SWsoft launches HSPcomplete

May 28, 2001
For Immediate Release

1-Net Singapore is first customer

South San Francisco, Calif. - June 14, 2001 - SWsoft (www.sw-soft.com), an advanced server technology company, today announced that its flagship HSPcomplete solution, incorporating the company's patent-pending Virtuozzo™ technology, is now available for customers in the hosting and services market. HSPcomplete allows providers to expand and enhance their services quickly to capitalize on business opportunities offered by the Internet economy.

"The Internet has fundamentally transformed the way business is conducted throughout the world," said Serguei Beloussov, founder and chief executive officer of SWsoft. "Service providers are finding new market opportunities in application hosting-which uses the Internet to deploy and deliver software applications to business customers. The research firm IDC estimates the web hosting service market will grow to $20 billion in the U.S. by 2003, and the Garner Group predicts $70 billion by 2005.

"At the same time, hosting service providers (HSPs) are facing the challenge of making a profit while increasing their customer base. In fact, losses as high as $1 billion were reported by leading companies in the first quarter of 2001. HSPcomplete's end-to-end solution, with its revolutionary Virtuozzo™ technology, allows hosting service providers and Internet data centers to boost revenues while decreasing operational complexity and costs."

HSPcomplete, with the virtualization, resource management and clustering features of Virtuozzo™, has the unique ability to let service providers offer customers a full range of services, from shared web hosting for small and medium-sized businesses to comprehensive cluster configurations for large enterprises. It simplifies and automates HSPs' operations, making it possible to serve many more customers with the same number of system engineers and hardware resources. HSPcomplete also is very efficient, allowing hosting service providers to increase their revenue per customer by supplying more and better services (such as backup, firewall, and application services) in less time. Increasing utilization of hardware and automating the provisioning and system management procedures, it boosts revenue per employee, per rack space and per server. HSPcomplete also enables service providers to develop sales through the multi-tier value-added channel and to expand application and managed services sales.

The key feature of Virtuozzo™ is allowing hosting service providers to have hundreds of customers with their own full-featured virtual private servers (Virtual Environments) sharing a single physical server. Virtuozzo™ provides the ability to treat hundreds of servers as a single resource and transparently move customers with their environments between servers. All of this at minimal cost and with guaranteed quality of service. Using Virtuozzo™ and other innovative technologies, HSPcomplete is able to cover the full business cycle of hosting service provider operations and provide a full range of out-of-the-box hosting business applications.

SWsoft's first customer to offer HSPcomplete as part of its hosting services is 1-Net Singapore, the pioneer and leading provider of broadband infrastructure services in Singapore. "With HSPcomplete, we now have the best platform, features, expandability and availability of quality local support for customers developing their businesses in this rapidly changing environment," said Gregory Chia, chief operating officer for 1-Net. "It also makes us more competitive and profitable by significantly reducing our administrative and hardware costs."

SWsoft is actively deploying HSPcomplete with partners and customers in the U.S., Singapore and Europe. It has been developing and testing HSPcomplete with a select group of partners for over a year. "We took the extra time to work with partners to ensure the stability and reliability of this revolutionary technology and our customers are thanking us for this," said Stanislav Protassov, director of engineering and chief architect of HSPcomplete.

For a limited time, SWsoft is offering special promotional packages designed to allow companies to launch complete hosting services within 30 days. According to Craig Oda, vice president of business development for SWsoft, the promotional packages will be especially helpful to local HSPs that seek to gain a profit advantage over their competitors. "These local HSPs are the unsung heroes of the Internet," he said. "They fight for every dollar in a competitive environment and are forced to be innovative. We understand this and put together a promotional package that allows them to access cutting-edge hosting technology quickly and easily."

Interested customers are invited to contact SWsoft for more information at info@sw-soft.com or 650-875-7552.

About Virtuozzo™
Virtuozzo™ is SWsoft's patent-pending technology with virtualization, resource management and clustering features that enable service providers to improve utilization of hardware and fully automate provisioning and system management operations.

About HSPcomplete
Based on Swsoft's patent-pending Virtuozzo™ virtualization, resource management and clustering technology. HSPcomplete will serve the growing number of operators in the hosting service business. HSPcomplete includes everything a company needs to become a hosting service provider immediately. Virtuozzo™ technology gives HSPcomplete unique ability to allow service providers to offer customers a full range of services from the shared web hosting for SMBs to the comprehensive cluster configurations for the enterprise customers. HSPcomplete allows to simplify and automate the service provider operations thus making it possible to serve hundreds and thousands of allowing hosting service providers to increase their revenue per customer by supplying more and better services (such as backup, firewall, and application services) in less time. It boosts revenue per rack space and per server by having more customers per rack. HSPcomplete enables service providers to develop sales through value-added channel.

About SWsoft
SWsoft is an advanced server technology company focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo™ technology with end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters.
For more information visit SWsoft at www.SWsoft.com.sg.

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