Parallels Automation

What’s New in Parallels Business Automation 5.1

Key enhancements in Parallels Business Automation 5.1 include:

  • Easier reseller management. With the new setup wizard, you can now set up a new reseller in minutes instead of hours.

  • Performance and reliability enhancements. Parallels Business Automation is faster and more stable than ever before.

  • Search panel for provider and resellers. A new search panel on the home screen helps provider and reseller staff quickly find and open entities such as accounts, orders, invoices, domains, and e-mail notifications, reducing the time and number of clicks required for these frequent operations.

In addition, Parallels Business Automation 5 has now officially been certified as being PCI PA-DSS compliant, and compliance certification for Parallels Business Automation 5.1 is under way.

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