Cross-Platform Application Stories

Run Windows software seamless on your Mac

If you're running Mac OS on your computer at home, there will often be a need to run a dedicated piece
of Windows software. Or the work network just requires a Windows client to make everything work to
company policies.    Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is your answer to all those issues. Like the best Mac
software, it just works. Click on a exe file and PD9 will automatically launch. If you want to hide the
Windows interface, that programme will run in its own window just like a Mac application.    Seamless,
easy, convenient and reliable. PD9 builds on previous versions and keeps out of your way. It's so good,
you sometimes don't even notice that it's running.

Tony Grice

Best version yet!

As an independent IT consultant I have to deal with different environments with different customers.
Being able to install ANY Windows based software for a customer's project with ease, or setup a specific
Windows environment for analysis, specification or development is crucial to my business. With Parallels
Desktop 9 this is even better, and faster! It's amazing how fluently for instance Windows 8 works on my
MacBook Pro. Performance is great, at no time one would think that the system in the virtual machine
responses slower than the native Mac OS is doing. Simply fantastic.

Gunther Weiser

All is well for Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac

I have successfully installed Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac on my 15" Apple MacBook Pro Retina with the
following guest operating systems:     Linux Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit  Linux Mint 64-bit  Linux Zorin 64-bit  
Windows XP Pro  Windows 7 Pro 64-bit  Windows 8 Pro 64-bit    The 15" MacBook Pro is configured with
a 500GB SSD and 16GB of RAM. In addition, this laptop has dual 27" monitors attached. Running any of
the guest OS's on either monitor - even two of them simultaneously, one on each monitor - is sheer
pleasure. Resizing the display for any guest OS is made possible with Parallels Tools, and moving the
mouse from guest OS to host OS is seamless. All features and functions of Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac
for each guest OS work flawlessly.    The same configuration of guest operating systems is also running
on an older 17" MacBook Pro configured with a 960GB SSD and 8GB of RAM.    I am very happy with
Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac and recommend it to all my friends.


Great product, easy to use.

I am a project engineer and I use Parallels for AutoCAD work everyday. I love using my MacBook Pro but
AutoCAD just runs better in Windows  7.  Parallels Desktop 9 is even better than before. It always runs
smoothly and I never have any issues.


Rock solid and fast

Parallels takes care of the VPN connection and two applications that require Windows 7 for work.  The
rest of my computing needs are completely covered with Mac OS X.  Parallels Desktop 9 for the Mac lets
me keep ALL my computing needs on one platform, allows easy access of files from both operating
systems, and runs Windows 7 lightening fast.  Boot up time is around 5 seconds on my MacBook Pro
Retina compared to minutes on a Lenova with a hard drive.  I've been running Parallels Desktop 9 for the
Mac for months and have yet to have one hiccup in stability or performance including keeping a VPN
connection going all day long most days.  Great product!


WOW Parallels Desktop 9

I have been using Parallels Desktop now for several years and version 9 is very fast and responsive.  It is
very easy to setup other virtual operating systems and work with all of my files on my Mac.  This is the
best version yet great job.


Fast Windows on Mac

I am using Parallels since version 4. The new version "Parallels Desktop 9" seems to be faster than the
earlier versions, all my Windows-VM are working without problems (Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8). I use
Parallels for programming and Office-Business (MS-Office in all versions). I am very satisfied.


Seamless integration. Good performance. It just work.

I migrated from using Windows PCs to a Mac environment several years ago, and having Parallels  has
been a great safety net for those times when I have to run a Windows-only application.  The product has
gotten better and better over the years, and Parallels Desktop 9 is no exception.  Thanks for a great


Great stuff for those who take a chance!

My name is Pedro. I work at the Counseling office of a College. I'm a Graphic designer. I use Parallels
Desktop 9 as a Mac user to be able to share and work at the college. The college uses Windows and
Linux for most of everything. So, I use Parallels to run Linux and Windows at the same time. It has been a
very helpful and easy to use. I have been using Parallels Desktop since the first edition came out. I'm not
going to lie and say I haven't tried other software, but I always find myself coming back. Well, I kind of
stopped giving other software the time a day. I have been an exclusive Parallels Desktop since the 3
edition, when I acknowledged that Parallels Desktop was everything I needed. I have been promoting
Parallels Desktop to everyone in my department. I'm proud to say I am successful in doing so. I LOVE


A must for anyone who needs Windows on their Mac.

I am an automation programmer by day, photographer by night.  As a programmer, I am required to
have Windows for some of the specialized software that requires Windows, but refuse to give up the
quality experience of my Mac.  Fortunately, Parallels has always been there for my VM needs.  With
Parallels Desktop 9, everything runs smooth and efficiently with no hiccups whatsoever.  Yes, there are
other options, but I will never say that they are better options.  Not even close.


Parallels Desktop 9

Hi my name is Tim and I'm a translator. A lot of translation software is Windows based while I stand
firmly in the Mac corner. The solution for me has been Parallels Desktop. I've used Parallels to run
Windows software for many years now and the feature set currently offered by Desktop 9 means I can
benefit from the productivity gains of the translation software while still using a computer I feel
completely at home with.


