Performance Sensitive Workload Management

Achieve unmatched virtualization performance in performance sensitive environments

  • Run at near-native speeds
  • Impressive scalability
  • Streamlined manageability
  • Achieve all of this under extreme loads

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IT teams often look to virtualization technologies to help find the balance between efficient resource utilization and meeting demanding SLAs. For a number of key business processes, the overhead associated with hypervisor-based virtual environments typically introduces more trouble and challenge than the problems they were designed to solve. The Parallels performance sensitive workload management solution enables your organization to make the most of every IT resource while improving system up-time, ensuring application accuracy, and guaranteeing transaction integrity for even the most performance sensitive applications.

Based upon the same products used in the Parallels Elastic IT solution, Parallels performance sensitive workload management takes advantage of a unique approach to server virtualization called containers. Linux containers isolate virtual environments using a single Linux kernel. This performance-enhancing approach to virtualization provides direct access to system resources and enables applications to run at near native speeds to maintain time-sensitive transaction synchronization that is unattainable with hypervisor technology.

With Parallels you’ll be able to deliver scalable, high-performing virtual environments to meet the increasing demands of your business; achieve service levels much greater than those experienced with hypervisor-based offerings. Employ enterprise-class virtualization with as little as 1% overhead, enabling your organization to:

  • Utilize up to 99% of your available resources by directly natively accessing the system and dynamically adjusting the resource allocations to effectively respond to the high I/O demands of your critical business applications
  • Maintain synchronized environment, system and application time stamps to ensure prescribed operating accuracy and transaction integrity for performance sensitive applications such as hosted Java Virtual Machines and database servers
  • Keep your datacenter running at full speed and your business operations free from disruption, even during system replacements, hardware upgrades, resource re-allocations, application updates, and patch installations

Parallels performance sensitive workload management enables you to…

  • Use your existing hardware to provide more resources to performance-sensitive systems. Achieve near-native system performance for your virtualized environments without sacrificing functionality or scalability.
  • Get the most out of your CPU cycles, memory, network connections, and hard disks. Eliminate I/O bottlenecks and transaction errors that can occur with hypervisor solutions.
  • Proactively monitor and manage the performance of your entire datacenter across both physical and virtual environments. Perform routine administrative tasks across all systems, applications, and resources to improve performance predictability and environment reliability.


Review virtual environment utilization in a single glance

How the Parallels performance sensitive workload management solution works

The Parallels performance sensitive workload management solution abstracts the virtual environment from the hardware layer, enabling organizations to utilize every aspect of their datacenter hardware, and resources. This creates the opportunity to consolidate dedicated and otherwise-underutilized systems onto fewer physical machines, eliminating over-provisioning and under-provisioning by dynamically distributing shared resources amongst the most demanding of operating environments.

Ongoing maintenance and tuning is centrally monitored and controlled, allowing you to preempt system downtime, system failure, and overloaded business environments. Meet both planned and situational performance requirements by dynamically adjusting resource allocations between environments, applying unused resources on-the-fly to the environments that require them the most. Monitor both the physical and virtual environments to identify negative performance trends and receive real-time alerts against soft-limit performance thresholds that could ultimately become a problem for business operations if left unresolved.

Proactively perform your administrative tasks in order to consistently meet your prescribed service level agreements; eliminate interruptions typically experienced with installations, migrations, and upgrades to equipment, operating systems, and applications. As new projects are defined and implemented, apply new systems and applications to existing environments or deploy new virtual environments to take on the additional workload.

Solution Highlights

View & manage system services from the web console

High performance, quality services
Near-native I/O performance enables disk and network intensive applications to work properly, even under extreme load. Deliver properly-streaming telephony capabilities to your business. Host multiple virtualized Java Virtual Machines without the memory collisions that commonly occur when running within hypervisor-based offerings.

Virtually no overhead
Eliminate the overhead associated with hypervisor layers – which can be as much as 20%, or more, in some instances. The Parallels virtual environments operate with as little as 1% overhead, directly accessing the native system resources, thereby reducing the number of servers required by your multi-environment service level agreements. Accomplish more with less, using the systems and resources already in place within the datacenter.

No “time fade”
The system clock for each virtual environment is identical to that of the host system so there is never any “time fade” or any synchronization discrepancies between them. Ensure your database commits and SAP transactions are completed with integrity and that they are accurately time-stamped.

Maintain an audit log of activities related to the virtual environments

Performance-enhancing control
Adjust virtual environment parameters on-the-fly without disrupting the business applications or your end users. Instantly add more CPU, memory, bandwidth, or disk space to improve operating performance or to alleviate bottlenecks. Deploy additional environments from templates, or clone existing environments within seconds; add to overall datacenter capacity and improve operating performance at speeds your business expects.

Transaction continuity and integrity
Transfer peak load environments to more powerful systems mid-stream without interrupting the running processes or affecting connected user activity, maintaining end-to-end service continuity and transaction integrity while improving operating performance in real-time.

Always prepared
Monitor and define the anticipated operating ranges for your environment I/O and set soft limit alerts to be triggered in real-time, notifying you of potential trends that could result in poor system and application performance, or even failure, if not addressed.

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