• Parallels Virtual Automation

    Manage all your servers

    with a single, streamlined solution

    Parallels Virtual Automation streamlines operations and reduces the complexity of managing physical and virtual servers — including containers and virtual machines. Through self-service and automation, administrators can lower costs and efficiently manage their infrastructure from anywhere.

You're In Control No Matter How Many Virtual Servers You Deploy

Comprehensive Management

  • Summary overview of all environments
  • Drill down capabilities into each virtual environment to monitor resources
  • Summary listing of all software licensing for audit and compliance reporting

Powerful Tools

  • Provision single or multiple environments with a single task
  • Reduce configuration errors using library of ISO images and templates for hardened foundations
  • Identify top resource consumers quickly to stop problems before they start
  • Real-time and historical statistics to quickly identify and diagnose trends
  • Support hot VM migration with PSBM

Self-Service and Automation

  • Role-based policies for access to and configuration changes across all virtual environments by individual users or groups of users
  • Policies for offline access to all virtual environments
  • Console alerts to prevent resource issues from affecting virtual server performance
  • Session management to view all operations performed by users on assigned virtual environments
  • API and SDK for customer extensions including charge back, accounting, and automation

Parallels Virtual Automation Is Now Included with Parallels Cloud Server 6

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Supports the Following Solutions under a Single, Unified, Management Console

Comprehensive Management

Manage all physical servers and virtual environments seamlessly from a single management console

Effective Automation and Management

Create, modify, manage, delete, back-up applications and operating systems in single or batch mode

Fast Provisioning

Templates reduce time to provision virtual environments to minutes

Safe and Secure

Isolated services running on each virtual environment

Reduce Downtime

Ability to perform online/offline migration in preparation for planned maintenance

Increase Availability

Greater accessibility to applications and services with fail-over clustering support

Monitor Resource Usage

Graphically display current resource utilization of chosen virtual environments or obtain report of top resource consumers

Network Usage

Monitor and control network activities and settings to optimize each virtual environment

Streamline Virtual Environment Backup

Ability to automate and schedule virtual environment backup

Test Software

Online cloning to safely evaluate new software and patches before enterprise roll out

Customized User Access

Centralized access control

Ensure Network Security

Configure network services available for different containers

Let Your End-Users Manage Their Containers and Virtual Machines

Parallels Virtual Automation includes Parallels Power Panel,  a easy-to-use web-based tool for end users of container and virtual machines. With Parallels Power Panel end users can easily perform many critical management and administrative tasks without affecting other isolated containers/VMs on the server.

Start/Stop/Reboot Container/VMs

Control containers/VMs with Start, Stop, Fast Stop, and Restart functions

Container/VM Services Management

Manage container services and processes such as stopping an unresponsive task or restarting a service

Container/VM Resource Monitoring

Monitor container/VM resource utilization for CPU, system, disk space and disk inodes

Backup/Restore Container/VM

Back up and restore containers/VMs including all system and user files

Container/VM Repair

Start the container/VM in repair mode when a container/VM is broken and does not boot

Container/VM Re-Install

Reinstall the container/VM from scratch, either saving or discarding existing files

Container/VM Actions Log

View the container/VM actions log to monitor resource shortage alerts and various container events

Embedded SSH or RDP Client

Connect via integrated SSH client (on Linux) or via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP, on Windows) to the container/VM

These service providers rely on Parallels Virtual Automation for comprehensive management of their virtual servers:

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