initiatives that span Symantec’s security, storage, and information governance solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software.

Prior to joining Symantec, he was vice president of product marketing and marketing operations at EMC. Before joining EMC, he spent 12 years at Oracle, where he held various positions in product development, product management, and product marketing, including Vice President of Product Marketing for Oracle's middleware and application development tools.

John Zanni

VP of Alliances, Parallels

John Zanni - Parallels

John Zanni is Vice President of Alliances at Parallels. He is responsible for developing partnerships with leading technology companies to enable hosting service providers using Parallels solutions to quickly create profitable Cloud services that meet the diverse needs of their end customers.

Prior to joining Parallels, John was general manager of the Worldwide Software plus Services Industry team for the Communications Sector at Microsoft. In this role, he was responsible for driving the strategy for Microsoft’s hoster Cloud business. He worked closely with all types of service providers including Web Hosters, SAAS ISVs and telcos to ensure that they were provided with the tools and resources necessary to grow their business. Zanni was also responsible for helping drive Microsoft’s partner hosted initiative to provide the software plus services based next-generation platform, business applications and a compelling digital lifestyle experience for end-users through its extensive partner ecosystem.

Earlier in his career, Zanni helped design and create the object model for Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, and then went on to create and manage the Office web site (, which has become one of the top web sites worldwide.

Prior to Microsoft, he spent 12 years running a small business. Zanni holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Physics from California State University Northridge.

Joseph Harsch

Director, Product Management, BroadSoft

Joseph Harsch - BroadSoft

Joseph Harsch is a Director, Product Management, focusing on unified communications and business solutions at BroadSoft. With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Joseph has held leadership roles in engineering, system engineering and release management, both in North America and Western Europe. Prior to BroadSoft, Joseph was at Nortel where he was responsible for CS2K/A2E business solutions. He holds a BS in Computer Science and a BA in English Literature from Tulane University and an MBA degree in Engineering Management from the University of Dallas.

Joshua Beil

Director of Market Strategy, Parallels

Joshua Beil - Parallels

Joshua Beil is the Director of Market Strategy and Research for Parallels, the leading provider of automation and virtualization software to the web hosting community. Previously, Josh was the Director of Social Media & Technology at a Level 3 Communications [Nasdaq: LVLT] where he provided strategic and tactical sales support. Before that, Josh was CEO and cofounder of Skywave Broadband, Inc, the largest commercial WiFi service provider in Hawaii. He was named one of Pacific Business News' Forty Under 40 for 2006, and in 2005, he was named a High Tech Leader by the Pacific Technology Foundation. Before co-founding Skywave, Mr. Beil was VP of Research and Development for the market research boutique, Tier 1 Research. Josh has also previously served as the Senior Analyst for Exodus Communications as well as the internationally known market research firm, IDC.

Jan-Hendrik Benter

Program Manager, Business Automation, Parallels

Jan-Henrik Benter - Parallels

Jan-Hendrik Benter manages the Parallels Business Automation product. As Program Manager, he is primarily collecting and defining requirements for each release. He has been working at Parallels for multiple years in Program and Product Management for various products including Key Administrator and HSPcomplete. Previously, Jan-Hendrik co-founded Yippi-Yeah! E-Business GmbH, and with Confixx control panel for web servers attained market leadership in Europe. The company was later acquired by Parallels in 2003. Jan-Hendrik studied computer science at the University of Bremen.

Jon Rolls

VP of Product Management, Quest

Jon Rolls - Quest

Jon Rolls is vice president of product management for the Quest Desktop Virtualization Group. Jon joined the Quest family in 2004, and brings 15 years of software industry and Windows management experience, including product management roles with Citrix, ScriptLogic, and virtualization and web acceleration startups. Jon has a Bachelor of Science degree in pure mathematics from the University of Warwick, England.

Jonathan McCarrick

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Parallels

Jonathan McCarrick - Parallels

Jonathan McCarrick is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Panel Products. His responsibilities include driving demand and awareness for Parallels Panel Products which include Parallels Plesk Panel and Parallels Small Business Panel. Jon joined Parallels in 2008 as part of the acquisition of ModernGigabyte. Jon spent 6 years at ModernGigabyte as the VP of Sales and Marketing.

