Parallels Business Consulting Services — Business Plan Development

Blueprint for success: developing a winning business plan

A detailed, comprehensive business plan plays a key role in the success of your Cloud initiative.

This is a proven methodology based on best practices for your Cloud initiative business plan.

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Parallels Business Plan Development service will help you:

  • Access to a rich version of the Parallels SMB Insight™ report for your target market
  • Create a business plan for your Cloud initiative that is consistent with your core business
  • Set aggressive—but realistic—goals for your Cloud offerings
  • Get the perspective of industry experts to help you make the right choices

At the end of this consulting service, you’ll have:

  • A detailed business plan, including revenue ramp-up projections, cost and investment estimates, profit and loss projections, and product line profitability
  • A high-level launch plan for your Cloud service
  • Expert advice on the pros and cons of different technology choices (for example, platform licensing vs. revenue share; in-house service development vs. syndicated services)
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