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Singapore Watch Exchange halves operational costs with more flexible web hosting solutions at USONYX

Singapore Watch Exchange (SWX), a social media platform for watch enthusiasts, has been working with Parallels’ platinum partner USONYX since March 2010. USONYX offers a wide range of solutions and packages, and SWX found one that closely matched its requirements which was like having a customized solution.

To support web hosting clients like SWX, USONYX uses Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS), a hosting business automation solution which simplifies service plan creation and automates the online storefront, provisioning and billing services to their clients. With PBAS, USONYX is able to provide the capability for SWX to “top up” only those resources that it needs, be it storage, CPU or bandwidth, instead of having to upgrade the entire web hosting package.

According to SWX founder, Graham Chang, “Unlike a typical corporate web site, hosting a social media platform is somewhat more complex. User traffic reaches considerable peaks during certain times of the day, often exceeding our hosting resources, and keeping SWX up and accessible was a daily challenge.”

Since SWX engaged USONYX’s web hosting services, downtime has become a thing of the past and SWX site was available for people to access whenever they felt like it and not only when it was accessible.

SWX also enjoyed “immeasurable” gains in efficiency after it began subscribing to USONYX's services. Chang said, “With our previous hosting provider, we wasted a lot of time administering the site ourselves to make sure that it remained up. We had a control panel which allowed us to reboot the server, and we were doing that in the middle of the night.”

The increased uptime of its social media platform also enables SWX to grow its revenues significantly and at the same time, it has been able to halve its operational costs. “USONYX’s prices were reasonable to begin with, and every time we need to upgrade, we can just add what we need instead of upgrading the entire package. The combination of these two factors really brought down my hosting costs.”

With the end-user control panels of PBAS, USONYX is also able to provide clients like SWX with an easy way to manage their accounts, permissions, domains, payments, and other aspects of the applications and services they use. For example, SWX is able to shop for web hosting services online. It is just as convenient when it comes to upgrading its resource requirements. All that Chang needs to do is to log into the USONYX web site and proceed to select the required resources. The pricing and specifications are all provided.

“It is all self-service, and very convenient. We don’t even need to call USONYX,” added Chang.

To find out more about PBAS, click here.

Parallels Launches Inaugural Asia Pacific Partner Awards

Parallels will be launching its first Asia Pacific Partner Awards at the Parallels APAC Summit 2011 to be held from September 23-25 in Singapore.

The Parallels Partner Awards aims to recognize partners in this region that have realized growth, shown innovative strategies and optimized their business for future success using Parallels products, solutions and services.

As the rate of cloud adoption among SMBs continue to grow, it is essential that companies drive efficiency to accelerate growth, become a full service provider to grow profitability, reduce churn and partner with established companies with differentiating skill sets.

There are six award categories that reflect the global market and product areas of Parallels. They are:

  1. New Partner of the Year – A first year Parallels partner that achieves strong revenue growth and is particularly innovative in using Parallels products.
  2. Excellence in Innovation – The most innovative partner in delivering services, marketing its business and being technically creative.
  3. Excellence in Parallels Plesk Panel - The Parallels partner that is successful and creative in delivering shared web-hosting services while being dedicated to Parallels Plesk Panel.
  4. Excellence in Parallels Automation - The Parallels partner that is successful and creative in delivering messaging and collaboration services while being dedicated to Parallels Automation.
  5. Excellence in Virtualized Infrastructure Services and Virtualization - The Parallels partner that is successful and creative in delivering virtualized infrastructure services while being dedicated to Parallels Virtualization.
  6. Emerging Region Partner of the Year – The partner that has strong year-on-year sales growth, a growing customer base, and a strong commitment to Parallels products in Asia.

Have you registered for Parallels APAC Summit yet?

Parallels APAC Summit 2011 is the biggest event in Asia Pacific for the hosting and Cloud community. Get unique insights on the latest trends and shifts in SMBs and Cloud and what they mean to your business, specifically insights that will enable you to take advantage of this changing landscape to grow and protect your business. And, there is no conference registration fee!

  • Understand what drives your customers. Hear the results of Parallels’ proprietary SMB research results, revealing the SMB buying priorities for the coming year.
  • Learn what it takes to be a successful service provider. Gain unique insights into attributes shared by today’s most successful service providers.
  • Network with over 300 industry professionals. Share and learn best practices that can help you improve your current execution and get ahead in the coming year.
  • Gain real-time access to Parallels developers and executives. Learn about our roadmap and plans for future products, ask questions and get answers, in-person!

This is your chance to learn from the experts in the industry:

  • Jack Zubarev, President, Marketing and Alliances, Parallels will lead the Panel Discussion on "Profiting from the Cloud Now in Asia". Jack will be on stage with prominent hosters in Asia Pacific and they will be sharing their experience on Cloud & Hosting Strategy.
  • SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby will present an update following the successful merger of SoftLayer and The Planet, which has created one of the largest privately held hosting companies in the world, generating $260 million in revenues and delivering EBITDA margins of nearly 40 per cent.
  • Darren Pleasance, Partner, McKinsey & Company, will be sharing his perspectives on how the technology landscape will evolve over the next several years and implications and opportunities for building a successful business in a Cloud-driven world.

Click here for the complete agenda, including details on all of our keynote speakers and up-to-date session information.

The Parallels APAC Summit will be held on September 23 – 25, 2011 at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore. Don’t miss out! Register today!

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