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Latest News

New TLDs Coming This September

The first Top Level Domain applications have been approved and are gearing up for launch. Here’s the inside scoop on which new TLDs are likely to be the first to market this year.

New TLDMeaning
.MENU Specialized for showcasing restaurants
.PLUMBING A credible destination for customers to connect to plumbers
.CONSTRUCTION A place to market, network, and plan construction projects
.SOLUTIONS TLD for the users to find help, advice, or do-it-yourself tutorials and how to's
.DENTAL A credible space giving visibility to dentists and related services
.ENGINEER An online hub for engineering blogs, jobs, and industry and educational resources

The Four Phases of Launching a New TLD

  1. TLD Application - when a company wants to open a new TLD, they must submit a proposal to ICANN for review. The new TLD can be launched once ICANN approves the application.

  2. Sunrise is the phase of a TLD launch during which only owners of trademarks may register domain names containing their owned marks.

  3. Landrush is the phase of a TLD launch during which domain names are available for registration by non-trademark holders that wish to register generic terms, such as “loan” or “car” but cannot participate in the Sunrise period.

  4. General Availability is the phase of a TLD launch when domain names are publicly available for anyone to register as long as registrants adhere to the requirements established by that particular TLD’s registry.

Parallels and eNom have partnered to help you navigate through and benefit from the availability of new TLDs. eNom is rolling out modules to help customers take orders for the Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability periods of the new TLD launches occurring in the months ahead. The first module available is the Watchlist, which captures expressions of interest from customers to drive leads and revenue associated with new domain name extensions. Sunrise and Landrush modules will allow your customer to seamlessly process orders through each of these phases.

Get Started Now

Sign-up to resell domains with Parallels Domain Name Network. We waive typical setup fees and provide you with pre-negotiated volume discounts.

Download the new TLD Extension for Parallels Plesk Panel – it’s a free, seamless solution that allows your customers to participate in all phases of the new TLD launch without you having to do any additional integrations.

Product Updates

Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 Reaches General Availability

Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 is now available in fully supported production code, offering greater security, ease of adoption, easier upsell, and full control and best usability for website owners. Parallels Plesk Panel is ideal for shared web hosters, web designers, IT professionals, and small businesses who want to manage e-mail and hosting needs in-house. By upgrading to Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5, you can look forward to benefiting from the following new capabilities:

  • Greater security. Extends core Parallels Panel capabilities by adding support for multiple admin accounts and secure FTP transfers.

  • Ease of consolidation. Supports multiple PHP versions on a single server, allowing hosters to consolidate all websites into the latest version of the panel, and an updated migration manager designed to identify possible transfer limitations in advance.

  • 75% faster backups. By using PIGZ (parallel implementation of GZIP) for backup compression, Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 reduces backup time by up to 75%. PIGZ is a fully functional replacement for GZIP that exploits multiple processors and multiple cores to the hilt when compressing data.

  • Admin friendly for Windows and Linux. Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 moves to well-understood, standard management practices used by Linux and Windows administrators. For Linux Admins, Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 significantly simplifies the structure of the user’s home directory, allowing you to put your files where you need them and avoiding confusion with “strange” system folders so you can easily locate what you need. It also makes significant improvements in the CLI (command line interface) for admins who want to bypass the GUI to operate more rapidly.

  • Improved performance with Hybrid Web Server (NGINX/Apache). To gain maximum performance, our new Hybrid Web Server can send static content and PHP scripts to NGINX, while other scripts can still be executed in Apache. For added convenience, database users can access multiple databases with the same credentials for all databases they have access to. We enable multiple versions of PHP on any server, and you can define the PHP version used per website. This can be your custom PHP build or PHP downloaded from an alternative repository. Additional versions are selected per site and work with the FastCGI or CGI handlers.

  • New ActiveList saves time managing websites. Parallel Plesk Panel 11.5 has a reworked user interface that makes working with sites more comfortable. Now, the Websites and Domains tab is the home screen with all domains and websites listed prominently. The new Active List feature saves time for website owners by giving them more information about their sites and domains along with common tasks in an easy-to-navigate interface.

  • Upgrade path to multi-server management. Parallels Plesk Panel is the only hosting panel on the market with a clear growth path for professional hosters. Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 now shares code with Parallels Plesk Automation and allows professional hosters to easily grow from a single panel to multi-panel solution and to increase revenue potential of their services. If you are a professional hoster, web designer or VAR currently running three or more instances of a single panel, Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 gives you the easiest upgrade path to a single panel multi-server management solution offered by Parallels Plesk Automation.

