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Parallels Plesk 12 Licenses

Prices apply to Parallels Plesk version 12 or later.

Plesk 12 License $ MSRP (per-server, per-month –
US dollars)
Virtual Machine Dedicated Server
Web Host Edition

Unlimited domains for hosting and reselling unmanaged sites. Includes advanced reseller management.

$15 $35
Web Pro Edition

Up to 30 domains for hosting customer sites. Includes WordPress Toolkit.

$10 same as virtual machine
Web App Edition

Up to 5 domains for hosting web applications. Includes developer pack.

$5 same as virtual machine
Web Admin Edition

Up to 10 domains for hosting your own sites.

$4 same as virtual machine
Web Host Edition with CloudLinux

Bundled with CloudLinux to set per-package limits and create multiple up-sell opportunities.

$25 $45
Web Pro Edition with CloudLinux

Not all websites are created equal. Use CloudLinux to give some customer sites more resources or add restrictions as needed.

$20 same as virtual machine

Plesk 12 offers several upgrades and add-ons that allow you to extend the functionality of Plesk.

Visit the add-ons page to learn more.

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