ASPLinux 7.1 Version Pushes Full Featured Solution for Fast-growing Enterprise and Internet Infrastructure Users

May 28, 2001
For Immediate Release

ASPLinux slogan said "Bringing Open Source Wave to Asia" to best describe it's commitment to the open source movement.

Singapore - May 28, 2001 - ASPLinux Pte Ltd., leading company in Linux-based operating system and creates Linux-based solutions in development, announced today the availability of ASPLinux 7.1 with full featured solution for IT professionals, workstation users and developers. Customers can expect a new generation of robust and compatible Linux OS, excellent installation, services, and support.

ASPLinux 7.1 is the latest in a long line of summary of all that Linux has had to offer today. As Linux continues to infiltrate businesses everywhere, ASPLinux 7.1 work towards to deliver the diverse need of different types of users. Most important, users should see an increase in overall performance to complement ASPLinux's cost and reliability advantages.

IDC predicts that Linux should grow as a server operating environment at a 44.8% CAGR, capturing a 12.0% share and taking the no.2 position by 2004 following the Windows NT/2000 platform. "As adoption of Linux into corporations grows massively, the opportunity for training and technical support becomes more significant." said Leon Kanter, Project Head of ASPLinux Development. "While focusing to add new version and functionality on Linux, ASPLinux has captured new opportunities to provide local Linux training, technical support program and professional services." added Leon.

ASPLinux most significant breakthrough is Web Hosting Solution. The solution is pre-configured with ASPLinux Operating System, 100% Red Hat compatible GNU/Linux distribution, using HSPcomplete revolutionary technology to offer hosting service that delivers ease of use and solid performance. All administration and maintenance is browser-based or feature-rich GUI interface (Windows or GNU/Linux) for simplicity and ease of use. ASPLinux hosting plan include everything from shared hosting to high-availability cluster hosting.

"In view of our Asia presence, it will be critical for us to establish and maintain strategic distribution channel and collaborative relationship with industry-leading hardware and software vendors, as well as enterprise solution provider. This will allow us to serve and increase our customer base effectively." said Azhar Kayani, Director of ASPLinux. "We speculate total revenue of USD1.2 million this year, of which, 40% of the revenue will be constituted from ASPLinux Hosting Service." added Kayani.

ASPLinux 7.1 will be available in first week of June at leading software retailers in Singapore and authorized resellers in the region.

New Features and Benefits of ASPLinux 7.1
Optimized for Linux workstations as well as servers, it comes with office suite, tools and numerous Linux applications

  • 2.2.19 and 2.4.2 kernel
  • Graphical Linux Shell (Gnome v.1.4, KDE v2.1)
  • Web Browser (Netscape Communicator)
  • Web Server (Apache)
  • Database Servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Demo Games (Quake III Arena, Heavy Gear II, Heretic II, etc)
  • Special utility called ASPDiskManager which prepares hard disk for ASPLinux installation without damaging the existing operating system and data loss
  • ASPLoader program provides the ability to choose which operation system you would like to use, using graphical interface with mouse support
  • EspressoDownload provides a reliable way to distribute the large installation over the Internet and could be interrupted during network installation any moment and can resume its installation process later.

Hosting Service and Support
ASPLinux team consists of GNU/Linux application programmers and Kernel developers who assist customers in optimizing open source platforms and applications for performance, reliability and availability. These personnel will provide customer with 24/7 support services that go beyond the standard technical support which customer would receive from other hosting providers.

Linux Training & Certification
ASPLinux offers comprehensive range of training and certification programs on GNU/Linux, open source software tools and programming languages. ASPLinux trainers have the deepest possible knowledge and expertise in ASPLinux as well as other GNU/Linux distributions.

ASPLinux 7.1 is available in three editions; all include ASPLinux operating system, installation manual and support. ASPLinux Deluxe Server/Workstation Edition includes StarOffice 5.2, Loki Games CD and user guides. All editions are available from software retailers in Singapore and authorized resellers in China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Russia.

Information on ASPLinux technical support program, hosting service and training are available at

About ASPLinux Pte. Ltd.
ASPLinux Pte Ltd.- a leading software development company, delivers Linux-based operating system ASPLinux, and creates Linux-based solutions, which are capable to meet requirements to ISVs, ISPs, NSPs, HSPs, ASPs and Data Centres. The Official ASPLinux OS and related services are available directly from the company. For more information, visit ASPLinux at

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