Automatic Updates

Since Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4, users can set up Parallels Panel to apply subsequent micro-updates automatically once they become available and always stay on the most up-to-date and secure version of the product. By activating automatic updates at Tools & Settings > Update and Upgrade Settings, Parallels Panel will check for updates once a week. If updates are available, it automatically downloads and installs them.

To learn more about the newest features and benefits available in the Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 release, please visit our website.

Now Available - Parallels Web Presence Builder 11.5

Parallels Web Presence Builder is an easy-to-use website builder designed to help Shared Web Hosters to attract and retain SMB customers with a low-cost, low-risk, do-it-yourself website solution. The latest release – version 11.5 – delivers usability and performance improvements as well as new features that are sure to delight web hosters by helping them to attract and retain new SMB customers. Feature highlights include:

  • Website Design Templates. Change the design of a website with one mouse click, choosing from more than a dozen design templates automatically generated by Parallels Web Presence Builder. Create more sophisticated custom design templates that can be exported and imported, enabling development by professional designers, template sharing, and provider customization.

  • Google Map Module. Displays Google maps and controls. Pulls location from business contact information, but can be set to any address.

  • Google Web Fonts. Administrators can enable hundreds of additional fonts for Parallels Web Presence Builder websites from the Google Web Fonts library.

  • Image Slider Module. Displays image slideshow from website library with customizable transitions, text captions and hyperlinks.

  • Support for Flash. Upload Flash files into Text & Images, Logo and Banner Modules.

Parallels Web Presence Builder is available for Parallels Plesk Panel, Parallels Plesk Automation, Parallels Automation, Parallels Business Automation Standard, cPanel and custom configurations. Visit our website to learn more about what’s new in version 11.5, download the latest code, try a hands-on demo, and find documentation.

Now Available - Parallels Containers for Windows 6.0 Beta

We are pleased to announce the release of Parallels Containers for Windows 6.0 Beta. By participating in our beta program you are contributing to the latest cloud server virtualization technology and ensuring that our Parallels Containers for Windows 6.0 release will work flawlessly in your environment.

Parallels Containers for Windows 6.0 is the next generation of our Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows product. Parallels Containers for Windows 6.0 Beta includes support for Windows Server 2012 as well as the capability to install Parallels Containers for Windows in Parallels Cloud Server virtual machines to enable high availability Windows containers.

Support for the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Operating System

Now you can create and manage containers on Windows Server 2012 and leverage the new features of Windows Server 2012 including:
  • On-demand installation of features in containers. Our implementation of the “On-demand features” capability in Windows 2012 speeds up the installation of the features and roles inside containers and reduces the load on your environment.

  • Enhanced RemoteFX support in containers. With the release of Windows Server 2012 several new components were added to RemoteFX. These new components are now supported in Parallels Containers for Windows including RemoteFX for WAN, RemoteFX Adaptive Graphics, RemoteFX USB redirection, RemoteFX Media Remoting and RemoteFX Multi-Touch.

Deploy high availability Windows Containers

Support for nested installations in Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 virtual machines allows you to provide high availability Windows containers.

Additional Features
  • Includes Windows Server 2012 Datacenter US English OS template.
  • New Acronis Backup & Recovery® 11 libraries are used for operations such as container resizing, cloning, backup, and migration.
  • Support for configurations with up to 64 vCPUs and 256GB of RAM.
  • Support for 10GbE network adapters and jumbo frames (with more than 1500 bytes of payload).
  • Support for OpenVPN client and server in Containers. All major releases from version 2.3.0 are supported.

We are looking forward to your participation and feedback on the beta. To learn more and sign up for the beta please visit our website.

Now Available - Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.3.3 (RTM)

Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.3.3 (RTM) was released on July 1, 2013.

Key features include:
  • New, fully customizable online store with new design, streamlined workflow, configuration sliders and preset configurations.
  • Support for latest Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 and Parallels Web Presence Builder 11.5.
  • Extended hosting plan configuration, including ability to configure Nginx and PHP versions, ability to bundle Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 and Parallels Web Presence Builder 11.5 with shared and VPS hosting plans etc.
  • Conflict resolver for POA/PPA subscriptions to resolve inconsistency and import subscriptions.
  • Many bug fixes

To learn more about the newest features and benefits available in Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.3.3 (RTM) release, please visit our website.