Kim Johnston

VP of Marketing, Desktop Virtualization, Parallels

Kim Johnston - Parallels

Ms. Johnston is the responsible for driving awareness and demand for the market leading desktop virtualization product and for the entire business product portfolio selling into small, medium and large businesses. Previously, she was Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations at Symantec Corporation where her primary directive was to enable the organization to increase productivity, extend the brand and exceed results. Her accomplishments include bringing new products to market, increasing customer satisfaction in customer engagements, and driving demand generation programs that have yielded 4x the industry average response rate and more than a 10 to 1 return. Prior to this role at Symantec, she was the Vice President of product marketing and campaigns, and brings 19 years of experience in the high tech industry, working across multiple customer segments ranging from consumer, mid market, and large enterprise. She started her career in the high tech consumer business as a member of the engineering team at Peter Norton Computing, Inc. Kim holds a bachelors degree in Mathematics/Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, is a member of the Chief Marketing Council and a frequent speaker at industry events on best practices in marketing.

Lance Crosby, Esq.

CEO, SoftLayer

Lance Crosby - SoftLayer

Prior to SoftLayer, Mr. Crosby spent five years with The Planet as Chief Operations Officer where he managed all operations including sales, provisioning, product selection, managed services, application development, engineering, information security, business development, and legal departments. Serving in prior executive management roles at and Dallas Internet, he brings extensive experience in leadership and management skills coupled with extensive technical skills in software and hardware environments. Mr. Crosby holds bachelor's degrees in Finance and Management, a MS in Finance and MBA from Tarleton State University, a part of the Texas A&M University System, and a JD from Texas Wesleyan School of Law. Mr. Crosby is a licensed attorney in the State of Texas and an active member of the State Bar of Texas.

Louis Hayner

Chief Sales Officer, Alteva

Louis Hayner - Alteva

Mr. Hayner has more than 10 years of management and sales entrepreneurial experience in Telecom Services. In 2005, Mr. Hayner joined Alteva as the Director of Sales and grew its revenue by 62% within the first year. Mr. Hayner is considered by many to be an industry expert and has been published numerous times, most recently by Communication News. In 2006, he was elected to serve as the Director of Education for the Association of Contingency Planners. He was also included in the Philadelphia Business Journal's “Who's Who” Executives and Professionals.

Lynda Maybury

Senior Director of Online Marketing, Parallels

Lynda Maybury - Parallels

Ms. Maybury is responsible for developing global online marketing strategies and programs at Parallels. As the Senior Director of Online Marketing, Ms Maybury will leverage more than 20 years of technology marketing experience to represent Parallel’s face to the public online, driving business growth and direct revenue through online channels. Prior to Parallels, Ms Maybury spent more than 5 years at SanDisk where she was responsible for building and optimizing SanDisk’s global web properties, online marketing programs and ecommerce strategies. In addition she turned SanDisk’s web infrastructure from a US-centric product catalog into a global P&L center that served 48 country sites. With an extensive background in brand management, communications and channel strategies, Ms. Maybury has evolved into an online marketing orchestrator who can create an efficient online engine that delivers improved customer experience, acquisition, retention and revenue streams.

Mario Leone

Executive VP and CIO, Ingram Micro Inc.

Mario Leone - Ingram Micro Inc.

Mario Leone serves as executive vice president and chief information officer of Ingram Micro Inc. Based at the company’s headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif., Leone is responsible for Ingram Micro’s worldwide information and business systems ensuring a stable, effective platform for profitable growth. He leads an information services organization that supports hundreds of thousands of transactions per day through operations on five continents. He joined the company in 2009. Leone has nearly 30 years of experience providing marketing and technology solutions for large global corporations.

