Netfirms Launches Virtual Private Servers Built Entirely on Parallels Products

Februar 24, 2010

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and Parallels Plesk Panel help Canada’s largest web hosting provider deliver profitable Cloud services

MIAMI, FL (February 24th 2010) — The leading enabler of cloud services, Parallels today announced that Netfirms has launched Parallels Virtuozzo Containers to help strengthen its market share.

Netfirms, Canada’s largest web hosting provider with more than 1.2 million websites integrated Parallels Virtuozzo Containers primarily to achieve its strategic goal of delivering profitable Cloud services while expanding its offerings to its customers.

"We were experiencing exceptional growth and our existing customers were asking for more flexibility and control," Thomas Savundra, CEO of Netfirms said. "We chose Parallels’ virtualization products as it delivered the flexibility and control our customers needed but also because we believe the Parallels Virtuozzo Container and Parallels Plesk products are the leading VPS solution for hosting companies."

"Our newly strengthened product line with VPS hosting on board puts us in a preeminent position in the market today in terms of where we stand against potential competition," Mr Savundra said.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers create isolated virtual environments or "containers" on a single physical server and OS instance — data is protected and isolated from everyone else. The technology also has burstable memory so the user can scale-up performance as needed. When used with the Parallels Plesk Panel, the user is presented with a single seamless interface to manage both the control panel and virtual private server simultaneously.

"Parallels’ virtualization software is ideal for small businesses like Netfirm’s web designer community who require more server space and higher flexibility and functionality than standard hosting plans provide," said Jack Zubarev, President of Worldwide Service Providers at Parallels. "It is innovative partnerships like this that ensures Netfirms increases profits and market share through our products."


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