IaaS - There is No “One Size Fits All” Solution

IaaS solutions for Parallels Automation give service providers the ability to offer their customers flexible cloud virtualization, compute capacity on-demand, virtual network access and storage capabilities. 

The global infrastructure market is predicted to grow 25% annually to US$42.1 billion by 2016. But it’s not “one size fits all” - no single cloud management platform can cover every use case. This provides an opportunity for service providers to differentiate and compete for the growth, but it also means there are difficult choices to make because the market demands more than one solution.

Deliver a wide range of infrastructure services using your choice of vendors

One Platform Enables This Many Options

Parallels Automation lets you to deliver Infrastructure services across a wide range of cloud management platforms and virtualization technologies. Whether you want to host your own infrastructure on-site, or resell syndicated IaaS services from an upstream provider, Parallels Automation provides cloud enablement for a broad range of IaaS solutions that can be offered and managed side-by-side, helping you to improve operational efficiency and to serve more customers regardless of their technology preferences. It’s really a future proof platform.

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Webinar: Your IaaS, Your Choice: Delivered through Parallels Automation and APS.

Learn how to leverage Parallels Automation to deliver multiple flavors of IaaS to address different customer and segment needs.

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What Flavor Would You Like?

Choose from a growing assortment of hosted and syndicated solutions.

Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure (PACI)
A complete solution for delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), PACI is deployed as a service module of Parallels Automation and enables service providers to deliver a virtual data center with fully integrated virtualization, automation, billing, customer self-service capability and online store.
Windows Azure Pack APS Package
The Windows Azure Pack APS Package provides full support for Windows Azure Pack, enabling service providers to offer Windows Azure services based on their infrastructure. This APS package reduces the time-to-market to offer Windows Azure Pack services by automating billing, provisioning and customer management.
Flexiant APS Package
The Flexiant APS Package for Parallels Automation enables Parallels Automation service providers to rapidly deploy highly differentiated public IaaS cloud services based on Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator (FCO) with automated billing, provisioning and customer management provided by Parallels Automation.
Mirantis OpenStack
Through its open architecture and its Application Packaging Standard (APS) API, Parallels Automation can now deploy and manage clouds running on Mirantis OpenStack.
Hostway’s FlexCloud Servers
Bundle Hostway's IaaS public cloud platform – FlexCloud Servers – with your other services, or resell as a stand-alone platform, adding zero infrastructure costs and administrative overhead.
SoftLayer cloud-based, syndicated IaaS
IBM provides SoftLayer IaaS syndication capability to Parallels Automation partners through its APS package.
VMUnify enables organizations to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with secure virtual data centers and unified cloud environments.

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