Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ for the Netherlands Details the Most Profitable Opportunities for Delivering Cloud Services to Small and Medium Businesses

November 6, 2012

Dutch SMB cloud market expected to grow by 19 per cent annually and reach €500M by 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 6th November 2012. Parallels, a hosting and cloud services enablement leader, today released the key findings of its SMB Cloud Insights™ for the Netherlands, a detailed report illustrating how service providers can profit by delivering cloud services to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Parallels estimates that the Dutch SMB cloud services market opportunity grew 17 per cent in 2011, reaching €298M, and is expected to continue to grow 19 per cent annually, reaching €500M by 2015. Although some Dutch SMBs have been early adopters of cloud services, the future growth will be driven by SMBs expanding their current level of use, whether by incorporating new services or adding applications and functionality to their existing services. Therefore, service providers who target the specific market segments and application bundles as identified in the report will be in the best position to upsell and cross-sell existing and new customers. This research is being released today at the World Hosting Day Local Netherlands, where industry leaders will gather to discuss current trends in hosting and cloud products & services.

Parallels report also identifies the type of cloud services that SMBs commonly consume, and how service providers can best meet the needs of these customers. Of the overall €298M market, Parallels calculated that hosted infrastructure currently accounts for €103M, web presence services add €72M, hosted communication and collaboration (consisting of hosted premium email and hosted PBX) contributes €21M, and business applications account for the remaining €102M.

“Our research continues to demonstrate that Dutch service providers who offer SMBs the right bundle of services at the right price will expand their customer base and revenues as well as enjoy the most growth. The challenge to service providers is how to better know and understand the buying behaviours of their SMBs. Thus, Parallels’ expertise in this area can prove to be invaluable intelligence for more effectively marketing and selling cloud services to SMBs” said John Zanni, Vice President of Service Provider Marketing and Alliances, Parallels.

Other key opportunities identified in the report include:
  • Hosted infrastructure:
    • This continues to be a viable market, as 81 per cent of Dutch SMBs have not yet moved to hosted servers—a number that is on par with that in other leading SMB cloud markets, such as Germany and the US
    • Dutch use of in-house infrastructure continues to decline between 5-10 per cent a year, representing the move to the cloud

  • Web presence:
    • The Dutch web presence market continues to grow at a solid 8-10 per cent yearly growth rate, with a current market size of €72M and is anticipated to grow to reaching €92M in 2015
    • This growth is being fuelled by cloud converters moving from in-house web servers to third-party web hosting, giving hosting providers the opportunity to sell web presence services when SMBs move from on-premise to hosted infrastructure

  • Hosted Communication and Collaboration:
    • While 96 per cent of all SMBs using free or paid email accounts, hosted premium email services for SMBs has grown by over 200 per cent in the last year

  • Business applications:
    • Forty-four per cent of Dutch SMBs have yet to adopt some form of free or paid online applications. Parallels calculates that the 2015 market size for business applications among Dutch SMBs will grow 15 per cent year-over-year, reaching €154M in 2015

The new Netherlands report expands the Parallels SMB Cloud Insights series to fifteen current SMB geographic market profiles, including a world-wide edition; regional reports for the Euro Zone and Asia-Pacific; plus individual reports for Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. All Parallels SMB Cloud Insights Reports can be downloaded at

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