Parallels Business Consulting Services — Go-to-Market Services

Get a head start with Parallels Cloud go-to-market services

If you’re new to hosting or Cloud services, already have a business plan in place, and want to get up to speed as fast as possible, then Parallels Cloud Go-to-Market Services are for you. (If you haven’t yet developed your business plan, see Parallels Business Plan Development.)

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We can help you with all aspects of your go-to-market campaign, including:

  • Defining your offer
  • Developing your market strategy
  • Planning your service launch
  • Aligning your sales efforts across all affected departments—sales, marketing, operations, and support

Choose from our:

Virtualisation de desktops
- Parallels Desktop 9 pour Mac
- Pour les entreprises
- Parallels Desktop pour Mac Enterprise Edition
- Parallels Management-Mac pour Microsoft SCCM
- Tous les Produits de virtualisation de desktops >>
Plates-formes d'automatisation cloud et d'hébergement
Parallels Plesk Panel Suite
- Parallels Plesk Panel
- Parallels Plesk Automation
- Parallels Web Presence Builder
Parallels Automation Suite
- Parallels Automation
- Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure
- Parallels Business Automation Standard
Parallels Virtualization Suite
- Parallels Cloud Server
- Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
- Parallels Virtual Automation
Services & Ressources
- Services Cloud Acceleration
- Services professionnels
- Services d'assistance
- Formation & Certification