Les compagnies de télécoms ont recours à SWsoft pour automatiser leurs infrastructures

septembre 24, 2007

HERNDON, Va., September 24, 2007 – Driven by a need to reduce infrastructure costs while offering new services, telecom providers are implementing software from SWsoft to help them deliver automated hosting services.

Telecom carriers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa such as KPN (The Netherlands), Swisscom (Switzerland), Telecom Italia, STA (Andorra Telecom), Portugal Telecom and Togo Telecom are using SWsoft products to add revenue by introducing hosting services and software as a service (SaaS) to their large base of small- and medium-size business customers.

"Telecoms and Internet service providers are increasingly becoming important players in the hosting business," said Soeren von Varchmin, managing director for SWsoft’s European and Asian operations. "Many of these carriers were more recent entrants to the hosting market, but by employing new advanced technologies from SWsoft, hosting services and SaaS applications are easier to roll out on a larger scale."

Small- and medium-size businesses are purchasing services from telecom carriers and ISPs that include shared web hosting, virtual private servers, hosted Exchange, hosted SharePoint and SaaS offerings. Many of the customers added these new services to their existing accounts.

Telecoms use SWsoft products to reduce the number of calls to customer service for routine tasks such as buying more disk space, adding e-mail accounts, installing sub-domains and installing new applications. For example, through automated control panels, telecom customers can manage their services in the middle of the night without the need for after-hours support.

SWsoft provides a complete line of products - hosting control panels, provisioning systems, billing systems, customized datacenter management tools - that provide telecom carriers with the solutions they need to profitably launch hosting services and SaaS applications. By automating everything from online ordering to service delivery and billing, telecom carriers have been able to offer hosting services that can scale to meet the demands of their customers.

SWsoft telecom customers also benefit from OPEN FUSION, an SWsoft technology initiative to improve integration among a wide range of systems, third-party applications and modules, and custom and in-house solutions. The OPEN FUSION platform enables optimized delivery of SaaS and traditional hosting services to help ISVs and service providers take full advantage of new opportunities in the market.

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