Tsukaeru.net updates elastic IaaS offering for customers in Japan


No “hidden costs” – you pay for what you get

JAPAN 5 August 2014 – Tsukaeru.net today announced the use of Parallels Automation Cloud Infrastructure to update its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) business offering in Japan, providing affordable, flexible and secure cloud computing to customers.

Available as a module of Parallels Automation, Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure is a comprehensive set of services which enables Tsukaeru.net to move their customers easily and cost-effectively to the cloud. These services include virtualization, automated operations and billing, customer self-service, and an online store.

“At Tsukaeru.net, our cloud offerings have zero hidden costs. You pay for what you use, no more,” said Jason Frisch, CEO of Tsukaeru.net. “Packaged plans from other subscribers may mean that you end up buying functionality that you don't need to achieve the desired performance, and thus may be significantly more expensive than what we offer.”

Jason continued: “The demand for IaaS services has continued to grow aggressively amongst businesses in Japan, especially among the small and medium companies which lack the in-house technical capability and financial resources to build, operate and maintain their own compute infrastructure.”

IaaS is a cost-effective approach for small and medium businesses, as it frees them from the burden of maintaining their own servers, and they only pay for what they use. The Japanese market is a very competitive one, and cost-effectiveness is a key element to thriving in the IaaS business environment.

Frisch added that most of these companies would prefer to concentrate their own limited resources on service development and marketing than worry about day-to-day running and maintenance.

“As a leading hosting service provider in Japan, Tsukaeru.net understands the challenging business and operational environment in the region and has developed purpose-built IaaS offerings to support businesses that operate under extreme competitive pressures,” said Pavel Ershov, Vice President, Service Provider Business, Parallels Asia Pacific and Japan.   “Their IaaS portfolio is designed to deliver fast, reliable and secure compute resources for businesses no matter the size and business model.  By partnering with Parallels, they’re able to deliver highly elastic and very cost-effective solutions that enable these companies to focus on their business without thinking about their technology needs.”

Frisch said, “We continue to face advanced challenges in this fiercely competitive business but our strategic partnership in Parallels has enabled us to move one step ahead of the competition. By integrating Parallels expertise in automation and secure containerized technologies, we’re able to offer solutions that offer high degree of automation and control to our customers quickly and efficiently.”

About Parallels Automation Cloud Infrastructure
Parallels Automation Cloud Infrastructure is a complete solution for cloud infrastructure services:

  • Virtualization. Parallels is the only company that gives you the flexibility to create both virtual machines and containers. Containers are more efficient, offering higher density and better performance, as well as being easier to manage, but if customers prefer to manage their own operating system, they have the option of creating virtual machines.
  • Automated operations and billing. Offering Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure requires minimal effort on your part, because everything is automated—from creating and provisioning virtual machines, to removing them, to billing for Cloud services. As a result, you can run your Cloud services business efficiently and profitably.
  • Customer self-service. A self-service panel makes it easy for customers to manage their own Cloud data centers and virtual environments, enabling them to make any changes they want instantly, while minimizing your support requirements. And they don’t have to be IT professionals to do it: the easy-to-use interface enables them to make modifications easily, without writing any code.
  • Online store. If you already have an online store you can use it to sell your customers Cloud services—but if you don’t we’ve got one for you. With PACI you can start offering Cloud services and generating revenues immediately.

About Tsukaeru.net
Tsukaeru.net is a fast growing, full-service hosting firm in Japan.  It is a major player in the rental server industry, known for offering pioneering services at affordable prices.  Tsukaeru.net offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) services backed by Parallels products, including Parallels Plesk Panel, Parallels Virtuzzo Containers and Parallels Automation.

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