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Amin Taheri

Forum Name: Amin Taheri
Parallels Product Expertise: 8.x, 9.x
Short Bio: I am a Sr. Software Engineer for a large Domain Registrar and web hosting company, with a degree in Network Administration. I have been in the hosting business since 2002 and have contributed to several control panels in that time.

David Cottle

Forum Name: 105547111
Parallels Product Expertise:
Short Bio: Native of Los Angeles and currently serving as the Director of Engineering in the Satellite Communications division.

Nils Breunese

Forum Name: breun
Parallels Product Expertise: Plesk for Linux
Short Bio: Co-founder and CTO of Lemonbit Internet since 2005.

Valics Lehel

Forum Name: lvalics
Parallels Product Expertise: Plesk for Linux
Short Bio: I am from Targu-Mures, Romania. I've been working in the tech industry for 20 years now. I run a small web development company where we also provide webhosting services, which is why we use Plesk! We manage dedicated servers, provide system security and advanced server technical support. We've also developed PLESK add-ons like ‘Power Toys’ and ‘Backup on Demand’. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, pike fishing, and I also run a small hobby shop on the side.

Eilko Bronsema

Forum Name: eilko
Parallels Product Expertise: Plesk for Linux versions 9.x, 9.5.x, and 10.x
Short Bio: Accountant lost in the world of IT. Amazed by the power of communication since the discovery of UUCP and BBS. Obscure cities researcher and collector of comics. Fan of travel; especially to Africa. Hobbies: photography, gadget geek and internet enthusiast.

Faris Raouf

Forum Name: Faris Raouf
Parallels Product Expertise: Plesk for Linux, Virtuozzo for Linux
Short Bio: Former technical journalist at PC Magazine (UK), now runs an ISP based in North Wales. Composes music on those rare occasions when he’s not working.

Jan Adriaenssens

Forum Name: Linulex
Parallels Product Expertise: Parallels Plesk Panel
Short Bio: Plesk user since version 1.3. Studied Computer Science. Founder and co-owner foo Linulex Hosting.

Mickaël Salfati

Forum Name: Mickael Salfati
Parallels Product Expertise: Parallels Plesk Panel
Short Bio:I have been a dedicated Plesk user since 2004. I am the founder of and Associated in hosting companies. In my role, I manage dedicated servers and provide advanced server technical support.
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