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Parallels Summit 2014 Registration is LIVE

This year Parallels Summit 2014 is taking place in the “Big Easy” – New Orleans, February 24-26, 2014. One of the most unique cities in America, New Orleans is known for its cuisine, music (particularly jazz), and its many celebrations and festivals, most notably Mardi Gras.

Some of the key highlights for this year’s Parallels Summit include:
  • Collaborate with more than 1,200 of your industry peers – 28% of whom travel to this event from outside North America – in the many networking events, breakout sessions, and keynotes.

  • Meet with Parallels partners and discover new cutting edge products and services to offer in the Expo Hall.

  • Listen to featured keynote speaker Nicholas G. Carr, a 2011 Pulitzer Prize nominee and New York Times bestseller, provide his insights on technology, culture and economics.

  • Visit the Parallels Innovation Zone to see where Parallels is taking its products and partner programs.

  • Enjoy the attendee party featuring indie rockers, Ra Ra Riot at the House of Blues.

  • Revel in the Mardi Gras festivities (Fat Tuesday is on March 4) and check out two of the biggest parades of the season—Bacchus and Endymion.

Register now through November 30 for the early bird $199 registration fee (a savings of $200). Don't miss out on Parallels Summit 2014 - get registered today!

Mark Your Calendar for WHD.local

As a Diamond Sponsor, Parallels would like to personally invite you to attend WHD.local 2013, taking place in eight exciting venues around Europe:

Register now for WHD.local using the code PAWHDL13 to waive the registration fee and be sure to stop by and visit Parallels at our booth.

Featured Blog Post

What? A Parallels Solution for cPanel?

Parallels Web Presence Builder isn’t just for Parallels Plesk Panel anymore

There’s a bit of a rivalry between users of Parallels Plesk Panel and users of cPanel. Typically technical cPanel users prefer the ‘every single option on one screen’ user interface, while everyday end-user types prefer the more user-friendly, intuitively-organized Parallels Plesk Panel interface which enables customizable views and hides all of the hosting-for-pay functionality from view if the user does not require them. But...
Read more.

Case Studies

Rumahweb Scales its Operations with Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Cloud Storage

Rumahweb, one of the biggest web hosts in Indonesia, consolidated its IT environment on Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Cloud Storage to ensure 99.9% availability and scalability with its virtualization and clustering capabilities. Read more.

Partner Resources

NEW Customizable Company and Certified APS
Applications Pages in Parallels PartnerNet

In case you haven’t visited Parallels PartnerNet recently, we just released an important update, giving you a great reason to revisit the site (or register for the first time).

Specifically, a new feature set within Parallels PartnerNet now enables service provider partners and APS-certified ISVs to more easily manage their company profiles, along with the ability to create and manage a unique page for each of their APS-enabled applications and solutions.

These customizable pages help enable ISVs to differentiate themselves by including assets such as data sheets, video assets, and a link to to download the actual package. Parallels service provider partners can easily search through APS-certified solutions and quickly discover new, third-party services to expand their offerings within specific application categories.

If you have any questions, please email us at

New Marketing Resources Enable Hosters to Lead with a Do-It-Yourself Website Offer

In the past, the trend in shared hosting was to offer new customers ‘good, better and best’ hosting packages, and then let them compare endless lists of features in order to select the package that best fit their needs and budgets. That worked very well for many years, but wasn’t always an easy purchase experience for less technical SMBs. Website builders were an accessory – something to include in a hosting offer - but not a core tool used for attracting and retaining new hosting customers.

The trend now, in case you haven’t noticed, is to target non-technical customers with a solution sale – a low cost, easy-to-use, do-it-yourself website that is socially-integrated, commerce-enabled, and renders attractively when accessed on mobile devices. In short, the website builder has graduated from a basic accessory to the main event, and it is now a critical tool for growing a hosting business.

Parallels Web Presence Builder enables shared hosters to lead with their own DIY website offers. It's highly customizable, allowing you to offer a solution to match your business, brand and customers. And it’s designed with hosters in mind, with the content and features SMBs want.

Pivoting from feature-based selling to solution selling can be a challenge for some partners. To help with the transition, Parallels created a sample campaign landing page and related materials.

The campaign – Your business, open all day, every day – provides a ready-to-use landing page specifically designed to appeal to SMBs, especially since approximately 30% still do not have their own website. A Parallels-produced overview video called Build your business website today (available in multiple languages) plugs nicely into the landing page, OR partners can substitute their own video. Banners that entice customers to Build your free website in minutes are also available to help you direct visitors to your landing page. These assets – which can be used “as is” or customized – combined with a free, hands-on evaluation experience provide partners everything they need to attract new potential customers, and convert triers into buyers.

These and other Parallels Web Presence Builder marketing assets and training content are available on the Parallels Web Presence Builder resources page on Parallels PartnerNet.

Special Offers

Easy Money! Get Paid When Parallels Web Presence Builder
Users Upgrade Ecwid E-Commerce Subscriptions

One of the most powerful features of Parallels Web Presence Builder is the ability to add a powerful online store and shopping cart experience to any website with just a few clicks. The complete e-commerce engine is delivered by Ecwid, and enables anyone to easily sell and deliver goods and services through a customizable online store that’s accessible via the web, mobile, and Facebook. Ecwid’s solution is elegant, easy-to-use and comprehensive. It has a good reputation, and plenty of fans.

Parallels Web Presence Builder users can get free Ecwid subscriptions that are limited to 10 catalog items – perfect for a risk-free toe dip in the e-commerce pond. Good, better, best plans increase store capacity and product features, and help you know which of your customers are investing in cloud-based services to grow their business. Help them, teach them, keep them.

Now Parallels Partners who offer Parallels Web Presence Builder can earn money from Ecwid every time a user upgrades to a paid Ecwid plan. Earn 25% of each user’s paid subscription every month without lifting a finger. Now that’s easy money!

You can take advantage of this offer if you include Parallels Web Presence Builder in your hosting plans, or if you attach Parallels Plesk Panel to leased servers. This is an awesome opportunity, and it could be worth an additional $40 to $300 annually per Parallels Web Presence Builder user when they opt for a paid Ecwid subscription. And Ecwid will do all of the heavy lifting in terms of support, billing and paying your commission. You’ll learn who your most valuable users are, and make some additional scratch to help you increase ARPU.

Sign-up with Ecwid and just sit back, or take an active approach by driving awareness with your users. Ecwid can help you upsell your users with campaign materials and web content. Visit the Ecwid Opportunity Resource Page on Parallels PartnerNet.

And if you want to attract new SMB customers by leading with a Do-It-Yourself, e-commerce enabled website offer, check out and download our promo landing page example – Your business open all day, every day and find other valuable resources on the Parallels Web Presence Builder resources page on Parallels PartnerNet.

News from Support

KCS Methodology Adopted

The KCS tool, which enables knowledge sharing between engineers is now in full operation across all Service Provider businesses at Parallels. KCS has been a collaborative effort across multiple teams and offices at Parallels to enhance our support offerings for our customers.

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