MacTech 基准測試證明 Mac 版 Parallels Desktop 6 是 VMware Fusion 的"領先者"

一月 6, 2011

Parallels Desktop 6 beat VMware Fusion 3.1 in 92% of the 3D graphics tests and 84% of the general tests

RENTON, WA; January 5, 2011: Parallels today announced that a benchmark study from MacTech found Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac "beat VMware Fusion 3.1 in 92% of the 3D graphics tests" and "84% of the general tests." The labs pitted the two leading commercial virtualization products against each other in more than four thousand tests examining the performance of Windows XP and Windows 7 applications on four different Mac models: the "White" MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro. According to MacTech, "When you look at the big picture of all the testing, Parallels is the clear winner."

"Results from these benchmark tests affirm Parallels’ clear market leadership and validate the positive reviews from businesses and consumers who benefit from Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac’s unmatched overall performance, speed and stability," said Kim Johnston, Parallels’ VP of Marketing. "Mac users can download a free trial of the award-winning Parallels Desktop software at to experience what is simply the fastest, smartest and most powerful performance and discover why it’s the number one-selling solution for running Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting."

Virtualization gives Mac users the ability to run any Windows-only applications, from Internet Explorer to graphics-intensive programs like AutoCad. In order to give a real world view, the benchmark tested the performance of some of these off-the-shelf applications. In the tests, MacTech found that " for the successive launches in all of the Microsoft Office Suite, Parallels Desktop was faster." The full report and results can be viewed on the MacTech website here

Key highlights of the report include:

  • "Graphics performance with two virtual CPUs became even more pronounced, especially under Windows XP where Parallels Desktop was 3-4x faster than VMware Fusion."
  • "If gaming, graphics and 3D are your thing, you have a clear choice. Parallels Desktop 6 has so much better graphics support, and is so much faster in most of the comparisons, there’s simply no contest."
  • "Parallels Desktop was consistently faster in both wired and wireless copying to and from the server on our test LAN, and most of the time, the difference was significant.

"Obviously, when you look at the amount of green…, you can see that Parallels was faster in the vast majority of the tests that we ran," said MacTech.

Reasons to Upgrade to Parallels Desktop 6:

  • VMware Fusion users who are ready to experience the superior performance of "the clear winner" of MacTech’s more than four thousand benchmark tests can enjoy Parallels Desktop 6 today with a special offer from Parallels here
  • Parallels Desktop 5 users who already enjoy its superior performance over VMware Fusion can experience simply the fastest, smartest and most powerful performance by upgrading to Parallels Desktop 6 here MacTech benchmark test results found that "On Windows 7, full Windows boots more than twice as fast, and graphics are almost twice as fast." Also, "On Windows XP… 37% faster graphics (3DMark 06 score)."

Download a free trial of Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac and get more information by visiting

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