Linux Server Consolidation

Consolidate Linux servers & applications to meet the increasing demands of your business

  • Maximize Your Hardware
  • Get the Most From Datacenter Resources
  • Optimize Your Need for Administrative Manpower

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IT teams are challenged to meet the growing resource needs of the business while reducing both budget and headcount. Single purpose Linux servers represent underutilized hardware that can be recaptured and repurposed only if speed and scalability can be maintained. The Parallels server consolation solution provides a proven virtualization and automation environment enabling the successful consolidation of Linux servers thereby reducing costs and improving productivity.

Based upon the same products used in the Parallels elastic IT solution, Parallels Linux server consolidation takes advantage of a unique approach to server virtualization called containers. Linux containers isolate virtual environments while using a single Linux kernel. This unique approach to virtualization provides direct access to system resources and enables applications to run at near native speeds with impressive scalability, manageability, and server utilization that can’t be achieved with hypervisors.

With Parallels you’ll be able to maximize your investments while streamlining the delivery of scalable virtual environments to meet the increasing demands of your business. Consolidate and share resources and management tasks across the datacenter, enabling your organization to:

  • Achieve up to a 30% efficiency improvement in hardware utilization over hypervisor-based solutions
  • Make informed, real-time decisions regarding resource allocations to meet standing SLAs and fluctuating business requirements
  • Reduce the time, resources, and risk associated with the deployment, management, and maintenance of complex operating environments

Parallels Linux server consolidation enables you to…

  • Automatically transfer physical servers and virtual machines into Parallels containers. Simplify the consolidation and administration of the virtual operating environment.
  • Maximize your existing investments by directly accessing the native hardware to improve data access and achieve network response times far superior than when going through the virtual machine manager of a hypervisor. Achieve near-native I/O performance without sacrificing scalability.
  • Streamline and automate routine administrative tasks across multiple Linux systems, applications, and resources. Manage more servers with fewer staff while improving performance predictability and environment reliability.


Visually review resource utilization history for each environment

How the Parallels Linux consolidation solution works

By automating the abstraction of the virtual environment from the hardware layer, the Parallels Linux server consolidation solution enables organizations to easily move physical servers into virtual environments with minimum friction. Simply drag the physical server objects to their destination virtual container to initiate the migration process. Once the transfer is complete, the business can immediately capitalize on improved hardware utilization, reduced datacenter space, and a reduction in power consumption. The use of Linux containers enables an impressive 3x or more increase of virtual environments per physical server as compared to the less-efficient hypervisor alternatives.

Consolidate underutilized and legacy workloads onto fewer physical machines, eliminating over-provisioning, centralizing legacy systems management, and automating every day routine tasks. Deploy new virtual environments in seconds, dynamically distribute shared resources amongst the most demanding of operating environments, and move operational environments and their applications between old and new resources alike. Complete all of these business-critical tasks yet still meet your prescribed service level agreements by eliminating the disruptions typically experienced with physical or hypervisor installations, migrations and upgrades.

Ongoing maintenance and tuning is centrally monitored and controlled, allowing you to reduce the time and administrative overhead required to perform routine and ad-hoc management tasks across the datacenter. Meet organization-specific and situational requirements by creating your own environment templates and adjusting resource allocations including memory, CPU & disk space on-the-fly.

Solution Highlights

Maintain a task log of administrative activities that occur across the environment

Native resource utilization
Eliminate the burdensome hypervisor layer overhead and enable your virtual environments to directly access the native system resources. Achieve enterprise-class virtualization with as little as 1% system overhead to reduce the number of servers required; reduce the resource requirements for each piece of hardware.

Business-enabling control
Adjust virtual environment parameters on-the-fly without disrupting applications or your end users. Instantly add more CPU, memory, bandwidth, or disk space to improve operating performance or to alleviate bottlenecks. Deploy additional environments from templates, or clone existing environments within seconds; add to overall datacenter capacity at speeds the business requires.

Automated administration
Leverage integrated and automated administrative controls across the entire datacenter to increase IT staff efficiency and reduce human error. Automate backups of virtual environments to improve system and data reliability and to instill confidence during disaster recovery situations. Enable self-service provisioning; leverage approved template-based environments in response to common provisioning requests from trusted users.

Live migration capabilities
Easily move active Linux containers between physical servers with just a few clicks. Transfer workloads mid-stream without disrupting the running processes or affecting connected user activity, maintaining end-to-end service continuity and transaction integrity. Eliminate down time due to scheduled and unexpected hardware maintenance and software updates.

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