SERVER4YOU, Inc. Selects SWsoft’s Virtuozzo, HSPcomplete and Plesk 6 Solutions to Broaden its Service Offerings, Reduce Costs and Increase its Bottom Line

August 26, 2003
Herndon, VA., August 26, 2003 - SWsoft, Inc., the leader in hosting automation and enterprise server software, today announced that SERVER4YOU, Inc. has selected Virtuozzo, HSPcomplete and Plesk 6 to strengthen its Virtual Private Servers (VPS) capabilities, manage servers, and automate its Web hosting operations. With SWsoft’s complete line of hosting technology SERVER4YOU will expand its service and product offerings, reduce support costs and increase revenue opportunities while giving customers access to the most advanced shared and dedicated hosting plans available. SERVER4YOU is one of the largest dedicated hosting providers in the world and a clear leader in the industry with 6,500 servers and more than 380,000 domains in its three data centers located in the US and Europe.

“Automating server management and hosting tasks while keeping costs low is a fundamental challenge for every Web hosting business,” said Thomas Strohe, Founder of SERVER4YOU, Inc. “SWsoft’s complete package of Web hosting and server virtualization technology is exactly what we’ve been looking for because it revolutionizes the way we do business, giving us the opportunity to better serve our current customers while attracting new business and expanding our shared-hosting options.”

Virtuozzo and HSPcomplete Deliver Cost-effective Server Virtualization Capabilities
With Virtuozzo, SERVER4YOU can offer more advanced shared hosting options, significantly expanding its service catalog and giving customers access to high-quality Virtual Private Server (VPS) services. Virtuozzo partitions a single physical server into many isolated environments where each environment looks and behaves exactly like a real networked server system, complete with its own set of init scripts, users, processes, file systems, etc.

Virtuozzo and HSPcomplete enable SERVER4YOU to offer more advanced hosting plans without adding costs. SERVER4YOU customers will enjoy the added flexibility and scalability, guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), customized applications and root access control. HSPcomplete automates each aspect of the hosting business allowing SERVER4YOU to easily manage all servers, IP addresses, customer accounting, resellers, domains and other system resources. HSPcomplete is the only automated hosting solution available that enables SERVER4YOU to support one or hundreds of customers in fully-isolated virtual environments with simple user controls that allow for easy configuration and transition between physical machines.

Plesk 6 Streamlines Everyday Hosting Tasks and Improves Profitability
Plesk 6, SWsoft’s professional hosting control panel software, will allow SERVER4YOU to streamline and automate everyday Web hosting tasks such as account maintenance and customer support. Plesk 6 enables customers to decrease support costs and improve business performance with anti-spam and best-in-class Internet security features. Advanced traffic accounting, and customizable user-interfaces provide Web hosters such as SERVER4YOU with a cost-effective alternative to meet the unique needs of their customers. In addition Plesk 6 offers many other features for hosting providers and end-users including:

  • Domain level backup and restore
  • Multiple IP name based hosting with a new IP management interface
  • Java application server support using Tomcat
  • Improved web-mail application gives users powerful administrative capabilities
  • Event manager automatically performs administration tasks based on system conditions
  • Action logs with fine-grained control

“Industry leaders such as SERVER4YOU are always looking for ways to strengthen its product and service offerings while reducing support costs and advancing business performance,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of SWsoft. “We are excited SERVER4YOU has chosen SWsoft for its customers solutions and we are confident our complete server management, hosting automation and server virtualization technology will propel business growth and help develop strong customer relationships.”

About SWsoft
SWsoft is an advanced server and networking software technology company. With focus on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo™ technology, SWsoft provides end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters. SWsoft's products deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that can help data centers automate management, accelerate operations and provide excellent return on investments.
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