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Solution-based Infrastructure Hosting Offers a Path to New Profit

With over 600 million websites worldwide, hosting websites and web applications is one of the top infrastructure workloads delivered by hosters large and small. In fact, this past year alone, 300,000 new web servers were spun up in data centers around the globe.

But two trends are converging that create risk for traditional providers of hosting infrastructure. First, the share of web infrastructure is shifting from traditional infrastructure providers to non-traditional and new entrants. As an example, we looked at the growth of new web servers across Amazon Web Services, Linode and Digital Ocean compared to the rest of the market. These three companies went from capturing only 5% of new web servers four years ago, to capturing 31% of new web servers last year. At the same time, share of installed servers across the top 250 infrastructure providers has shrunk by 12%. This shift in web servers is squeezing the traditional infrastructure providers from both ends.

The second trend is web hosting’s move from generalists to specialists. Google Trends shows that searches for hosting terms such as “web hosting,” “dedicated server,” and “PHP hosting” have all dropped off a cliff in the last 5-10 years. Whereas terms like “WordPress hosting,” “Linode,” and “web app hosting” have all skyrocketed. Our own Parallels Plesk customers categorized as web professionals are growing and those categorized as web hosters are shrinking, while those categorized as web administrators remained essentially flat.

The driver of this change comes from the increased value of web presence recognized by IT decision makers. They are looking for higher value and more managed services from a web professional such as a web designer, web developer, or digital agency. Edge Strategies estimates that web professionals influence 160,000 web servers per year, yet most providers of web infrastructure are not targeting this critical part of the value chain.

At Parallels, we took what we learned from market research and from talking with our customers to completely restructure our Plesk solution to help you make the transition to this new reality. The idea of a utility hosting control panel is part of the past. Instead, a powerful web management toolset should be a differentiator you can build customer solutions around.

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Cobweb Solutions Achieves an 80% Microsoft Lync Attach Rate with Parallels Automation Cloud Platform

Parallels worked with Cobweb Solutions Ltd, Europe’s largest independent provider of Hosted Microsoft Exchange, to offer Microsoft Lync to Cobweb’s customers via Parallels Automation, resulting in an 80% attach rate among trial offer participants.

Cobweb is using Parallels Automation to serve over 6,000 small and medium-sized businesses, and to manage over 130,000 Hosted Exchange mailboxes. The smart service integration and rapid service provisioning in Parallels Automation provides the capabilities Cobweb needs to quickly create and test new bundles in their market.

Cobweb began its Microsoft Lync implementation with a three-month trial among selected existing customers…
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Product Updates

Parallels Plesk 12 Has Been Released & It’s Not Your Typical Upgrade

The hosting industry has changed, forever. The question is, are you ready to survive and thrive?

The reason you need to be asking yourself this question is because there are plenty of new service providers online right now that are ready and waiting to serve your customers. New and growing platforms like Amazon, Linode, Digitial, Docker, Pantheon, and others are all going after the web application developers who used to buy your servers. In addition, a new breed of hosters like WPEngine, Pagely, WordPress.com, and various other managed WordPress service providers are all targeting the growing demand for WordPress, and web professionals are lining up for it.

So are you really going to continue selling generic web hosting services when generic hosting trends look like this? (Source: Google Trends)

But the good news is Plesk 12 is here and ready to help you make the transition.

At Parallels, we have spent the last year and a half researching the market, talking to partners, and interviewing Plesk users. With this data, we identified several ways Plesk could innovate to be better aligned with how web servers, websites, and web apps are being deployed and managed today. Plesk 12 includes several core features and add-ons that are designed to enhance web management tasks for today’s customers.

We also took a long hard look at how we could enhance the security for today’s Plesk customers. We developed a new security core that protects the server and all sites on the server, which is built-in and ready-to-go. No more command line required to setup and configure your web application firewall.

Multiple mail improvements, usability improvements, and strong performance improvements round out what you can expect from the new Plesk 12.

We’re confident that Plesk 12 will help you make the transition from generalist to specialist. If you’re ready, Plesk is ready.

The release of Plesk 12 gives you an excellent opportunity to take a look at your current strategy and see how you can enhance current solutions and create new solutions that will help you differentiate your offerings and compete against the new breed of service providers who are hungrily eyeing your profits.

Learn more about Plesk 12, the new editions, the new WordPress toolkit, and the new security core.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk about your Plesk 12 strategy, please contact your sales representative or connect with the Plesk product manager Michael Fountain directly at mfountain(at)parallels.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelfountain.

Blog Posts

5 Quick Tips to Maximize Revenue with a Winning Cloud Portfolio

Is your business already on the road to selling cloud services, or are you feeling like now is the time to get started? With so many services to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to make the most of this opportunity.
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What is All the Container Hype?

Virtualization containers have been optimizing server density, scalability and utilization for more than a decade. But with the recent intense focus on web services, especially at the enterprise level, containers are receiving new interest for their ability to deliver superior server elasticity, scale and density within a lean data center.
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ISV Spotlight

Start Making Money with Anturis

Anturis is a cloud-based monitoring and troubleshooting service for IT infrastructure and web services: a must-have tool to keep your clients' IT infrastructure up and running, and to prevent problems before they happen. Anturis provides downtime monitoring and notification, facilitated troubleshooting, and IT decision-making.

By offering Anturis to your customers, you can earn up to a 50% margin and increase customer loyalty. There is no requirement for extra hardware or software and there is ready integration with Parallels Automation (via APS) and Parallels Plesk. Visit the Anturis website to learn more and start making money.

Case Studies

InfoboxCloud Leverages Parallels Automation and Triples Revenue While Selling Over 5,000 Cloud Servers

One of Russia’s largest cloud service providers uses Parallels Automation to offer a full range of services including domain registration, shared and VPS web hosting, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Lync Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Backup Agent.
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Dell Uses Parallels Automation Managed Support Services from Datacom to Offer Microsoft Office 365

Dell dramatically increases time to market and reduces the cost of provisioning Office 365 in the cloud with Parallels Automation and managed support services from Datacom.
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Cobweb Leverages Parallels Automation to Drive an 80% Attach Rate for Microsoft Lync

In a three-month pilot, 80% of participants attached a Microsoft Lync subscription to Hosted Exchange.
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