Michael Carr

EVP, Softcom

Michael Carr - Softcom

Michael is responsible for managing business and corporate development, in addition to being the Chief Financial Officer at SoftCom Inc.Michael joined SoftCom in 2001 as Executive Vice-President responsible for Business Development, Sales and Marketing before assuming the role of CFO in 2006. Michael has been directly involved in structuring the business as it has expanded into the U.S. and Turkey the last few years, including the M&A activities that were pursued. Before joining SoftCom, Michael was Vice-President of InQuent Technologies ( – a private label application hosting services firm based in Toronto – overseeing Business Development and Marketing worldwide.Michael has worked in various corporate management, business development, product management and sales capacities since 1995 at companies such as AT&T Canada, ACC TelEnterprises, Infropreneur Inc., Internet Canada and Internex Online.Michael has a Bachelor Degree in Public Policy and Administration from York University.

Oleg Melnikov

Senior VP, Automation Systems, Parallels

Oleg Melnikov - Parallels

Mr. Melnikov currently manages the team of developers working on Parallels’s System Automation and Business Automation solutions. Previously, he architected and managed the HSPcomplete solution for nearly 3 years. Melnikov has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Internet technologies, Internet applications design and development, e-business and hosting automation solutions. He has managed several engineering projects for Parallels, including the release of version 2.8 of the Solomon IV software, the e-commerce application for Pervasive South East Asia. Under his management, Parallels’s Web portals and performed well within the target markets, giving rise to a powerful search engine. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Oleg Shaikhatarov

Director of Engineering, Parallels Automation

Oleg Shaikhatarov - Parallels

As Director of Engineering Mr. Shaikhatarov is responsible for multiple products within the Parallels Automation product line including Parallels Business Automation Standard (formerly HSPcomplete) and Parallels Virtual Automation (formerly Parallels Infrastructure Manager). He also leads the engineering group responsible for Maintenance and Custom Development of Parallels Operations Automation and Parallels Business Automation.
Mr. Shaikhatarov is a long time employee of the Company, joining Parallels in 1999. He has held various roles including engineering, project management and program management in automation products. He has over ten years of experience in the hosting industry with focus around building and implementing automation solutions for hosting companies around the globe. Mr. Shaikhatarov holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Patrick Pulvermüller

Managing Director, Host Europe GmbH

Patrick Pulvermüller - Host Europe GmbH

Patrick Pulvermüller is managing director of Host Europe GmbH and member of the board of Host Europe Group, Europe`s largest privately held hosting provider. Patrick joined the company in 2001 as sales manager and since then has driven the company`s success. Thanks to Patrick`s dedication, Host Europe today is the largest virtualization provider in Europe and a leading Managed Hosting player in Germany. Patrick is also responsible for the planning of Host Europe`s energy efficient data centre, that saves 35% of energy consumption compared to traditional data centre designs. Patrick holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Philbert Shih

Senior Analyst, Mass-Market Hosting , Tier One Research

Philbert Shih - Tier One Research

Philbert Shih joined Tier1 Research in February 2006 as a Research Analyst for the Web Hosting and Internet Infrastructure Services sector, covering consumer and SMB hosting services.

Prior to joining Tier1, Philbert spent more than four years covering the Web hosting industry, three of them as Senior Staff Writer for The Web Host Industry Review's online and print publications. At theWHIR, he covered companies in the consumer, SMB and enterprise hosting, colocation and hosting automation software segments. Philbert holds an MA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia with a specialization in political-economic development.

Renée Bergeron

VP, Managed Services and Cloud Computing, Ingram Micro

Renee Bergeron - Ingram Micro

Renée Bergeron serves as vice president, managed services and cloud computing, Ingram Micro North America. She leads the Ingram Micro Services Division and has responsibility for the division’s organizational management as well as its strategic direction, sales growth and business development activities. With more than 25 years of business-unit leadership experience, Bergeron is a driving force behind identifying and cultivating new opportunities in cloud computing for Ingram Micro.

Bergeron joined Ingram Micro in September 2010. Most recently, she led the $300 million IT Services Solutions business at Fujitsu America. At Fujitsu America Bergeron oversaw the development of innovative solutions, most notably the company’s managed security, data center virtualization and cloud computing offerings. Prior to joining Fujitsu, she led information technology divisions at media and banking companies and was a director at a prominent international technology consulting firm.

