Largest Russian Service Provider .masterhost Uses SWsoft Virtuozzo to Launch New Services for Windows

December 6, 2007

MOSCOW and HERNDON, Va., December 6, 2007 - Russia's leading hosting service provider, .masterhost, has announced new virtual private server (VPS) offerings for Windows powered by SWsoft Virtuozzo virtualization software. Now .masterhost's more than 30,000 customers can choose to deploy a dedicated virtual server in either a Unix or Windows environment.

Virtuozzo is the leading virtualization solution for hosting providers. The container-based virtualization software dynamically partitions a single Windows operating system instance into multiple highly efficient and scalable virtual environments.

"We are pleased that .masterhost has selected SWsoft Virtuozzo software to offer a greater choice of services for all its customers, whether they are a large enterprise, small to medium-sized company or an individual," said Kurt Daniel, senior vice president, marketing, SWsoft. "In addition, .masterhost and its customers will benefit from continued innovation through our Open Fusion technology initiative to advance an open platform for software as a service and other emerging opportunities."

.masterhost also announced new leasing options for server equipment and software licensing. Server packages include pre-installed software for Windows to be managed by .masterhost specialists or project owners with the option to install custom software for Windows Server 2003. Customers can also take advantage of new monthly leasing terms for Microsoft software installed on .masterhost's servers. The service includes all services and software for the development of web applications with fixed monthly payments and free software updates.

"The licensing option is attractive because it gives developers prompt access to the software and significantly reduces initial expenses with annual savings of up to 50% of the total application costs," said Alexander Ovchinnikov, commercial director of .masterhost. "Additionally, due to Virtuozzo's high efficiency, manageability and total cost of ownership, we have been able to maximize resource allocation and improve our overall profitability."

Virtuozzo includes patented technology that enables service providers to deploy up to hundreds of virtual environments per physical server. Each virtual environment has the same performance and functionality as a stand-alone server and can be managed with SWsoft Plesk control panel software, third-party control panels, or in-house systems. .masterhost is currently using Plesk to manage hosting services for its customers.

Open Fusion is an SWsoft technology initiative to improve integration among a wide range of systems, third-party applications and modules, and custom and in-house solutions. The Open Fusion platform enables optimized delivery of SaaS and traditional hosting services to help independent software vendors and service providers take full advantage of new opportunities in the market. The Application Packaging Standard (APS) is a key element in this initiative and provides a format for software applications running on hosting platforms.

About .masterhost
Founded in 1999, .masterhost is the leading content delivery service provider in Russia. With offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, .masterhost provides a full range of services, including: web hosting, co-location, VPS, domain name registration, and internet access service provisioning to internet service providers, which are developing wireless and broadband access. .masterhost's customers include leading investment companies, commercial banks, business centers, corporate customers, enterprises and private subscribers. For more information, visit

About SWsoft
SWsoft is a global leader in virtualization and automation software that helps consumers, businesses, and service providers optimize their use of technology. The company's software is used by 700,000 customers in 125 countries. The SWsoft product line includes Virtuozzo - the leading operating system virtualization solution, Parallels - the leading desktop virtualization product, and Plesk - the leading server control panel. Founded in 1999, the company has offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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