SWsoft Cited in Industry Analyst Report

November 29, 2006

Research Reports Next Wave of Server Technology

HERNDON, Va., November 29, 2006 – Operating system virtualization software Virtuozzo from SWsoft was recently cited in an industry analyst report discussing new technology for data centers.

The report from Gartner stated: "By 2010, mainstream virtualization technology will embrace I/O virtualization, breaking the traditional bonds between physical servers, network switches and storage area network (SAN) switches; by 2010, shared operating system (OS) virtualization will become mainstream."

SWsoft Virtuozzo is one example of operating system (OS)-level server virtualization technology cited in the report, which can be accessed from the SWsoft website.

With Virtuozzo, a single Linux or Windows OS instance can be dynamically partitioned into multiple, highly-efficient virtual environments. The Virtuozzo architecture enables each virtual environment to scale up to the full resources of the physical server and maintain performance at levels consistent with a native server. Virtuozzo enables density of up to hundreds of virtual environments on a single physical server, which is many more times the number of virtual machines than are possible with other virtualization technologies.

Unlike virtual machines and hypervisors, OS-level virtualization addresses the challenge faced by today's datacenters of operating systems sprawl. Virtuozzo provides efficiency and manageability that result in the lowest total cost-of-ownership and fastest ROI for customers.

SWsoft will be demonstrating Virtuozzo at the 25th annual Gartner Datacenter Conference from November 28 to December 1 in Las Vegas.

About SWsoft
SWsoft is a recognized leader in server automation and virtualization software. With more than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, SWsoft's suite of award-winning products delivers proven performance, manageability and value. SWsoft is a high-growth company funded by Bessemer Venture Partners, Insight Venture Partners and Intel Capital. For more information about SWsoft, visit www.swsoft.com.

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Gartner, Inc. Report, "Predicts 2007: Brace Yourself for the Next Wave of Server Technology,"
John Enck, et al., November 8, 2006

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