Bergeron holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Sherbrooke University in Sherbrooke, Canada, and a master’s degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is based at Ingram Micro’s headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif.

Roland Sars

Co-founder, BackupAgent

Roland Sars - BackupAgent

Roland is a genuine entrepreneur; born with a truly commercial instinct and vision on business growth. Roland is responsible for all marketing activities and is the public face of BackupAgent. Roland’s power lies in listening and reviewing new market movements closely and anticipating on those by developing new product-market combinations and business opportunities in many regions and segments. Roland holds a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Seth Nesbitt

VP, Service Provider Marketing, Parallels

Seth Nesbitt - Parallels

Seth Nesbitt is Vice President Service Provider Marketing at Parallels, where he helps carry the message about Parallels’ vision of “profiting from the cloud” to service providers around the world. Prior to his current role, Seth was Vice President Product Marketing for Amdocs. In May 2004 he founded the UK Product Marketing Forum in order to encourage the sharing of Product Marketing best practices within the UK. He also sits on the CMO Council’s North American Advisory Board. Seth earned his MBA in 2005 from Oxford University’s Said Business School where he wrote his thesis on Product Marketing strategy in technology companies.

Serguei Beloussov

Chairman and CEO, Parallels

Serguei Beloussov - Parallels

Mr. Beloussov is a successful self-made entrepreneur and business executive with an outstanding 15-year track record in building, growing and leading high-performing, multi-national high tech companies in North America, Europe and Asia. Since 2003, he has been the Chairman and CEO of Parallels, a global leader in virtualization and automation software for consumers, businesses and service providers. Under Mr. Beloussov’s leadership, Parallels has quickly grown to profitability and #1 market positions with its innovative desktop virtualization, OS containers and control panel product lines. He is also a Founder and major investor in Acronis, a global leader in storage management and disaster recovery software for consumers, SMBs and large enterprises. Previously, Mr. Beloussov co-founded and helped grow a PC manufacturing business to $150 million in revenue in less than 3 years, the S&W electronics company to over $500 million in only 8 years, and Solomon Software SEA — each of which has become profitable in the first year since inception. He holds a B.S. in Physics, an M.S. in Physics and Electrical Engineering with High Honors, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Stephen Nichols

VP Sales and Marketing, SoftCom

Stephen Nichols - SoftCom

Stephen’s key role is to oversee the customer life cycle experience and drive new sales opportunities through the direct, affiliate and partner channels.

Stephen joined SoftCom in late 2005 and has worked in the Marketing and Customer Support departments. He led the Marketing efforts from October 2007 to March of 2009, when he took on the role of Vice President of Sales.

Stephen brings with him over fifteen years of experience in a variety of sales and customer service roles. He built a solid understanding of the SMB market while operating a print brokering and promotional products business providing small business marketing solutions targeted at generating increased sales and market share for his customers. Prior to that, he worked for a number of retail chains including, Staples, Roots and in the specialty coffee industry as a Brand Manager, Corporate Trainer and District Manager delivering results in both Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Management.

Stephen studied Psychology at York University, and spent four years in the Canadian Military.

Tim Mueting

Virtualization Solutions Evangelist, AMD

Tim Mueting - AMD

As a member of AMD’s ISV Marketing Organization, Tim Mueting is responsible for AMD’s virtualization solution strategy. Tim writes and speaks on the x86 virtualization market trends and focuses extensively on the aspects of hardware-assisted virtualization and the industry-leading virtualization software solutions. Tim works with AMD's technology partners and customers in the area of virtualization and speaks regularly at industry events on a variety of topics and industry trends pertaining to virtualization. Tim has more than 20 years of experience in delivering and marketing large scale enterprise IT solutions.

Troy McCasland

VP of Business Development at Attracta

Troy McCasland - Attracta

Troy McCasland creates Attracta's channel marketing programs, establishes relationships with key accounts, manages strategic partnerships and influences product direction. Prior to joining Attracta, Troy was Co-Founder and EVP of Miva Merchant where he led a team that built Miva's sales channel of 1,000 hosting companies. He created award winning marketing campaigns, and pioneered the concept of an e-commerce website account. The e-commerce website account included a bundled copy of the Miva Merchant Shopping Cart, an SSL cert, and a merchant account. Positioned as everything a business needs to sell online, it became the industry standard.

