Run Windows on Mac OS X

with no rebooting


gives you the fantastic flexibility of running Windows on a Mac at the same time without rebooting. Run Windows programs and games like they were native to your Mac! Experience total OS integration, strong security and maximum performance with having all your software, data and devices at your fingertips. Use the best of both worlds today!


  • No rebooting required!

  • Wide OSes support
    run 32- and 64-bit guests and even Mac OS X Leopard Server and Snow Leopard

  • Improved!
    Parallels Coherence
    run Windows programs like native Mac applications!

  • New!
    Blazing Fast Games & Graphics
    256 MB video memory and expanded 3D support drive the smoothest video output

  • New!
    50% Better Performance
    Run Windows even faster with Parallels Desktop’s new turbo-charged virtualization engine

  • Complete Shared Folders
    share folders, drag-and-drop files and copy-and-paste text between Mac OS X and Windows

  • New!
    iPhone Access
    Remotely start, stop and manage your Windows VM from your iPhone

  • New!
    $175 Value in Bonus Software
    run Windows smoothly on your Mac with the Complete Suite of Most Powerful essentials for Internet security, data protection and disk management

  • New!
    get 20% Mac battery life by reducing power consumption

With more than 1.5 million users worldwide, Parallels Desktop for Mac is the world’s No. 1 Mac System Utility. Get the latest and the greatest to make your Windows, Linux or any other OS truly at home on your Mac.

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"Parallels Desktop brings OS X and Windows even closer
together than before, and it adds several features
that have become necessities in the virtualization world"

 — Infoworld.

"You guys keep making an amazing application better.
Parallels Desktop is the most useful and favorite
application on my Mac."

 — Jimmie Geddes
Editor, Gadgets on the Go