Parallels Elastic IT Solution

Advantages of containers & flexibility of hypervisors in an integrated solution

  • Run 300% more isolated environments on every server with OS containers
  • Manage the virtual environment from a web based "single pane of glass"
  • Eliminate time drift, crush I/O bottlenecks & scale Linux environments on-the-fly

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Superior Virtualization & Automation

Perform tasks across multiple environments with just a few clicks

Parallels elastic IT solution leverages multiple virtualization technologies and a comprehensive management and automation solution. This combined offering simplifies the virtual environment and reduces the friction of provisioning & managing on-demand compute resources.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, an OS virtualization solution is also known as "containers" on both Linux and Windows. The containers are created using an advanced virtualization technique that uses the host operating system & native hardware access to provide secure, isolated environments that act like completely independent systems.

Parallels Server Bare Metal, a hybrid hypervisor & Linux OS container solution extends the environment with additional capabilities to mix and match different operating systems on a single piece of hardware.

Both technologies are managed through the web based "single pane of glass" Parallels Virtual Automation helping to reduce complexity and improve overall productivity.

View the resource utilization of any virtual environment

Parallels container based virtualization enables you to…

  • Run a minimum of 3x more virtual environments per server as compared to hypervisors. Save on hardware, datacenter space, power consumption & administration requirements.
  • Manage a single operating system per physical node instead of managing individual virtual machines. Reduce the administration burden and increase the velocity of changes & updates.
  • Maintain time clock consistency by using the host clock preventing the "time fade" experienced by hypervisors. Rely on the accuracy of the timestamps within applications.
  • Directly access hardware for I/O including networking & disk access to improve response times far better than going through the virtual machine manager of a hypervisor. Eliminate bottlenecks and virtualize more applications than you thought possible.
See alert conditions and drill down to diagnose and take action

Parallels management & automation solution enables you to…

  • Manage multiple servers with a click reducing complexity & time requirements of administration. Manage more servers and environments with fewer administrators.
  • Integrate with custom applications, reporting & 3rd party solutions via our web based API. Use containers in your overall virtualization strategy where they provide the most value.
  • Establish consistent backups & disaster recovery procedures without adding 3rd party software. Eliminate the extra budget spend and simplify the administration.
  • Click to migrate virtual environments between physical hardware nodes without disrupting applications or end users without the need for expensive shared storage or common chip sets in servers.
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