Virtual@1-Net allows customers to control and scale their own hosting environment

August 15, 2001

Tapping on joint solution of SWsoft's HSPcomplete technology and Dell PowerEdge™ server infrastructure, small and medium enterprises can now enjoy significant cost savings with no high setup or running cost.

Singapore - 15 August 2001

- 1-Net Singapore today announced the creation of a new hosting service, Virtual@1-Net( which will enable small to even large enterprises to develop, maintain and scale their e-presence with minimum hassle at affordable cost.

Virtual@1-Net is designed to give customers better ways to manage their hosting environment and leverage on key features like the user friendly web-based interface, the provision of large storage space without substantial increase in their cost, the ability to subdivide their hosting server into multiple servers, each operating in its own memory space and multiple virtual servers running side by side.

"In this rapid changing environment, customers are looking for a more versatile and flexible hosting environment to manage their business. We believe businesses wanting a cost-effective, flexible and scalable hosting environment will find the solution in Virtual@1-Net," said Mr Mock Pak Lum, CEO of 1-Net Singapore Pte Ltd.

Tapping on the new technology, HSPcomplete which was launched by SWsoft in April this year, this new service Virtual@1-Net will enable 1-Net to simplify and automate its virtual hosting service business to provide unprecedented access for its customers over its robust network infrastructure which excels in reliability and security. SWsoft will also be providing all technical support virtually via

"HSPcomplete with Dell PowerEdge™ Server infrastructures are designed to help hosting providers offer their best and most cost-effective service from shared Web hosting for small and medium sized businesses to cluster configurations for enterprise customers. Outsourcing will be a strong trend eventually and SWsoft's commitment is to offer the most reliable, scalable and secure technology in areas such as infrastructure management, e-payment and interactive applications." said Serguei Beloussov, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SWsoft.

This new service is also ideal for resellers who are providing web design services as it enables them to have total control of the web hosting facility without investing in any capital assets.

Important unique features of Virtual@1-Net

  • Free Trial Program Virtual@1-Net Trial plan gives customers a unique ability to have access to the Power Server with a full set of features and services as a paid private server for a limited life-time (30 minutes). Customers are given a full administrative root access and can perform all operations like they were on a physical dedicated server.
  • Look and feel of dedicated server Virtual@1-Net is a breakthrough Web hosting platform that looks and performs much like a dedicated server. With a price tag comparable to many shared server solutions, this virtual hosting platform is ideal for small sites, small/restricted budgets and novice users.
  • One of the most affordable prices in Singapore @S$15/month For a small fee of S$15/month, you will get your own Linux box on the broadband network with your own administrative (root) access rights and ability to install any software you like (within your disk quote).
  • Great Value for Small, Medium Businesses (SMBs) Each hosting plan comes with a great bundle:
    • Administrative (ROOT), telnet & SSH shell access
    • Web Server
    • Microsoft Front Page 2000/XP extension
    • Web Mail
    • Mail Server
    • FTP Server

About 1-Net
1-Net is one of the pioneers for the broadband development in Singapore. Since 1997, 1-Net has been the infrastructure provider of Singapore ONE and operating the nation-wide core network of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches to facilitate the delivery of broadband multimedia services. Today, it serves as the broadband exchange of Singapore connecting the Internet Service Providers, Broadband Service Providers, Hosting Service Providers, Government Agencies, Educational and Research Institutions, Commercial Organisation and Other IT & Telecom Service Providers.

1-Net's ATM backbone has enabled companies to integrate their voice, data, and video communications applications with ease. Companies can choose from as low as 2 Mbps to 622 Mbps broadband bandwidth depending on their requirement and even to create their own virtual private networks (VPN) on either the IP or ATM layers. 1-Net also offers a variety of professional services to meet customers' e-business needs including server co-location, managed bandwidth services, security/VPN services, streaming media services, storage/backup services and other managed services.

Since 1 Oct 2000, 1-Net Singapore has been a wholly owned subsidiary of MediaCorp Group of Companies which is the largest and most established broadcaster in Singapore with a full range of media businesses. For more information on 1-Net Singapore, please visit the company's website at or call us at +65 2447 888, fax +65 2447877.

About HSPcomplete
Based on Swsoft's patent-pending Virtuozzo™ virtualization, resource management and clustering technology. HSPcomplete will serve the growing number of operators in the hosting service business. HSPcomplete includes everything a company needs to become a hosting service provider immediately. Virtuozzo™ technology gives HSPcomplete unique ability to allow service providers to offer customers a full range of services from the shared web hosting for SMBs to the comprehensive cluster configurations for the enterprise customers. HSPcomplete allows to simplify and automate the service provider operations thus making it possible to serve hundreds and thousands of allowing hosting service providers to increase their revenue per customer by supplying more and better services (such as backup, firewall, and ap
plication services) in less time. It boosts revenue per rack space and per server by having more customers per rack. HSPcomplete enables service providers to develop sales through value-added channel.

About SWsoft
SWsoft is an advanced server technology company focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo™ technology with end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters.For more information visit SWsoft at

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