Parallels Desktop 8 Switch to Mac Edition

Parallels Desktop 8 Switch to Mac Edition makes it easy to leverage all the time and money you've invested in outfitting your PC, by moving everything right into your Mac. Click below for frequently asked questions, documentation and other helpful tools to get the answers you need.

  1. What are the Parallels Desktop for Mac support options? How can I reach the support team?

    To learn about the Parallels Desktop for Mac support options, please check the following KB article:

  2. How does it work?

    Make the switch via a network, external storage or our convenient high-speed USB transfer cable. Move an existing Windows PC to a Mac in just 3-steps with the enhanced Parallels Transporter™. Use a network, external storage or the Parallels high-speed USB transfer cable—the fast, convenient way to simply plug and go. You have the ability to do the following easily.

    • Transfer your documents, photos, and music from your PC to the corresponding folders on your Mac
    • Move bookmarks and settings from Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome on PC to the default browser on your Mac
    • Automatic firewall detection during the migration from PC to Mac
  3. How do I activate Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac?

    You can activate Parallels Desktop 8 during installation. If you choose to activate after installation, go to the Parallels Desktop menu and select "Activate Product". Enter your name and the other requested information plus your activation key for Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac in the activation form and click 'OK'.

  4. How do I register Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac? How is registration different than activation and why do I need to do both?

    Parallels Desktop for Mac activation is a license validation procedure.

    Registration is a process of registering your activation key with Parallels. Registration allows one to:

    • Stay Current - all registered customers can enable automated updates and have most up-to-date software installed.
    • Safe - your activation key will be stored under your personal account and could be located at any time if required.
    • Save - registered Parallels Desktop customers are always aware of any discounts or promotions held by Parallels.
    • Support - register your purchased copy and get Technical Support for free (For the first month you get free phone/chat support, as well as free email support for 18 months after the version 8 release.)
    • Bonus Software – all registered customers can get complimentary 90 day subscription for Antivirus software for Mac and Windows, as well as Online Backup from Acronis.

    Option A: Register via the Parallels web site.
    Please login to your account at ("My account" in the upper-right corner). You will first go to "My registered products" and then "Register your activation key."

    Option B: Register from within your Parallels application.
    After product installation, Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac will ask you to register your key. Please enter your activation key and the email address that you used for your account creation at

    If you do not have an account at, it will be created automatically after this step, and you will receive a notification of account activation. If you skip this step, you can register at any time by clicking on Parallels Desktop and selecting "Register Product".

  5. What is the Parallels Product ID?

    The Parallels Product ID is created at the moment of activation of Parallels Desktop 8 and contains the information about your Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac activation key. The Parallels Product ID helps to secure your activation key. Therefore, the activation code is no longer needed nor displayed. For details please see this article.

  6. How can I migrate a PC to Parallels Desktop for Mac Virtual Machine?

    To learn more on how to migrate a PC to a Parallels Desktop for Mac Virtual Machine, please see the following article,

  7. Where can I find more information about Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac features?

    Please check the following KB article to learn more about Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac:

  8. I'd like to use a different language version of Parallels Desktop. How can I do that?

    You can use Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac in any available language.

    The Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac installation image is multilingual and installs the product in all its supported languages.

    The language of the Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac interface can be changed by simply changing the language of the Mac OS X.

    Refer to this article for instructions:

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