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PPP/PSBP-specific Classes

For applications requiring a license in Parallels Plesk Panel (PPP) and Small Business Panel (PSBP), license requirements defined in APP-META.xml should include type attribute in the following format: “urn:pla:<product-alias>:<license-version>”.

  1. <product-alias> must be an alphanumeric string allowing dashes. Example: “parallels-plesk-panel”.
  2. <license-version> must be a three-digit version in a dotted format, where second and third digits are optional. Examples: “9.12.6” or “9.12” or “9”.

Here is an example where this data needs to go in the full package metadata:

<application ...>
	<service ...>
		<requirements ...>
			<l:license type="urn:pla:pinnacle-cart:1" ...>

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