Usman Arshad

Director of Business Development,

Usman Arshad -

Usman Arshad is spearheading business operations at, Inc and all its divisions where he identifies strategic partnerships, optimizes existing partnerships, and researches new investment opportunities. With many years of corporate experience, Usman's versatility extends from working in Sales, Support, Quality Assurance, and presently Business Development. He has a passion for analyzing new opportunities and solutions, while identifying and establishing key partners that will increase revenue and lead to substantial growth.

Warren Adelman

President and COO, Go Daddy

Warren Adelman - Go Daddy

Warren is responsible for day-to-day operations, resource management, process improvement and corporate strategic planning for The Go Daddy Group, Inc. Warren also heads up the Governance and Policy Committee, which is dedicated to oversight of Go Daddy's standards and practices. Warren joined Go Daddy after numerous senior positions in the technology market including Vice President of Strategic Relations at Network Associates (now McAfee), CEO of NeoPlanet, a customer interaction software company that was sold to Compaq, and Vice President of Business Development at Bigfoot, a leader in email communications and marketing automation technologies.

Prior to entering the private sector, Warren served as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. He also spent six years in international relations at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he served as Chief of Public Affairs. During this time, Warren was a member of the media and communications team for Israel's Delegation to Bilateral Peace Talks held in Washington, D.C. between 1991 and 1996. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from the University of Toronto.

In addition to his role at Go Daddy, Warren sits on the Industry Advisory Board at Arizona State University's College of Technology and Innovation. He also served as a member of the ICANN Affirmation of Commitments Accountability and Transparency Review team.

In his spare time, Warren enjoys using Twitter (@ASocialContract) and blogging.

Mark Bregman

Executive VP, CTO, Symantec

Mark Bregman - Symantec

Mark Bregman is executive vice president and chief technology officer at Symantec, responsible for the Symantec Research Labs, Symantec Security Response and shared technologies, emerging technologies, architecture and standards, localization and secure coding, and developing the technology strategy for the company. Bregman guides Symantec’s investments in advanced research and is responsible for the company’s development centers in India and China.

Additionally, Bregman leads the field technical enablement team, which works closely with the technical sales team to ensure they are prepared to assist customers in managing the impact of changing and emerging technical requirements.

Bregman joined Symantec through the company’s merger with Veritas Software, where he served as chief technology officer, responsible for cross-product integration, advanced product development, merger and acquisition strategy, and the company’s engineering development centers in India and China.

Prior to joining Veritas, Bregman was CEO of Airmedia, a wireless Internet firm.

Previously, Bregman spent 16 years at IBM where he led the RS/6000 and Pervasive Computing divisions and held senior management positions in IBM Research and IBM Japan. He was also technical assistant to IBM CEO Lou Gerstner.

Bregman holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard College and a master’s degree and doctorate in physics from Columbia University. He is a member of the Visiting Committee to the Harvard University Libraries, a member of the American Physical Society, and a senior member of IEEE. He also serves on the Board of Directors of ShoreTel, Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium, TechAmerica and the Anita Borg Institute.

Jack Zubarev

President, Marketing and Alliances, Parallels

Jack Zubarev - Parallels

Mr. Zubarev is a founder and the president of Parallels’ Service Provider division worldwide including sales and operations for hosting and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Since the company’s founding in 1999, he has held multiple leadership roles within the company including chief operating officer, sales engineering, product marketing and business development. Zubarev has been instrumental in building the company from its start to today with more than 700 employees. Zubarev was also a founder of Acronis and helped establish the storage management company’s sales and marketing organizations in the United States. Previously, he handled product marketing for Pervasive Software and brought its first Linux product to market. Zubarev holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

Birger Steen

President, Parallels

Birger Steen - Parallels

Birger started his professional career in 1992 as an oil trader at Norwegian Oil Trading, where he opened the company’s first office in the former Soviet Union. He joined McKinsey & Company in Norway in 1993. In 1996, he left McKinsey in to join his favourite client Schibsted ASA, a European media group, as Vice President of Business Development. In March 2000 he was named CEO of Scandinavia Online AB, the leading Nordic Internet portal, which was listed on the Stockholm and Oslo stock exchanges later that year. After selling the company in 2002, Birger briefly worked for the acquirer, Eniro AB, as Executive Vice President, Online and responsible for integrating the two companies.

