AET Films Virtualizes Data Center with SWsoft Virtuozzo

October 10, 2007

High-Density, Streamlined Management, Great Performance
Reduce Costs, Prove Effective Antidotes to "Server Sprawl"

HERNDON, Va., October 10, 2007 - The leading developer of advanced label and packaging materials for consumer products has eliminated "server sprawl" in its corporate data center with SWsoft Virtuozzo operating system virtualization software.

On typical a day, AET Films runs approximately 45 Virtuozzo virtual environments on three IBM blade servers with dual-core, 2GHz processors and 8GB of memory. All are running Windows and are connected to a storage area network.

AET Films, which makes oriented polypropylene (OPP) films used for labels and packaging on thousands of consumer products, runs applications in Virtuozzo virtual environments including SQL Server, web servers, as well as custom-made applications used by its technical team to increase productivity and provide customer service.

The company's Terre Haute, Indiana, manufacturing plant is the world's largest OPP production facility and home to the company's corporate data center. Many creative people work at the facility and often write custom software applications as specific needs arise. As a result, the number of individual computers and servers around the facility grew to the point where the IT department was charged with getting things back under control.

According to Chris Stucker, manager of systems, network and services for AET, virtualization with SWsoft Virtuozzo was a natural choice to solve the issue.

"We had a classic case of server sprawl with a combined total of about 75 servers and PCs acting as servers spread around the facility," said Stucker. "This led to a lot of extra overhead, both administrative and support, as well as additional costs associated with electric power and cooling. It was a real quagmire."

After looking at various virtualization technologies, Stucker chose Virtuozzo for a variety of reasons.

"We were impressed with the number of virtual environments we could create on a single physical machine," continued Stucker. "We had 25 or more Virtuozzo virtual environments running on a server and the applications were extremely responsive. Now that we're in production, Virtuozzo's high-density capabilities, combined with great management tools, reduced power and cooling needs and excellent up-front pricing leads to a very cost-effective way to streamline the data center and reduce complexity throughout the IT organization."

All virtual environments are run by a single administrator, who also handles Windows administration - another way Virtuozzo reduces costs through effective management.

SWsoft Virtuozzo dynamically partitions a single Windows or Linux operating system instance into highly efficient and scalable virtual environments. Virtuozzo includes patented technology that enables density of up to hundreds of virtual environments per physical server.

Unlike virtual machines and hypervisors, Virtuozzo addresses the challenges of operating system sprawl faced by today's data centers. Its unique architecture and management tools make Virtuozzo the ideal solution for provisioning, monitoring and managing virtualized server resources.

About AET Films
AET Films (Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc.) - - is the leading technology developer and largest producer of highly-specialized OPP films in North America. OPP films are used primarily for product labeling, flexible packaging, over-wrap, graphic media, and industrial and holographic applications. The company's products benefit consumer goods manufacturers by providing superior label and package printability, high-speed application, and enhanced protection from moisture, air, and light degradation. Graphic appeal, protection, and durability make OPP the film of choice in the highly competitive consumer products marketplace.

About SWsoft
SWsoft is a global leader in virtualization and automation software that helps consumers, businesses, and service providers optimize their use of technology. The company's software powers more than 130,000 servers and 600,000 desktops worldwide. The SWsoft product line includes Virtuozzo - the leading operating system virtualization solution, Parallels - the leading desktop virtualization product, and Plesk - the leading server control panel. Founded in 1999, the company has offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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