Best performance yet

I work in a range of fields including web design, typography etc., and Parallels is the best method
available for cross-platform testing of site designs and access to occasional Windows utilities that aren't
available in Mac version. These are my primary uses for Parallels, though I also occasionally play a few
Windows games with it. I've been using it for years (right back to version 1), and I've also used VMware
Fusion in the past. However, I totally abandoned Fusion because, despite the various good reviews that I
read, I always found it extremely disappointing in comparison with Parallels. Parallels always had the
edge in both performance and features; and often on stability too in my experience. It was also always
BY FAR the better option in terms of its graphics support; certainly with the few games I tested, it was
streets ahead of Fusion in this area (always comparing the latest versions of each product). As for
Parallels Desktop 9, it's obviously the best yet. It would be true to say that it doesn't really offer a great
deal over version 8, for me at least, as its feature set is now pretty mature. But it's always good to keep
up with the latest version on the latest Mac OS X version, and obviously it offers the best performance
to date. Although not much mention seems to have been made of its Snow Leopard Server support, in
my limited experience it does appear that this now performs a lot better in Parallels 9 than in Parallels 8
(based on general usability). Overall, Parallels 9 is a really fantastic product.

Richard Hallas

Improved Outlook!

I travel frequently for business and the idea of carrying my 8-10lb company issued laptop to ensure access to my Outlook Personal Folders was not an appealing option. So, I moved to a 2lb MacBook Air. Problem was that Outlook for Mac utilizes a different personal folder format than Outlook for Windows. With Parallels, problem solved! I was able to install Windows on my MacBook Air along with Outlook for Windows. I use Dropbox to store my Personal Folders to keep them fully in sync with my office computer. With coherence, I am able to use Outlook in Windows and open Excel and Word documents in Office for MAC without any issue. It's the best of both worlds, and seamlessly integrated! AWESOME!


Parallels Rocks!

I'm an architect working in an almost exclusive Windows office. I chose to buy and use my own MacBook Pro to avoid the problem I was having with the company furnished Windows-based laptop. After experiencing an embarrassing moment in front of a major client when I couldn't get the Windows machine to work with a projector, I went out and purchased the Mac. I got home, connected everything and it worked perfectly; then turned in my company laptop the next day and never looked back. The CEO said he would buy me the best lap top on the market and I replied, "I already have the best lap top!" The only problem was that I still needed to work in the Windows world to use some of our Windows-only software. Parallels has made it possible for me to coexist and perform my work seamlessly. I'm currently running Parallels 8 and Windows 7 professional without any problems. In fact my setup has worked so well that the anti-Apple stance of the company has softened and the Director of Design is now using a Retina display MacBook Pro and Parallels to run all his architectural design tools. Without Parallels I'd still be struggling with the world of Windows, truly a dark place I want to avoid. Thanks for a great program!


The Getaway

As an embedded software and applications engineer I often find myself working on tedious and detailed projects. Combine this with an at-work environment consisting of nothing but interruptions and it's no wonder my productivity is low. Frustrating as it is, our office has the mentality that if you aren't there you aren't working. Our development platform is Windows based and I own a 27", i7, iMac. This baby runs Windows 7 under Parallels better than my work PC (Pentium). So when I get extremely agitated at work and start falling behind schedule I insist that my product manager let me work at home. I'm just amazed at how much work I get done, even in Windows. Parallels makes running Windows as Mac-like as possible. Too bad you can't get the quirks out of the OS but I understand you're not re-writing windows but merely offering an environment for Windows code. I was a long time user of Virtual PC, then VMware, then discovered Parallels for the PC and the Mac and have never looked back. I like the "race" between VMware and Parallels - makes for great product. I recommend Parallels to everyone wishing to virtualize; whether they have a Mac or PC. So thank you for my sanity and for making a product that fits seamlessly into the Mac. "It just works!"


Saves me every time.

I have been using Parallels since version 4. This application has been a lifesaver many times in the past whenever I needed to use Windows on my Mac. I recently needed to do a tutorial and I had to use Windows to use an application. I seamlessly took screenshots with my Mac and switched to Windows to use the apps. Parallels has also helped my wife ease into using a Mac since she was coming from using Windows. I can't thank the programmers at Parallels for making this software better with each version.


PC/Mac Transition

My story is about personally transitioning from a PC environment to that of a MAC with the aid of Parallels Desktop. I am a Professor Emeritus in agriculture from the University of Florida and thus a senior citizen. Prior to 2 years ago I strictly used Windows software and PC computers. In 2010, I purchased an iMac desktop computer as well as Parallels Desktop software to allow me to utilize a lot of Windows software in a virtual window. I had been advised by my son-in-law that Mac computers were superior in many ways to PC's. Parallels Desktop allowed me to jump into the Mac "abyss" without losing very much sleep. Since that time I have become more comfortable with my iMAC to the point that I am currently using Windows Office for Mac. I am certainly not a computer "geek" but am still learning useful things about Parallels and Mac. I very much like photography and am very impressed with iPhoto features on my iMac. One day in the future I may actually go totally to the Mac world but not for now. Parallels Desktop has changed the way I do computing.


The invisible PC

Once upon a time there was a an old reliable HP work horse of a computer sitting under my desk keeping my feet warm in the winter but hot in the summer. There was also a nice picture tube that let me see inside with its own keyboard and mouse which were essential for probing its innards. All of these items occupied valuable space on the surface of my desk. Now thanks to Parallels, the foot warmer is gone and much space on my desk has been liberated. I did not choose Parallels over any of its competitors, (are there any?), I was ordered to install it by someone who cares about me. Now everyone is living happily ever after except the HP of course. All of the PC applications that I need are performing better than they ever did and the PC is invisible.


User Friendly

I am a huge fan of Mac, but there are a few programs in Windows that I would not live without, such as Quicken. That is why Parallels has been the perfect solution for me. Windows and Mac software work side by side, smoothly, you even cannot tell if you are in one or other base. I upgraded to Windows 8 at the very first day... everything was perfect. Parallels is the meaning of the expression "user friendly".


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