Birger joined Microsoft in Norway in April 2002 as General Manager, Microsoft Norway. From October 2004 to June 2009, Birger was General Manager and Vice President, Microsoft Russia. During his tenure, Microsoft’s operations in Russia grew 10-fold in revenues, and Microsoft established representative offices in 23 cities from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. In 2008, Microsoft Russia was named Russia’s “Best Employer’’ by the Wall Street Journal/Hewitt Associates. From June 2009 to August 2010, Birger served as Vice President of SMB & Distribution at Microsoft Corp. in Redmond, where his team drove Microsoft’s global SMB segment sales, marketing and distribution strategy.

Birger holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Industrial Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim. He also holds a degree in Russian Language and received his MBA from INSEAD in France. Birger was named ‘’Best Top Manager” in the Russian IT industry by Kommersant/Russian Association of Managers in 2008.

Bill Staples

GM of the Web Platform and Tools, Microsoft

Bill Staples - Microsoft

Bill Staples is a long time web enthusiast currently employed at Microsoft Corporation as General Manager of the Web Platform and Tools engineering teams including IIS, ASP.NET, Visual Web Developer, Media Server and Commerce Server. Bill began his involvement with the web community in the early nineties, developing rudimentary CGI applications on Apache server and Linux. Over the past ten years he has worked on web technologies running on OS platforms from Solaris to Windows, using dynamic scripting technologies including Cold Fusion, PERL, ASP, and ASP.NET. For the past several years Bill has led the IIS team at Microsoft, including the IIS 5.1, 6.0 and 7.0 projects.

Brian Becker

Worldwide Service Provider Marketing, Hewlett-Packard

Brian Becker - HP

Brian Becker is the worldwide marketing leader for the service provider market for HP’s server business. In this role, he leads the development of programs and products that enable service provider customers to simplify operations, scale performance, and provision instantly. In 14 years with the company Brian has led product development and customer solution teams. Prior to joining HP, he served as Vice President, Marketing for Maritz, a leading provider of sales and marketing services. Brian earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Economics from Texas A&M University.

Chris Sheridan

VP, Business Development,

Chris Sheridan - eNom

Chris Sheridan joined eNom in 2007. He heads sales within eNom’s reseller network and retail business units ( & and manages business develop initiatives focused on domains or value-added services resold through eNom.

Rafael Laguna

CEO, Open-Xchange

Chris Sheridan - eNom

Laguna was co-founder of Open-Xchange and chairman of the board until he took over responsibility as CEO in January 2008. Laguna was crucial to Open-Xchange’s extention to Software as a Service in 2006. He also formed the partnership with the world’s largest web host by known servers, 1&1 Internet AG.

Kellie Green

Senior Director, Customer Support

Kellie Green - Parallels

Ms. Green is responsible for leading the worldwide customer support organization at Parallels. Kellie has a 15 year tenure in customer support including 9 years at Microsoft in various support management positions. Ms. Green also worked overseas in India and in the Philippines for long-term expat assignments managing outsourced support organizations. Most recently, she spent 3 years at helping to lead the transition of outsourced support into a new Monster-operated contact center in the US and centralizing support for Europe into the Czech Republic. Ms. Green holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

Lorenz Meis

COO, LuxCloud

Lorenz Meis

Lorenz Meis is COO of LuxCloud since 2010. Previously he was Sales Director at Datacenter Luxembourg, a sister company, which he joined in 2008. Aged 39, Lorenz has almost 15 years of sales experience in the IT industry. Prior to that, Lorenz co-founded E3T, which he led until 2007.

Bob Angus, Sr.

Senior Principal, Symantec

Bob Angus, Sr.

