SWsoft Releases New ResellerControlCenter, Announces Lowest Industry Pricing on Shared Hosting Reseller Control Panels

October 15, 2002
SWsoft Partners with Yippi-Yeah! to Bring Europe’s Number One Control Panel, Confixx, to Virtuozzo-Powered Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for Low-Cost, High-Powered, VPS, Reseller Functionality

S. San Francisco, Calif., October 15, 2002 – SWsoft, Inc., leader in hosting automation and enterprise server software (www.sw-soft.com), today announced the release of its new ResellerControlCenter™, regarded as the most comprehensive solution for hosting service provider (HSP) resellers. The company also announced a partnership with Yippi-Yeah! to sell Europe’s leading hosting control panel, Confixx, to hosting providers and resellers as a standalone product for dedicated servers and with SWsoft’s Virtuozzo™-powered virtual private server (VPS) technology.

The new ResellerControlCenter plugs into the HSPcomplete hosting automation solution, giving hosting resellers a complete hosting automation solution that uniquely:

  • Enables fully re-branded site design and control panels that match the look and feel of the reseller
  • Integrates billing into automatic account provisioning
  • Creates of individualized service plans
  • Powers utility-based billing for bandwidth, memory and other resources

“Resellers no longer need their own datacenter, hardware, bandwidth or automation system to become an HSP, as our ResellerControlCenter allows them all the benefits of a hosting business - only without the work,” said Craig Oda, VP Business Development, SWsoft. “We allows our HSP customers with datacenters a system similar to Alabanza, providing an infrastructure to support numerous HSPs and their resellers.”

HSPcomplete has provided a much needed value-added reseller channel that is automated and integrated into my existing hosting business,” said Joe Shiekron, CEO, Eryxma Networks (www.eryxma.com). “I now have a value-added reseller channel that enables me to reach out to more SMBs.”

Due to excesses built-up during the Dot-com boom, the Web hosting industry is now scrambling for more efficient processes and additional sources of revenue.

“The reseller channel will continue to play an ever-increasing role in the future of the hosting industry,” said Mandy Davis, Operations Manager, Netcraft (www.netcraft.com). “Technologies like HSPcomplete provide an infrastructure for a multi-tiered reseller channel that is attractive to the HSP, reseller and the hosting customer.”

Virtuozzo and Confixx: Low-priced, high-powered VPS-control panel combination
Under the terms of the Yippi-Yeah! deal, SWsoft will market and sell Confixx control panels as a standalone product and together with both the HSPcomplete hosting automation solution and with the Virtuozzo VPS product line, giving SWsoft the most comprehensive suite of products for hosting service providers and enabling stronger support, services, and sales teams in both the U.S, where SWsoft is headquartered, and in Europe (Yippi-Yeah! is based in Germany).

SWsoft and Yippi-Yeah! have agreed to launch Confixx in the U.S. at a special promotional price of $ 159 per physical server until December 31st, 2002 (English-language only and promotional pricing not available in Europe), for unlimited control panels and virtual private servers (called virtual environments — VEs). Each physical server can be configured with unlimited domains running within each VPS or as a dedicated server without Virtuozzo.

“With 6,500 servers running Confixx, it is one of the most widely used hosting solutions in the world,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWsoft. “Confixx is a solid control panel technology which, through the help of this partnership, will become as popular in the US as they are in Europe. The Confixx hosting control panel running inside a Virtuozzo virtual environment is the only solution that provides customers the maximum number of features at the industry’s lowest price point.”

“We looked at other VPS solutions and found the technology from Virtuozzo to be clearly superior in terms of reliability, performance and features,” said Oliver Brandl, CEO, Yippi-Yeah! “Adding Confixx to Virtuozzo will enable HSP resellers to sell to millions of SMBs across the globe.”

"Confixx is a feature-rich and user-friendly control panel that I run on over 500 servers," said Thomas Strohe, president, marketing, product development and new business development, Intergenia AG.(www.intergenia.de). “The combination of Virtuozzo and Confixx Pro yields me far more money per server than traditional dedicated servers."

Fast Start Virtual Private Server Program
SWsoft is now offering special Fast Start pricing on Virtuozzo and Confixx: The Virtuozzo Fast Start Package is $3,000 for three (3) Ghz Virtuozzo, one vzmc management console and two Confixx Pro licenses. The HSPcomplete Fast Start Package is $10,000 for a fully-automated hosting business, including: a management node license, three Hardware Node Licenses (up to two GHz each), installation support & maintenance (for one year) and on-site training.

“At this pricing for Confixx we’ve already received extremely positive feedback from HSPs who plan to use Confixx as the default interface to dedicated servers and Virtuozzo-based VPS services, not just as an interface for resellers,” says Alex Plant, director of marketing, SWsoft, Inc. “We now have the best price, proven technologies and better features than anything on the market.”

About Yippi-Yeah! (www.yippi-yeah.com)
Yippi-Yeah develops and sells the leading hosting automation software in Europe. Their flagship product, Confixx Pro, is used by over 50,000 people on over 6,500 servers, making it one of the most widely used hosting control panel software packages in the world.

About SWsoft (www.sw-soft.com)
SWsoft is a leader in hosting automation and enterprise server software (www.sw-soft.com). Since 1999, the company has focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo™ technology and the HSPcomplete full business lifecycle hosting automation solution. The only end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers, e.g. Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers, SWsoft's products deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that power data center management, accelerate business and infrastructure operations and provide excellent return on investment.

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