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The Parallels Service Provider Partner Program provides product license discounts, training and certification opportunities, and support incidents - but it delivers much more than that. Parallels is the premier source for information on trends and actionable recommendations around SMB cloud usage.

  • NEW – Free Pro and Expert Level Trainings for New Partners
    As part of the partner on-boarding process, new Parallels Partners will receive the following trainings and certifications at no cost: a) 1 x Professional Training (Open Enrollment or recording) + Exam AND b) 1 x Expert Training (Open Enrollment or recording) + Exam. Click HERE for more information on training and certification. See below for terms and conditions.
  • Expertise for Targeting SMB Opportunities
    SMB Knowledge Headquarters with local country SMB Cloud InsightsTM research reports, worksheets to create your target market plan, GTM templates and updated news on the SMB cloud services market
  • Guidance and Best Practices for Upselling and Reselling More Services
    White papers and other marketing, sales and operational advice
  • Localized Go-to-Market Tools
    Graphical elements for your web site, email templates, support aids and more
  • Direct Product Downloads
    Premier Partners can directly download Parallels software products - no form required
  • Most Timely Access to Parallels and Industry News
    Parallels product information, sales promotions, SMB research updates - available also via RSS feed
BENEFIT Member Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Partner Locator
Support Incidents1  
Free Pro and Expert training2  
Partner Logo  
Key Administrator  
Account Manager   Limited
Press Quotes    
REQUIREMENT Member Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Revenue Commitment1 3
Certification 1 (admin or engineer) 2 (1 must be engineer)
Attend Parallels Summit       Expected Required
Partner Locator Profile  
Logo on Website  

1 Amount increases at higher Premier Partner levels

2 Terms and conditions:
  • Applicable to any of the following products: Parallels Plesk Automation, Parallels Cloud Server, Plesk
  • Based on availability of training courses
  • Free online training and exams must be claimed within 12 month
  • If there is no live online expert-level training available, or available in different time zone, a video recording will be provided instead

3 Varies by region - contact account manager

Become a Premier Partner

Bronze:  Service providers who are looking to grow their hosting business and want the benefits of discounts and support incidents.  

Silver:  Service providers who are experiencing growth and will benefit from larger discounts and more support incidents. 

Gold:  Regional or national coverage service providers who have a greater investment in automation capabilities. 

Platinum:  Large national or international providers who need the highest levels of benefits and account management engagement.


Become a Member

Member:  Web hosters and web design companies who use Parallels Plesk Panel provided through their infrastructure provider.


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