SWsoft Announces Intergenia, eServers, Hostmania Each Offer Virtual Private Servers on Thousands of Virtuozzo, HSPcomplete-Powered Linux Servers

September 11, 2002
‘New Breed’ of Hosting Providers Use Automation Technologies, Virtual Private Server Linux Hosting (VPS) to Increase Revenue 500% Per-Server, Per-Customer, Lead Revitalized Hosting Industry’s 22% CAGR
*50 Companies Now Using HSPcomplete 2.0

S. San Francisco, Calif., September 11, 2002 – SWsoft, Inc., leader in hosting automation and enterprise server software (www.sw-soft.com), today announced that over 50 hosting service providers (HSPs) have purchased the HSPcomplete full business lifecycle automation solution to manage hosting operations and offer powerful and economical virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans. Intergenia, eServers and Hostmania are among the HSPs currently using the HSPcomplete solution to automatically provision and bill for shared, dedicated and VPS hosting plans, increasing revenue 500% per-server and/or per-customer. www.sw-soft.com/vpspromo

Analysts have predicted a 22% CAGR for the hosting industry over the next five years, citing automation technologies and virtual hosting (VPS) as key factors to industry revitalization.

Intergenia and Hostmania are capitalizing on low-cost bandwidth built-up during the Dot-Com boom and new entry pricing of HSPcomplete, the most comprehensive hosting automation solution available. These HSPs are upselling managed applications to their existing customer base and selling more services into the SMB market with new products such as Virtual Private Servers (VPS), which are fully-isolated partitions with features similar to a dedicated server at costs closer to that of shared hosting. HSPs are using these new services to generate, on average, over $3,500 per physical server per-month.

Chavvon Smith, CEO of Dallas-based HSP Hostmania (http://www.hostmania.com), says “Hostmania is known as a leader in dedicated server offering; however, we needed a way to increase revenue per physical machine. With the Virtuozzo VPS services, we’re able to generate over $3,500 per month per server.”

SWsoft announced a VPS Enrollment Program which allows companies to demo VPS technology and which includes a suite of affordable VPS hosting packages www.sw-soft.com/vpspromo

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) increase revenue per server, as compared to dedicated hosting; however, they also increase revenue per customer for shared hosting providers.

“Hosting in Europe is very competitive and prices for shared hosting have been pushed down to nearly unprofitable levels,” added Thomas Strohe, co-founder and Director of Business Development, for Germany-based intergenia AG (http://www.intergenia.de), one of the top dedicated server providers in Europe with over 3000 dedicated servers. “VPS accounts can generate revenue much closer to dedicated server prices and are much more attractive to me, financially.”

In addition to increasing revenue per customer and per server by enabling VPS sales, HSPcomplete and Virtuozzo are being used for widespread automation of dedicated servers, as well. Shazad Boota, CTO of UK-based dedicated server powerhouse, eServers.biz, (http://www.eServers.biz), is globalizing his business with HSPcomplete and plans to manage over 2,000 servers in multiple datacenters in Europe and the US with HSPcomplete. He plans to increase revenue by selling managed hosting plans to enterprise customers and SMBs for a price closer to dedicated hosting.

“Using HSPcomplete-powered VPSs gives us a tremendous competitive advantage, as the automatic provisioning capabilities enable customers to purchase dedicated hosting servers and be online in seconds,” added Boota. “We were impressed with the remote repair feature, which allows customers access to crashed hardware – they can access ‘hung’ files of a dedicated server remotely and repair things themselves without having to call my staff for help.”

With the release of HSPcomplete 2.0, SWsoft has entered the market for “total hosting automation.” Previous versions of HSPcomplete established it as the leading platform for Virtual Private Servers and shared hosting, enabling more revenue per physical server than any other comparable solution. New features of HSPcomplete include the ability to remotely access and repair a virtual environment (the entire OS and all applications) on a dedicated server, the ability to automatically migrate a dedicated customer to a more powerful dedicated server, automated deployment of applications and OS updates to multiple dedicated servers.

With customer base having grown to over 50 hosting providers, SWsoft has increased marketshare by 20% in eight weeks and this number is expected to increase sharply by year-end. “SWsoft was founded upon rock-solid technology and not hype,” added Craig Oda, VP business development, SWsoft. “Our reputation [in the hosting industry] of providing intelligent and reliable technology is spreading like wildfire and we will lead this new market within six months.”

Plans for Hostmania, Intergenia, and eServers to offer Virtuozzo on thousands of new servers, further strengthens SWsoft’s position as the most established hosting automation solutions provider. SWsoft pioneered the field for Virtual Private Servers with its patented Virtuozzo technology over three years ago and has since helped HSPs to bring tens of thousands of VPSs online. SWsoft spokesman Alex Plant states, “in terms of the number of Virtual Private Servers in use, SWsoft has a 5x lead over the competition.”

VPS Enrollment Program – Increase revenue per-server and per-customer
SWsoft’s VPS Enrollment Program includes a promotional price of $5,000 for an HSPcomplete management system, full reseller capabilities and two (2) hardware nodes. The company also lowered the entry-point for a fully-functional VPS system to $3,000.

For more information on the promotion, please contact info@sw-soft.com or call 1+650.875.7185 to see a demo of HSPcomplete.

About SWsoft (www.sw-soft.com)
SWsoft is a leader in hosting automation and enterprise server software (www.sw-soft.com). Since 1999, the company has focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo™ technology and the HSPcomplete full business lifecycle hosting automation solution. The only end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers, e.g. Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers, SWsoft's products deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that power data center management, accelerate business and infrastructure operations and provide excellent return on investment.

For more information about SWsoft, please visit www.sw-soft.com.

Alex Plant
Senior Marketing Manager
SWsoft, Inc.
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S. San Francisco, CA 94080
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