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Desktop computing is a core technology in IT infrastructures offering enormous flexibility and mobility but at high operational costs in IT support, help desk, maintenance and software licensing. Enterprises today are seeking economic sensible solutions without creating new learning curves for the end user.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) brings virtualization to the desktop environment delivering enterprise-class control and manageability while maintaining the familiar end-user environment. VDI virtualizes desktop images that can be deployed from a centralized hosting server. This provides the reduction of operational costs and improved security while maintaining the current end user experience — no learning curve. VDI technology provides companies with a true win-win with:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Green Solution
  • Improved Manageability

VDI provides the end user with a virtual PC that looks and behaves exactly like their current PC whether working at the office, while traveling or at home. The user’s profile and files are stored centrally so there is no need to carry around files.

For IT, VDI provides the ability to consolidate the number of servers supporting desktops resulting in cost savings. Additional cost savings come from central management and deployment of applications and updates, eliminating mundane trips to the user’s desk for break/fix improving the work experience for IT and HelpDesk personnel.

Parallels VDI solution is a cost-sensible approach to taming desktop costs without changing the familiar physical desktop experience. The muscle behind Parallels VDI is a design solution powered by Parallels patented OS container technology.

Parallels OS container technology provides:

  • Maximum consolidation ratios of desktops to servers in the industry today providing cooling, power and space savings
  • On-demand allocation of resources ensuring that no system resources are wasted through pre-allocation
  • Highest isolation between workloads in the industry with a proven track record of data integrity and security since introduction in 2000

With OS container technology powering Parallels VDI solution, you get the lowest Total Cost of desktop Ownership and the greenest solution on the market today with seamless manageability and solid data integrity.

Not all VDI solutions are created equal. Make sure you are achieving maximum consolidation and cost savings with Parallels.

Our partners provide a wide choice of connection and thin client solutions providing organizations with an extensive set of options to make implementation and delivery of resources to end users a reality. Connection brokers provide the ability to integrate and implement business rules as well as supply a single solution for hosting vastly different systems. Thin client solutions provide secure access delivering productivity and application flexibility without the downside of a PC.

See TCO results with Quest for:
10,000 desktops
50,000 desktops
100,000 desktops

Four Components of a VDI Solution


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Customer Success Story: NetStream Systems Israeli hosting provider and outsourcer NetStream Systems integrated VDI to some municipals for reduce costs, best performance and security.

Customer Success Story: Donna Independent School District Donna Independent School District deployed the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers VDI solution to nearly double the available number of desktops systems for students while increasing security, manageability and energy savings.

Customer Success Story: Far Northern Regional Center Facing large budget reductions, Parallels VDI solution helped Far Northern Regional Center achieve not only significant cost savings in the current fiscal year but also the ability for IT to perform functions they did not have time to do in the past.

Customer Success Story: Western Forest Western Forest Products, Inc. is an integrated Canadian forest product company and the largest coastal British Columbian woodland operator and lumber producer providing over 25M feet of timber.

Customer Success Story: Kalido Supporting data warehousing developers all over the world, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers was the only solution that could support this very heavy desktop deployment of VDI.

Customer Success Story: KV Pharmaceuticals KV Pharmaceuticals deployed the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers VDI solution to solve cost, management and control issues with their complex and large user base.

Customer Success Story: Gemeente Binnenmaas Modernizing the IT infrastructure and building an IT service center for neighboring municipalities.

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