Bob Angus is Senior Principal at Symantec, responsible for the VeriSign Partner Program. He has worked with web hosts and domain name registrars to increase profits and retain valuable customers. Bob is passionate about effectively marketing innovative technologies, helping sales reps achieve huge bonuses, and creating an experience that makes customers smile. You can also read his work as “The Ecommerce Evangelist” at

Jeff Palmer

COO, Stallard Technologies

Jeff Stallard

Jeff joined Stallard Technologies in 2005 and directs the overall company operations, including merchandise procurement.  He has a diverse history of industry successes in business development, sales, market growth, product launch, customer relationship management, operations and leadership.  Jeff’s previous experience was in the pharmaceutical, mortgage and restaurant industries.  Jeff earned his BS in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Kansas.

Ryan Conlan

Technical Sales Consultant, MCTS

Ryan Conlan

Ryan joined Stallard Technologies in 2004 and is the Senior Technical Sales Consultant.  His previous positions included Operations Manager and Lead Technician where he became a Dell Certified Systems Expert and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.  Ryan has worked on almost every Dell PowerEdge server ever manufactured and has personally built and supported over $50 million in IT assets through his years at Stallard Technologies.  Ryan enjoys University of Kansas athletics where he earned his BGS in Economics. 

Stelio D’Alo

Sr. Marketing Director, Automation, Parallels

Stelio D'Alo

Stelio D’Alo is Senior Marketing Director, Parallels Automation software. His background encompasses twenty years of marketing, sales and engineering industry experience in the fields of IT automation, enterprise software and telecommunications systems in the United States, Europe and Canada. Stelio has presented at numerous events worldwide, and is currently focused on working with leading service providers that are automating their cloud-based service delivery.

Ford Kyes

Founding Partner, ActionCOACH Pinellas

Ford Kyes

As a founding Partner of ActionCOACH Pinellas, Ford has focused on leadership development and growing profitability in companies of all sizes through education and coaching of senior executives and business owners. Ford’s firm, ActionCOACH Pinellas, was recently recognized as one of the top ten ActionCOACH firms in the world (#6).

Ford received his undergraduate degree in nursing from Penn State and masters in public management from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Prior to launching ActionCOACH Pinellas, Ford served for six years as President and CEO of St. Anthony’s Health Care in St. Petersburg, Florida and Executive Vice President for the 10 hospital BayCare Health System.

Waseem Daher

COO and Co-Founder, Ksplice

Waseem Daher - Ksplice

Waseem Daher is COO of Ksplice, a software company making reboots a thing of the past. While now heavily involved in sales and marketing, he was the original author of the Ksplice Uptrack client software, and is an occasional contributor to the Ksplice technical blog. Prior to co-founding Ksplice, Waseem worked on improving computer security with Ron Rivest and Ran Canetti at MIT. He is an avid film enthusiast and has been a licensed film projectionist in Massachusetts since 2007.

Wilfried Beeck

CEO, ePages GmbH

Wilfried Beeck - ePages

Wilfried Beeck studied Mathematics and Computer Sciences in Kiel before founding the company in 1983. Together with Stephan Schambach and Karsten Schneider, he also founded Intershop Communications GmbH in 1992 and managed its IPO in 1998. In 2002, Beeck left the board at Intershop AG to concentrate on the development of e-commerce solutions for the SME market with ePages. He is also an investor and board member in a number of high-tech companies.

William R. Bumbernick

Chief Innovation Officer and Founder, Alteva

William Bumbernick - Alteva

Mr. Bumbernick has more than 10 years of senior management and entrepreneurial experience in Telecom, IT and Managed Services. Since 1994, Mr. Bumbernick has been involved in executive levels of leadership within the technology and telecommunications sectors. Clients, customers, and employers include Rhone Poulenc Roher, Glaxo Smith Kline, General Motors Acceptance Corporation, as well as a seat on the Board of Directors of BCG and BCG Securities. Since 2003, Mr. Bumbernick has been focused on emerging VoIP technologies and the establishment and growth of Alteva. He is a founding member of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA). Considered by many to be an industry expert, Mr. Bumbernick has been recognized by Smart Business Magazine as their expert in the emerging technology of VoIP.