Parallels Transporter. No-worry migration

Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac Exclusive Feature


Powerful build-in tool that enables you to migrate your entire PC system to a Parallels virtual machine. Migrate your Workstation, entire Linux or Windows PC system, including operating system, applications, files, and personal settings — without losing data or reinstalling any software.


  • New! Convert VMware Workstation/Server and Virtual PC virtual hard disks to a Parallels virtual machine and migrate directly to your Mac using FireWire

  • Migrate remote Windows PC over network to Parallels VM on your Mac/PC

  • New! Bring your entire Linux system or previous virtual machine to your Mac

  • Migrate entire VMware or Microsoft Virtual PC virtual computer to Parallels Virtual Machine

  • Migrate Windows PC locally or to any removable media

Don’t worry on the migrations anymore. Start using all the PC software
you need on a Mac in just a few simple steps — with Parallels Desktop for Mac!

Buy Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac for only $79.99!

"Parallels Desktop brings OS X and Windows even closer
together than before, and it adds several features
that have become necessities in the virtualization world"

 — Infoworld.

"You guys keep making an amazing application better.
Parallels Desktop is the most useful and favorite
application on my Mac."

 — Jimmie Geddes
Editor, Gadgets on the Go