According to Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are adopting a wider variety of cloud services – growing from one service in 2009 to seven by 2016. As SMBs consume more services, you need to know which ones they need. Our research findings can give you the answers:

  • 44% of SMBs are concerned about security—help reduce fear and barriers to adoption with security solutions.

  • 50% of US SMBs have or plan to build mobile websites—the highest growth is in the next three years. The time to start selling mobile optimized websites is now.

  • 30% of SMBs plan to add site-building tools in the next three years—this is your opportunity to differentiate your offerings.

Offering cloud services with your core service is the most direct path to grow your Parallels Plesk Panel business. Add-on services, such as website building tools, security, mobility, and CDN solutions provide you the ability to differentiate your services, increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU), and reduce churn. Learn more on the Turning Cloud Sense into Dollars blog post.

Best Practices for Positioning Services Online

Below are six key best practices that you can use to effectively position service plans online.
  • Offer Bundled Services: SMBs seek offers that address their needs and pain points simply and effectively. Rather than creating a wide variety of feature-centric offers, create two or three well-defined packages that match your customer’s needs.

  • Identify the “Best Value” Plan: To drive sales of the plan you really want to sell, visually highlight it as the “Most Popular” or “Recommended” plan and describe how it saves the customer money. Drawing attention to one plan also helps customer focus their attention initially, and use that plan as a benchmark when comparing other plans and how they might fit their needs.

  • Communicate Business Value: Benefit-focused messaging is more likely to resonate with the business needs of your customers. It’s important to include the key value proposition throughout the ordering process. Mouse-over content is clean and doesn’t distract from the ordering flow. Parallels makes it easy by providing ready-to-use description copy.

  • Highlight Discounts with Price Strike-outs: This is a simple and highly effective technique to explicitly identify savings (e.g., $14.99 $9.99). Be bold in highlighting price strike-outs to illustrate discount pricing and targeted offers.

  • Include Clear Calls To Action: Make it easy for your customers to take the next step by including clear navigation and buttons such as “Get Started,” “Buy Now,” “Click to Call,” or “Click to Chat.”

  • Upsell at Point-of-Sale: Increase sales without spending a dime on advertising by upselling complementary products during the ordering process. Once someone is in the purchasing process, don’t miss this opportunity to increase the value for each customer.

Get Growing Today

Parallels is making your growth easier with our new Get Growing with Parallels Plesk Panel – Marketing Resource Center. The resource center will help you learn more about Parallels Plesk Panel, help you get to market quickly with ready-to-use marketing resources, and help you to grow your revenues with integrated add-on products. If you haven't already, register for PartnerNet now to take advantage of all of these resources.

The number of services that SMBs are adopting is growing quickly. Parallels Plesk Panel 11 with key add-on services and ready-to-go marketing resources are your advantage to capitalize on this growth trend. Increase your revenues, reduce your churn, and differentiate your business from your competition. Get started now—call your Parallels Account Manager.

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LuxCloud Uses Parallels Automation and APS to Innovate and Grow.
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Latest News

The Death of DAS

For over a decade, Direct Attached Storage (DAS) has been a no-brainer for many organizations; simple, fast, and cost-effective. But as applications, compute, and storage move to the cloud, DAS is looking like less and less of a sure bet. Read more.

Eight Reasons Why Hosting Companies Fail

One can learn plenty from good advice but nothing is a better teacher than a respectable failure. I was talking about it with my colleagues Michael Fountain and Alex Goncharov who are 10+ year veterans of the hosting industry, and we decided to compile a list of reasons for why good (small) hosting companies fail with some tips on how to avoid it with your own business. Read more.

1,000+ New Domains are Coming - Get Free Tools to Profit

Starting this year, 1000+ new domain extensions, or top-level domains (TLDs), are being released (e.g. .pizza, .hotel, .shop, etc.) and will change how the world uses the Web. As a web hoster, you have a unique opportunity to grow or create your domain business. You will benefit from the increase in registration volume and higher prices that many of the specialized TLDs are expected to achieve. You can tailor offers and packages around specific TLDs that optimize customer acquisition and generate new revenue from existing customers.

At Parallels we want to make taking advantage of this opportunity as easy as possible. We have partnered with eNom to provide you with a flexible domain reselling program with easy-to-use tools to attract new domain customers and increase your sales.

  • Sign-up to resell domains with Parallels Domain Name Network. We waive typical set-up fees and provide you with pre-negotiated volume discounts.

  • Download the new TLD Extension for Parallels Plesk Panel – it’s a free, seamless solution that allows your customers to participate in all phases of the new TLD launch without you having to do any additional integrations. Once installed, the portal is available within your customers’ hosting control panel. It gives DNN Resellers everything they need to collect leads, increase conversions, and process orders for all stages of the new TLD registration process.

This is a huge evolution of the Web and an opportunity not to be missed. Help your customers be successful by being their trusted Web advisor and generate new revenue at the same time…don’t get left behind!

Product Updates

Parallels Web Presence Builder 11.5 Preview Program Open to Partners and Customers

The next release of Parallels Web Presence Builder introduces new features including “Design Templates” that allow much greater flexibility for end users who want to implement custom site layouts. The new site layout templates can be fully customized and saved so a website can be totally unique for the end customer. Templates can also be imported and exported for sharing and professional design work. The next release includes 16 premium design templates to help users get started. Partners can learn more about the next release, and sign up to join the preview which will kick-off in early May.

Professional’s Choice is the Focus of Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 Preview

Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 becomes available in a feature-complete preview. With Parallels commitment toward professional hosting, the 11.5 release is focused on professional aspects of the product, including business growth, upgrading, upsell, and ease of operations, for both web hosts and website owners. Read more.

Case Studies Creates Competitive Advantage in Cloud Services with Parallels

Parallels Automation enables Australia-based service provider to strengthen its branding and reduce time to market for new services. Read more.

Tapstorm Uses Parallels Automation to Enable its New International Cloud Services Business

Tapstorm, a new Telenor company, uses Parallels Automation to enable its new international cloud services business with its fully integrated digital store. Read more.

Partner Resources

What is Parallels PartnerNet and Why Should I Care?

If you still haven’t discovered what Parallels PartnerNet is, where to find it, or how it can help you — take a look at this presentation and find out. It’s never too late to register and take advantage of the resources in our exclusive service provider partner portal.

NEW! Parallels Brand Standard Guidelines and Checklist

Hot off the press, check out the new Parallels Brand Standard guideline document as well as compliance checklist for our partners.

News from Support

Support for APS Third-Party Developers

The Parallels Novosibirsk Support Team has begun providing support for APS third-party developers in an effort to better align support offerings with

Parallels Plesk Panel Suite Support Web Form Redesigned

The Parallels Plesk Panel Suite support web form has been redesigned to introduce a new method of providing possible solutions during the ticket submission process. When creating a ticket, the webform will provide possible solutions from the Parallels Knowledge Base from keywords and symptoms entered in the form.

Tips and Tricks

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  3. APS: General information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting
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May 29, Online Webinar – Highlights from the 2013 Parallels SMB Cloud Insights for the United States - Learn about top trends to watch in the US SMB cloud services market, fastest growing cloud services, and cutting edge research on bundling, upsell and cross-sell and pricing strategy.

June 17-19, Austin, Texas – HostingCon 2013 - Visit Parallels at booth #403 in the exhibit hall and learn more about how we can help your company to grow and profitably deliver thousands of cloud services to SMBs worldwide.

July 7-11, Houston, Texas – Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference - Stop by Parallels booth in The Commons and learn more about one of the broadest Microsoft cloud portfolios available today.

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