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Satisfy the demands of developers & web applications

  • Highly leverage servers by running 100+ isolated LAMP stacks
  • Reduce administrative burden of managing environments
  • Quickly expand resources of virtual environments on-the-fly

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IT departments are challenged every day the by the demand placed upon them by the development organization to continually provide servers, update servers and manage web applications. With rapid development programs well under way organizations find that even small groups of developers require a large number of servers for continuous development & testing.

The Parallels elastic IT solution lays the foundation necessary to solve the developer & web application dilemma. By taking advantage of the unique OS virtualization solution provided by Parallels, individual servers can support 300% or more virtual environments as compared to a hypervisor. The cost savings are tremendous lowering the per-environment expense to a fraction of a virtual machine.

How the Parallels developer cloud & elastic web hosting works

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The Parallels elastic IT solution provides the capabilities necessary to quickly enable a developer cloud in an organizations’ own environment. Each server that will participate in the developer cloud is configured with one of the Parallels server virtualization products. This includes Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows or Parallels Server Bare Metal Advanced Edition. Once the servers are configured the Parallels Virtual Automation management system is installed and configured. Best practices suggest that a Linux container is used to host the management solution eliminating the need for a separate management server. After a few simple configuration parameters for networking the environment is ready to deploy standardized environments on-demand. Through the web based console the administrator (or other user with appropriate permissions) can walk through a simple wizard that will configure and deploy the virtual environment. Settings can be captured into a template so that future deployments are as simple as just a few clicks. This pre-configured environment can be as simple as an operating system or as complex as a series of applications. The Parallels solution comes pre-configured with multiple standard OS environments that you can easily extend with company certified editions as well as template for applications, databases, etc.

Provision applications from your "gold images"

Once virtual environments are provisioned, the owner of the environment can be granted web based access through the Parallels Power Panel application. This application provides comprehensive user self service capabilities to streamline and delegate the process of managing the virtual environments.

For those organizations looking to improve automation across their virtual environments, the Parallels XML API simplifies the process. The API enables organizations to integrate business processes, third party systems and internal control mechanisms into a web based application. Nearly all of the features of the Parallels Virtual Automation solution are available via the API giving an unprecedented level of control to the business when it comes to integration.

Solution Highlights

Provision operating systems from your library of "gold images"

On-demand provisioning
Simplify the process of bringing up compute capacity on the fly. With just a few clicks in the web based console or via commands through the web based API — fully configured business ready servers are available in an instant.

Pre-configured environments for consistency
Satisfy corporate compliance rules and maintain your own library of operating systems, applications and more. Standardize deployment types and application sets to quickly onboard new developers or deploy web applications with the right collection of libraries and tools every time.

Maintain a complete resource library of operating systems, applications and more

User self service
Virtual environment owners can be authorized to self manage their instances. Through a web based console the user can perform administrative tasks such as changing passwords and managing backups. They are also able to review performance metrics, interact with processes, start, stop, repair and even reload the virtual environment offloading the day-to-day administration from the IT staff.

Environment scalability "on-the-fly"
Most solution talk about scalability in terms of quickly adding another server to a web farm or to an application cluster. With the Parallels solution each individual environment can be adjusted on the fly without disrupting the applications or their users. This capability provides impressive control to the administrator who can increase server power, memory needs or disk space on the fly to ensure that SLAs are being met.

Adjust resource setting for virtual environments on-the-fly

Automated administration
Leverage integrated and automated administrative controls across the entire datacenter to increase IT staff efficiency and reduce human error. Automate backups of virtual environments to improve system and data reliability and to instill confidence during disaster recovery situations. Enable self-service provisioning; leverage approved template-based environments in response to common provisioning requests from trusted users.

Live migration capabilities
Easily move active Linux containers between physical servers with just a few clicks. Transfer workloads mid-stream without disrupting the running processes or affecting connected user activity, maintaining end-to-end service continuity and transaction integrity. Eliminate down time due to scheduled and unexpected hardware maintenance and software updates.

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