Learn how to upgrade by reading these step-by-step instructions from our Knowledgebase.

Parallels partners can download PBAS 4.3.3 (RTM) from Parallels PartnerNet.

For your convenience we have prepared a recording of our recent PBAS Administration training designed to teach you how to install, configure and perform standard administration tasks. It features the new online store setup procedure, deployment and integration with Parallels Plesk Automation and Parallels Cloud Server.

Looking to Replace Your Outdated ModernBill or Parallels Plesk Billing

Recently ModernBill and Parallels Plesk Billing solutions have entered into End of Life & Support. Parallels recommends Parallels Business Automation Standard as a replacement product.

Switch to Parallels Business Automation Standard and grow your hosting business faster with our “Pay-As-You-Grow” program:
  1. Offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, virtual machines, domain registration and SSL certificates right out of the box.

  2. Full automation of online store, recurring billing, payment processing and hosting provisioning.

  3. Free Parallels Business Automation Standard license on revenue delivered through PBAS below $8,000 (€5450) monthly sell-through.

  4. Free Parallels Business Automation Standard installation / administration online training.

  5. Free five Container Parallels Cloud Server license for Parallels Business Automation Standard infrastructure.

  6. Small revenue share fee on revenue delivered through Parallels Business Automation Standard above $8,000 (€5450) monthly sell-through.

Contact your account manager for this special offer or apply online.

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ISV Spotlight

Mural - Powering the Complete Customer Experience

Specializing in on-boarding, support and up-selling, Mural provides a platform and service that makes moving to the cloud fast, easy and economical for SMBs. Combining market-leading tools and expert methods with rich content and in-depth analytics, the Mural solution comprehensively addresses every stage of the cloud customer experience. From email and collaboration tools to security and back-up services, Mural powers the complete customer experience for the world’s market-leading ISVs and MSPs.

Visit to learn about their APS offering.

Case Studies

XcellHost Meets the Challenges of Business Growth with Parallels Plesk Automation

The multi-server control panel solution enables the company to scale hosting infrastructure quickly and efficiently while boosting service uptime. Read more.

Triple C Uses Parallels Automation and APS to Grow its Cloud Services Business 200% Year-On-Year

Parallels Automation and APS are empowering Israel-based systems integrator Triple C to diversify its business model and become a high-growth cloud services leader. Read more.

Fieber on Target with 500 New SMB Customers in Start-Up Phase Reselling KPN’s Parallels Automation-Based Cloud Services Platform

Local Dutch service provider Fieber creates an innovative “service provider 2.0” business model by reselling fiber connectivity and KPN’s comprehensive cloud services platform, powered by Parallels Automation and APS. Following its launch, Fieber quickly acquired over 500 customers. Read more.

SFR Business Team Builds and Launches a Business Application Store for SMBs in 3 months Using Parallels Automation and APS

Parallels Automation, APS and Parallels Professional Services are empowering the business arm of SFR, France’s second largest telco, to become a cloud services provider through the launch of an easy-to-use application store for SMBs. Read more.

Partner Resources

Parallels PartnerNet Separation: Service Provider vs. Developer

Some navigation changes have been made in Parallels PartnerNet which provide you with more specific content based on the nature of your partnership with Parallels. There are now separate and distinct sub-portals within Parallels PartnerNet depending on whether you are a Service Provider or a Developer. There is also a standard set of pages that are consistent across both sub-portals, which is called PartnerNet Home.

For more details, read this post.

News from Support

Knowledgebase Search Enhanced

To improve the customer experience and let our customers to quickly find available solutions, we made improvements to our KB search functionality. With the improved Google Site Search, more relevant KB articles are returned with your initial search.

Please let us know your thoughts on how our new search is working by taking a quick survey to provide your feedback.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Increase security of your website by seamlessly redirecting visitors to use an SSL-protected connection
  2. Parallels Plesk Panel upgrade guide


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On Demand WebinarBest Practices for Architecting and Deploying Parallels Plesk Automation - Hear from Andrew Andriatis, Chief Software Architect for Parallels Plesk Automation, as he describes best practices for architecting Parallels Plesk Automation and points to deployment best practices gathered from more than 400 Parallels Plesk Panel hosters now using Parallels Plesk Automation.

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