Parallels Solutions for Business gives you the tools necessary to succeed in a mixed Windows and Mac world.

Maintain compliance and control while still embracing the technology your employees need. Protect your investment in your Windows-based applications because you can deliver them on Macs, and leverage your existing Microsoft SCCM infrastructure and skills to fully manage Macs and virtual machines.

Macs in Your Small Business

The best solutions for succeeding in a mixed PC and Mac world aren’t only for the Fortune 500 any more.  Whether you’re a small business owner looking to get the most out of your investments or an IT pro who needs to easily scale with changing business needs, Parallels can help you succeed.

Invest once, have it all

You can use the hassle free Macs you want and go head-to-head with the big boys.  Run the Windows-based business software like bookkeeping, time tracking, and billing software you to keep things running right on your Mac, without rebooting.  Add on whatever specialized software you need to do your work, and the flexibility to run any software your clients might require, even applications for Linux, Chrome and more.  All on one Mac.

Scale with your business with ease

If you have 10 or more Macs in your business, take advantage of Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition.  It saves you money, includes a single activation key, and you have the peace of mind of business-class support with priority phone and email access.

Make BYOD safe and easy

If you allow your employees, contractors, or contingent staff to bring their own computers, you want to ensure that your business data is properly protected. Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition includes security features to protect your information no matter what Mac it is on.  And our deployment tools let you preconfigure virtual machines and deploy them in minutes rather than spending days getting machines up and running.

Get more done on-the-go

Be more productive than ever when you’re on the go with just your iPad, remotely using any Mac or PC application you have from your iPad, as if it were made for your iPad. Now you can create, not just consume, on your iPad with Parallels Access.

Contact us today for a customized licensing plan that fits your business’s unique needs. 

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Support Macs in Education

Academic institutions of a all sizes are facing technology challenges.  Shrinking funding, rising tuition, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) reality. The new world of technology requires new tools to respond and ensure that the students graduating are equipped to succeed.

Support BYOD for students, faculty and staff

Reduced funding levels and the rise of BYOD means that academic institutions everywhere are seeing an explosion of Macs, iPads and iPhones.  We can help.  Using Parallels Desktop Enterprise Edition, anyone on campus can use any Mac or Windows app needed for study, all from one Mac. Add the Parallels Mobile app for iOS devices and students, faculty and staff can access and us all of their Mac and Windows applications even if they don't have their Mac with them.

If your institution uses Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to manage PCs and other Windows devices, our first Parallels Management Suite offering, Parallels Management - Mac, can extend your existing tools, policies and procedures to manage the Macs on your network.

Save time, money and space

By using Parallels Desktop to run multiple operating systems on a single computer, you can stretch your hardware budget farther than ever. Labs need less space and use less energy, so you save operating costs as well. Plus if a virtual machine is corrupted, it's easy to just delete it and copy a fresh one to the Mac, rather than  spending days rebuilding the Mac from the ground up.

Prepare students for the real world

New technologies being used in classrooms and for assignments mean that students and faculty need to be able to use a variety of technologies. In addition, the workplace your students are headed toward is a cross-platform world. By using Macs to run Windows applications, students can be well prepared using just one computer.

Academic discounts maximize your budget

Special academic pricing is available for Parallels Desktop for institutions of all sizes.  Plus our Parallels Desktop Enterprise subscription dramatically simplifies deployment and means you'll always have the latest version of Parallels Desktop. Contact us today so that we can create a customized licensing plan tailed to your school's needs.

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