Parallels Server for Bare Metal

Parallels Server Bare Metal delivers Parallels Virtuozzo Containers together with our world-class hypervisor technology. Click below for frequently asked questions, documentation and other helpful tools to get the answers you need.

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    What does Parallels Server Bare Metal include?

    Parallels Server Bare Metal includes Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.7. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is an operating system virtualization solution that maximizes the investment in server hardware. For more information on PVCfL 4.7 see

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    What is Parallels Server Bare Metal?

    Parallels Server Bare Metal is a cloud-ready virtualization solution that allows users to simultaneously run multiple Parallels virtual machines and containers on the same physical server, thereby making more efficient use of hardware resources.

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    Is Parallels Server Bare Metal compatible with other Parallels products?

    You can use virtual machines created in the following Parallels products with Parallels Server Bare Metal 5.

    • Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac
    • Parallels Server for Mac 4.0
    • Parallels Server for Mac 4.0 Bare Metal Edition
    • Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows and Linux
    • Parallels Workstation 4.0 Extreme
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    Is there support for converting 3rd party virtual machines?

    You can now convert Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual PC, Virtual Box, VMware, and Xen virtual machines to Parallels virtual machines. Depending on the type of virtual machine, the conversion can be performed by means of the pctl, prl_convert, or pmigrate utility.

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    What is the maximum CPU and RAM for servers?

    Parallels Server Bare Metal 5.0 can be installed on servers with up to 64 CPU cores and 128 GB of RAM

Technical Documentation

Choose the type of documentation you desire from the left-hand column and then click on the format you need in the right-hand column to download a document.

Document Name Format
Parallels Server Bare Metal Datasheet PDF
Readme for Parallels Server Bare Metal PDF | RTF
License PDF | TXT
Getting Started With Parallels Server Bare Metal PDF | ZIP
Getting Started With Parallels Management Console PDF | ZIP
Parallels Server Bare Metal Installation Guide PDF | ZIP
Parallels Server Bare Metal Users Guide PDF | ZIP
Parallels Server Bare Metal Upgrade Guide PDF | ZIP
Installing via PXE PDF | ZIP
Deploying Clusters in Parallels-Based Systems PDF | ZIP
Parallels Management Console Users Guide PDF | ZIP
Parallels Templates Management Guide PDF | ZIP
Parallels Command Line Reference Guide PDF | ZIP
Parallels Virtualization SDK Programmers Guide PDF | ZIP
Parallels C API Reference PDF | ZIP
Parallels Python API Reference PDF | ZIP

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