Parallels Domain/SSL Reseller Program

Parallels Domain / SSL Reseller Program provides modules for domain registrars worldwide. Click below for frequently asked questions, documentation and other helpful tools to get the answers you need.

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    What is Parallels Domain Name Network?

    Parallels Domain Name Network is offered to our hosting provider partners. By setting up your eNom account through Parallels, you can take advantage of our domain volume to get much lower prices on your domain names, SSL certificates, and other core hosting services than you could on your own. As a result, when you resell these services, your margins will be much higher—plus you won’t have to pay any of the large up-front costs that would normally be required.

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    Can I use this with other non-Parallels products?

    Yes. Although being a Parallels customer is required to sign up, this is a standard reseller account through eNom. It can be used with any hosting product that integrates with eNom—plus you can purchase domains and other services directly from the account by logging into it on eNom's website. Once created, the account is permanent and can be used with or without active Parallels licenses.

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    Can I setup subresellers with Parallels DNN?

    Definitely! Parallels DNN lends itself well to a reseller model, enabling you to set up sub-resellers below your primary account and further increase your revenues.

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    I have an existing eNom account, can I still use Parallels DNN?

    Yes. eNom allows you to "push" domains from one eNom reseller account into another to take advantage of the lower prices. This is not a domain transfer and does not incur any fees.

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