The following video tutorials provide step-by-step walk-throughs of the most common management tasks using Parallels Plesk Automation. They cover a range of topics from attaching service nodes, configuring IP pools and DNS servers, and creating a shared hosting service template. These tutorials will help prospective users better understand how Parallels Plesk Automation works, and help real-world users hit the ground running and use the product more effectively.

Attach Service Nodes

Learn how to add servers that will provide various hosting services including web, database and mail.

Configure IP Pools

Learn how to configure the allocation of IP addresses to resellers and customers.

Configure DNS Servers

This tutorial explains how to add a service node that will act as a dedicated DNS server.

Create a Customer Account

Learn how to create customer accounts and subscribe them to service plans.

Create a Shared Hosting Service Template

Learn how to create a service plan (also called a hosting template), and then to create an account and a subscription for a customer.

Install Additional Packages on Service Nodes

Learn how to install additional software components on existing service nodes.

Install Main License Keys

Learn how to install the two essential license keys on the management node for Parallels Plesk Automation and Parallels Plesk Panel.

Rebrand Hosting Panel

Learn how to set up a branded domain name for access to the hosting panel and customize the panel’s appearance for customers.

Sign Up New Resellers

Learn how to create reseller accounts and subscribe them to reseller service plans.

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