Windows Emulator for Mac

just between the ways to win!


emulates Windows over a Mac OS X, adding to your choice of applications and networking opportunities.

Love your Mac but need to use an industry standard PC-only application like Outlook, Excel, Quicken, Visio, etc.? No problem. Now it’s easy to make Windows feel right like at home on your Mac. Run Microsoft Office and other Windows-only applications with no rebooting in Parallels and start taking advantages of using the best of both worlds today! Experience total OS integration, strong security and fantastic flexibility with having all important Windows-only software applications and favorite games at your fingertips without giving up the comfort and functionality of your Mac!


  • No rebooting required!

  • All Windows family support
    including Windows Vista

  • Improved!
    Coherence Technologies
    run Windows programs like native Mac applications!

  • Complete Shared Folders
    share folders, drag-and-drop files and copy-and-paste text between Mac OS X and Windows

  • New!
    Blazing Fast Games & Graphics
    256 MB video memory and expanded 3D support drive the smoothest video output

  • Single-click Windows Installation
    say NO to long and complicated procedures!

  • New!
    No-worry Internet Security
    Parallels Internet Security powered by Kaspersky includes anti-virus, firewall, recovery and more
    ($79.99 Bonus Value)

  • New!
    Complete Protection & Backup
    Now available with Parallels Desktop 4.0, Acronis True Image Home includes disk backup, file backup, system cleanup, and more.
    ($49.99 Bonus Value)

  • New!
    Disk Management
    Manage, optimize and secure your virtual Windows world like a pro with Acronis Disc Director Suite available with Parallels Desktop 4.0 now
    ($49.99 Bonus Value)

Looking for new impressions?
Experience the new conception of viewing and networking!

Buy now for only $79.99!

"Parallels Desktop brings OS X and Windows even closer
together than before, and it adds several features
that have become necessities in the virtualization world"

 — Infoworld.

"You guys keep making an amazing application better.
Parallels Desktop is the most useful and favorite
application on my Mac."

 — Jimmie Geddes
Editor, Gadgets on the Go