SWsoft puts full focus on HSPcomplete

March 19, 2001
For Immediate Release

Singapore - March 19, 2001 - SWsoft (www.sw-soft.com), an advanced server technology company, today announced that it will focus exclusively on HSPcomplete, its unique solution for hosting service providers and data centers.

Based on SWsoft's patent-pending Virtuozzo™ virtualization, resource management and clustering technology, HSPcomplete will serve the growing number of operators in the hosting services business. According to Forrester Research (2000), Web hosting service revenues will account for more than $15 billion annually by 2003. IDC anticipates even faster growth, reaching $20 billion by 2003 (including revenues from overseas branches of U.S.-based Web hosting companies). And The Aberdeen Group estimates the market will grow to $70 billion by 2005. "SWsoft intends to take the lead in the Hosting Service Providers (HSP) infrastructure market by concentrating solely on HSPcomplete with its unique Virtuozzo™ technology," said Serguei Beloussov, the company's founder and Chief Executive Officer.

HSPcomplete includes everything a company needs to become a hosting service provider immediately. Virtuozzo™ technology gives HSPcomplete the unique ability to let service providers offer customers a full range of services from shared Web hosting for small and medium size businesses to comprehensive cluster configurations for enterprise customers. HSPcomplete helps simplify and automate service provider operations, thus making it possible to serve hundreds or thousands of customers with the same number of system engineers. It also is very efficient, allowing hosting service providers to increase their revenue per customer by supplying more and better services (such as backup, firewall, and application services) in less time. It boosts revenue per rack space and per server by having more customers per rack. HSPcomplete enables service providers to develop sales through the value-added channel.

HSPcomplete provides out of the box applications for marketing, sales, usage accounting and billing, and Quality of Service (QoS) tools, as well as Web- and Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based system management tools; and it was designed with the highest level of scalability, data availability and security in mind. "This is a revolutionary technology," said Alexander Tormasov, SWsoft's Chief Scientist. "HSPcomplete is an end-to-end solution and set of services for hosting service providers. Nothing like HSPcomplete's high quality of service has been available up to now except on huge, expensive mainframes."

So far HSPcomplete can be used with the Linux operating system, but SWsoft is committed to offering the product for many other platforms as well, such as Solaris, FreeBSD, and Windows. "HSPcomplete contains a number of really innovative technologies," said Alexey Kuznetsov, Linux TCP stack maintainer. "The things we are doing with it, such as splicing, are really amazing, and I believe they will benefit the entire open source community just as much."

In order to focus totally on HSPcomplete, SWsoft is shifting all of its products and services that are unrelated to HSPcomplete to affiliated companies. For instance, it is transferring its system engineering services and all Linux-related product development and support to its ASPLinux independent subsidiary. It also is passing its Solomon and ERP-related consulting, customization and application development services to the SWsoft Consulting Division (www.swc.com.sg), an independent subsidiary that is also taking over sales and support of many Windows products such as Cassandra, Colibiri, and ActiveX (see http://old.sw.com.sg/products/other/). SWsoft's Web services (www.asppassport.com, www.aspads.net and www.ASPseek.com) and content-related portals (www.ASPstreet.com, www.HSPstreet.com, www.benews.ru, www.linuxnews.ru, and www.itstreet.com.sg) are being transferred to the independent business unit SWinteractive (www.swinteractive.com). Finally, SWsoft is moving the BootWizard and other partitioning and multi-booting solutions to the independent business unit Acronis (www.acronis.com).

SWsoft is now seeking partners, employees and investors for its new HSPcomplete focus. Interested parties should contact SWSoft for more information.

About ASPLinux
ASPLinux (www.asp-linux.com) is an independent subsidiary of SWsoft focused on developing a complete set of products and services for Linux, along with its own 100% Red Hat-compatible Linux distribution. ASPLinux is well positioned to become one of the preferred Linux vendors in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe because of its product design and unique business model.

About SWsoft Consulting Division
The SWsoft Consulting Division provides leading business solutions to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Southeast Asia and the United States. As a total solutions provider, it specializes in designing, implementing, integrating, managing and supporting comprehensive business solutions for SMEs with $10-$500 million in annual revenues. Its services have reached more than 100 clients in over 40 industries in 10 countries.

About SWinteractive
SWinteractive (www.SWinteractive.com), a business unit of SWsoft, develops, markets and operates a network of portals, web services and news sites devoted to the innovative trends in computer hardware and software industries: ASPstreet.com, HSPstreet.com, ASPads.net, ASPpassport.com. In the rapidly expanding ASP world, ASPstreet.com is a one-stop hub for all players interested in the ASP marketplace. HSPstreet.com (www.HSPstreet.com) is the leading collaborative portal and marketplace for hosting service providers (HSPs), Internet Data Centers and HSP enablers and buyers.

About Acronis
Acronis (www.acronis.com) is an independent business unit of SWsoft that supplies system software based on unique technologies. It offers partitioning and multi-booting solutions that can meet the needs of a wide range of home and corporate users.

About SWsoft
SWsoft is an advanced server technology company focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo™ technology with end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters.
For more information visit SWsoft at www.SWsoft.com.sg.

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